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  1. RP when the infection is fresh

    But not everyone is a gun enthusiasts lol but you are right some civilians will be let's just hope they rp it out correctly
  2. How can i sound more confident ig?

    Let Uncle Jinx sit down with you and have a chat. Alright mate legit the only way to be confident in this gams we play is time my boy. Take anything in life the first time you do it you're not gonna be strutting your stuff like a rooster in heat are ya lad? So put yourself in different situations. Run with bandits, Call the biggest baddest russian you see a cunt, talk shit to a group bigger than yourself, try and rescue some one. Just do everything you can and belive me you will be strutting your stuff in no time lad.
  3. Two Universes

    You say this will give us fresh rp.. How exactly? Like have you actually thought about what would happen in the first week of the outbreak? No campfire rp would happen it would be total chaos. People going insane as their precious lives get pulled down infront of them and the precious supplies "running out" so people would be robbing to hoard said supplies... plus not knowing how it spreads you would essentially avoid all contact with other humans out of fear of becoming infected.
  4. How did you name your character?

    Jinx Mistrovka - i got Jinx from the 501st guys when we ran altar castle in mod.. essentially i Jinxed all our initiations so a certain perma banned player dubbed me Jinx and Mistrovka was when i first joined Volki they just told me to add rovka to the end of something haha
  5. Bring back mod rules and enforcements
  6. Developers are 100% a different story 1. Everyone knows we are ALWAYS looking for developers. 2. The Loremaster thing that just happened so whenever a new loremaster is needed 9/10 a thread is put up asking for loremasters and people know that when the Loremaster staff is low like it was and they see the Loremaster staff having a bit of trouble they offer help. 3. With saying it was "easy work" people say that because a lot of the time business only need 1 PR Manager. 4. Yes this is a business but we are his business.. yes a CEO needs to make snap decision but at the same time they have to consider their workers and it's even more difficult for Rolle as his business is also his workers essentially. He has a great thing going it's true but in a business if we are talking a workers rights equality is one of those rights. 5. Why couldn't they open it up to other candidates how do they know she is better for the job than anyone else in this community. Every postion on this community except PR you had a chance of getting because you knew you could always apply. Essentially right now all people see is Jim was struggling with PR and he told his friend who then went oh i will help then was instantly hired instead of him going okay i need help lets ask the community for help. The community always wants to be involved it's the business Rolle has started pretty much. I don't personally want to be a PR even tho i believe i have the skills for it but others do and i can see why they are upset. Brad: How do you know they were going to hire her no matter what? There are a lot of people in this community with different skills. (Nothing against Rolle or his business)
  7. Because people see a new PR manager without any word or anything and feel like they were cheated. No one else but her got the opportunity to apply and be considered. People want equal opportunity like with Loremasters and CH not cause some one went i like that person so promote them please. Imagine you were at work right and some one got a promotion that you didn't know was available just because they were friends with the person... you would hate it.. essentially that is what it looks like happened here to everyone so there was an outcry. To simply put it this probably wouldn't have happened if they made a thread requesting applications for a new PR manager.
  8. Civis with military weapons

    But you're the great Fackmos creator of The Volki if anyone can do it you can
  9. The 16 year old must be a special case as it says on the application to apply for CH to be 18+ but on another note the reason everyone is upset is because there was no equal opportunity in this selection. In a community people want equal opportunities that's all it comes down to. Take this job PR for instance a lot of people in this community could do this job and would have loved to have had the chance to apply and no it's not the "easy way" into staff it's them wanting to do something for the community not everyone is cut out to be a moderator or a lore master. Honestly even if they rigged it and put out a thread and hired her after people wouldn't have complained cause it seemed like there is equality with anyone being able to apply. Yes Jim has experience with her but who knows there might be other people just as good if not better for the job. No one gets upset with CH and Loremastee cause people can apply like CH has its own tab and loremasters are announced. Developers are different people don't get upset with that cause a lot of people can't code.
  10. Have you seen Litha?

    She is probably being taken hostage as we speak.
  11. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    I'm sorry but them not telling Ryan doesn't put Cory more at fault with what he did. It's their job to explain to all members all hostile actions taken. You can't go "Oh i didn't know my group initiated" and expect that to be a reason.. it's not especially because your group should be telling you these things. Ryan not knowing technically makes his ghosting 100% Outruns fault. I have a question tho if Ryan knew Cory was shooting at outrun and there was an initiation dropped would he still have logged in? Edit: Damn i messed up quoting Phoenix.
  12. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    I get we are a RP server and we should rp but again i will say killing is APART of rp it changes your characters story and mental state you can't hit someone for ruleplay when everything we do every step we take is rp yes we have rules but at the same time rp is valued over the rules right? So if my character has an internal rule of if some one threatens my life they die which my character in game does many many people found it out the hard way and i don't act on that i'm failing to RP my character properly. You go does KOS need to be used? Yes it does 80 to 90% of the time cause it is a threat to our characters to US if i didn't shoot or injur that man for my survival and i got killed i failed my character. We are two years into the apocalypse we are battle hardened people if we see even odds we will take it for survival. Humans become savage when it comes down to if they live or another person does especially if they don't care for that person. We have a built in self preservation complex into our brain and in a real life sense if he goes i will kill you your brain will analyze if you can win and if it believes you can it screams do it.
  13. Ruleplay vs. Roleplay

    1. I see people saying "oh they didn't know she initiated" That's outruns fault not Cory's.. it was her job to inform her allies of what happened. 2. If some one is shooting at the camp like Cory was and you run up fully knowing he is shooting at your group you deserve to die... like i mean no offense to Ryan at all but that was a stupid move. You don't run towards the people who you just threatened.. it was Ruleplay of Ryan if anything expecting not to get shot because his gun was away in a role playing sense he would be gun downed armed or not. 3. If you threatened MY LIFE in an apocalypse i'm not gonna laugh it off and have a beer with you. YOU'RE A THREAT TO ME LIVING ANOTHER DAY you will die for my safety. 4. I understand this is a role playing server i've been here since 2013 but death and bloodshed is apart of RP. We are meant to be role playing this as if it was a semi-real life situation well in a real life situation people would just get gunned down for even looking threatening. Now the rules have stopped that and i understand why but honestly it's bad rp to not defend yourself and honestly NVFL. 5. NVFL- okay so if i get threatened right and i feel a threat to my characters life like say with the guy who had the shotgun it would be NVFL in my opinion if i didn't do anything about he.. he threatened to take my life so by me not killing him i wouldn't be value it... 6. Ending the rp- Okay so this seems like the main issue here Cory supposedly ending the RP... no he didn't he set up future hostile rp maybe not with Ryan but the rest of outrun he certainly did. They now get to hunt him and his comrades to punish them creating more rp as the groups go back and fourth like a domino effect. This happened CONSTANTLY in mod and honestly made great RP like ISOA vs BOS , Volki vs B-17, CRA vs SVR hell there are tons more. RP has become.. how do i put this... too safe.. like people are way to protected by rules i understand the need for them yeah but people act as if death is the worse thing that can happen in rp when they are wrong... Death or in most cases injuries can incite so many emotions be it fear, anger, sadness, regret and a lot more... being that 9/10 it's just a wound and they "pass out" that doesn't stop your allies telling you who shot and bam you're back in the rp wanting revenge.
  14. Civis with military weapons

    I wanna know everyones thoughts on civis using military weapons 2 years into the apocalypse then i will post my own thoughts on the matter while using points people have brought up.