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  1. Yeah use mod as a sort of test the waters type thing if they can behave on that then why not let em back in the community full time I like Burgz idea of a mass email to all perma players saying "With DayZSA going into beta we are willing to give some of you another chance. You get a one time appeal to play on the ARMA 2 DayZ mod where if you can behave yourself you can rejoin the community fully." or some shit like that
  2. Jinx

    Restraining and F2

    Do it mod style crouch then drop all your guns and backpack
  3. Jinx

    Official SCUM Thread

    It's starting off with alot of stuff so it isn't barebones but we will see how it runs and how clunky everything feels plus we gotta be careful with trolls with the shit and piss stuff
  4. Jinx

    SCUM RP ?

    Totally gonna be an alcoholic live my life in the wilderness trying to recover or give in and beat someones head in for a beer
  5. Jinx

    New rules draft

    Oof this has a feeling of mod days I am excited
  6. Artur's mother died giving birth to him leaving just him and his Father Igor who ran a small doctors clinic. Artur grew up assisting his father in the clinic learning everything his father knew. Artur never ended up going to school finding work in his fathers clinic more important. His father's clinic is what people would call back alley. Artur and his dad were happy with just each other helping others for a small fee. Artur always planned to take over the clinic but shortly after Artur's 16th birthday the local police caught on to his fathers practice arresting both of them. After a very short trial, Artur was forced into military service while he father was imprisoned. He was told that after his service all his crimes would be forgotten along with his fathers so Artur agreed not knowing he would be sent into chernarus to investigate the zombie outbreak. Artur was deployed into chernarus as a combat medic to recon the zombie outbreak. His squad unprepaired and full of kids was dismantled one by one by zombies around every corner. He was found by "The Sandman" and invited to join his band of men. Artur agreed and became one of the red.
  7. Hell yeah good group of guys met them in game was pretty fun
  8. Merek Cernik and his older brother Stepan Černík were born into a family who's parenting was less than average. A home life no child should've endured. As Stepan as his older brother, they both went through the hardships of their mother's crack addiction as well as whoring herself out as well as the absence of their father since he was out in Europe. He was sent to the St. Cecilia Orphanage for Boys in Novigrad along with his older brother, their time there wasn't any better than what they had at their so called "home". Time after time, he witnessed firsthand the beatings his older brother took for his looks along with many other reasons. He attempted to break the fights apart but usually ended up being beat himself or forced to watch his older brother cry for help in the midst of 15+ boys each taking turns making his life a living Hell. Unlike his brother Stepan, he had a bit better time in school. He managed to handle the troubles he had better and got grades as high as C+'s, but recieved the same punishment as they took at the orphanage. Lunch time, passing periods, and after school hours, he'd get jumped by kids for the smallest of things. New watch? Snatched. Had lunch money? Taken. A coat for the cold and rain? Too bad. Taken. It also didn't help that his brother began drinking to the point where he too began to get involved in his alcoholic ways. All of this and he still managed passable grades. Something that'd soon change for young boy Merek. Merek had heard the screeching sounds of sirens from a distant ambulance that stopped not too far from the school they attended. His reasoning for being out is that he was searching for his older brother in which he found but passed out on the sidewalk. Quickly, he rushed towards him where he explained that it was his brother and was loaded into the ambulance where at the hospital, was told he passed out due to alcoholic poisioning. This led to the start of a new era for his older brother but not so much for Merek. Years and months pass, soon seeing his brother off after getting notice of being drafted into the Chernorussian Army once they both finished school with passable grades. Though, after his brother left and he returned home, he was met with the disappearance of his mother and a father who welcomed him home with the knuckles on his fist and the anger of a hungry bear. He expected greater things to come after finishing high school, but things slowly went down hill. He had either cried himself to sleep or simply passed out from excruciating pain after his father had handled him. He sometimes couldn't eat due to how he was handled. Merek searched for an outlet for all his built up anger which led him to his job working at the local makeshift gun range he would stay late at night shooting to avoid his father and to release his anger fearing one day he might turn it onto his broken family and do something he may end up regretting. Merek's life began to slowly turn around when he met Adriana all his problems seemed to melt away when he would watch her shoot. Adriana and Merek would start dating a week later the beatings would no longer matter nor the verbal abuse soon he was planning his life with Adriana. Unknown to them Merek and Adriana ran away just as the infection started causing their time to become a lot more difficult. Merek protected Adriana at every turn even if it led to broken bones or extreme beatings they barely scraped by each day and were slowly dying of hunger. Merek and Adriana were captured by a group of Americans who told Merek if he fights and wins he gets food for him and Adriana or they can just kill them both now not leaving Merek with not much choice. Day after day Merek fought in their arena sometimes just fists other times with weapons the beating his father gave him actually helped him in this time which made Merek sorta laugh wondering if fate or destiny does existin some way or another. Merek's body began to grow more and more scarred from the constant fighting but he eventually became their champion. Merek grew acustomed to this life even sticking around for a little bit even after he won his freedom but Adriana began fearing for his life as his fights began to grow closer and closer to him losing as his movement and reactions began to slow from all the injuries. The time in the Arena had given Merek the taste of blood and glory which began to slowly drive a wedge between him and Adriana. She wanted to fight a nice quiet spot to settle down and start a new life with Merek but Merek wanted the thrill he wanted to risk his life he in his mind had found his calling to be the top dog and beat down anyone who said otherwise. Merek attempted to compromise with Adriana finding her a small house in the woods for them to stay but he would leave weeks at a time looking for his next near death experience adriana wasn't happy but she agreed. Merek turned into a vigilante of sorts focusing the men who reminded him of the bully's he has had to put up with for his whole life. Merek would lost track of time his visits back home become longer and longer between and shorter while being there Adriana was growing lonely and was losing the love she once held for Merek but he continued down his own distructive path blinded by his new passion. A late summers night Merek's radio buzzed a live as Adriana screamed for help men had come and they wanted everything including her Merek was ina frenzy as he spun on his heels running back towards the house he was 5 days out with breaks but Merek didn't stop and did it in 3 he came back to a pile of ash and rubble. he began to dig through it until he came along a burnt skeleton trapped unto some rubblie Merek dropped to his knees grabbing the skeletons hand as tears began to fall down his cheeks how could he be so blinded, why wasn't her there, could he have saved her this thought ran through his head as everything became too overwhelming. Merek travelled town to town a shell of his former self wallowing in self pity he drowned himself in booze and morphine to stop the pain until one day being pushed out of a town he saw him... Stepan his brother filled with anger he charged at him screaming to still rather intoxicated Stepan was easily able to block Merek's strike holding a knife to Merek's neck Stepan realised who it was "Brother?" Stepan asked Merek simply nodded as tears began to roll down his cheeks. Stepan helped Merek up to his feet only to offer him a spot by his side in making a country that Stepan would be proud of a country with his brother. This is the story of Merek Cernik.
  9. Jinx

    Back in the old days, when HostileRP was good.

    Why not loosen the rules a bit and use the mentor system more.. isn't that is what it is there for? To teach people to rp better...
  10. Artur Born 2/23/1992 was brought into a life of mediocrity he felt destined for nothing as he grew up nothing special ever happened to him or around him. Other boys always seemed to be always better than him be it sports, academics and even getting the girls. throughout school he always faded into the background never amounting to much his grades were average and so was his sporting abilities he felt invisible and miserable but that all changed when the civil war hit. Artur's father was drafted into the military when he was only 16 years old the time a boy most needed a father in his life and not soon after two soldiers arrived at Artur's door relaying the bad news that his father had been killed in combat. filled with anger and grief Artur's grades began to slip from average to non existent and his mother not taking it well would lock herself in her room for days on end. One day one his walk home from school he passed a recruiting booth and stopped this was his chance for revenge he rushed home and quickly changed out of his school uniform into some of his fathers old clothes in attempts to make himself look older then hurried back to the recruiting booth. the recruiter saw how young he wass right away and only asked two questions "how old are are you" Which Artur replied "18" and the second question was "Why do you wish to join?" Artur hesitated then simply replied with one word. "revenge" the recruiter felt bad for him and knew they needed the numbers so he decided to look the other way and allow the young man to join. Artur succesfully drafted himself into the Chernarussian Army joining the AIrborne Unit hoping for revenge and fame a weird sense of happiness washed over him as he walked home that night. His training was short and rushed he sturggled with most of it but sheer will and revenge kept him going. Artur sturggled to sleep at night waiting for the time for his brigrade to be called into battle and he could get his revenge. The day had come his brigade had been called it was time for his first taste of battle. 30th Airbone Brigrade was tasked with jumping into enemy territory then assisting civillians in getting out it was meant to be a easy task as reports of enemy forces were little to none in that area. The reports were wrong enemy forces were in high numbers and the moment they landed bullets began firing over their heads. Artur began to freak out the realisation of losing his life kicked in and he ducked for cover ina small ditch as he comrades returned fire. One of his comrades an older fellow CPL. Popov crawled over to him reaching out and placing his hand upon Artur's shoulder trying to calm him down "Don't worry boy you will be alright I'll protect you okay just stick with me." Artur nodded as he watched the man climb to his feet then began to run towards a close by building Artur jumped up and quickly ran after him sticking close. an enemy insurgent tried to sneak up on them but Artur instinctvly raised his gun shotting towards the man spraying his whole clip in a panic. two bullets connected with Arturs first ever victim that was enough to take him down. CPl. Popov looked back and smiled "Good job kid he could have been trouble for us." Artur smiled back feeling the reassurance from the older man. Artur had found a commerade and a friend eeverytime they dropped they had each others back no matter what. Popov was like a father to Artur and Artur felt he was like a son to Popov. Then it was the day of the infection Popov and Artur were tasked with helping civillians get to saftey but were forced to seperate from the main group from being over run. Popov and Artur survived for months together even going back to Artur's home to look for his mother only to find her turned. Popov pushed Artur aside " Don't worry boy I won't let this way on you." with that said Popov slammed Arturs mothers head into the wall over and over again not stopping until she stopped moving all together. a few more months passed Popov's and Artur's life had gotten harder and harder supplies were running short and they didn't know who they could trust. Popov and Artur were looting a shack in the woods as 6 Americans appeared out from behind trees they had set a trap and Artur had stupidly walked into it. Popov tried to draw his gun but was quickly shotdown by one of the men. Artur raised his hands surrendering to them they quickly put him onto his knees tying his hands behind his back they joked about what to do with him as they beat him with the butts of their guns then a gunshot was heard one of the americans slowly fell to his knees then a few more in quick succsession as the rest of the americans dropped. a man then stepped out from the bushes "Don't worry I am benedikt adamek of the Svoboda you're safe now." Artur smiled as he passed out he didn't know what would happened next but he felt he would be safe once again.
  11. To arms brothers we must defend her from the memes
  12. Jinx

    Spanee Meme comp

  13. Jinx

    A rebuke to our behavior

    No my friend what happened was you tried to start a town you couldn't defend like even groups with 15-20 members have tried and failed. The moment you try to claim land and tell everyone about it you become a target other groups will test your strength to see if you can even defend it or attack you because you're claiming land when you shouldn't. Land claim is a show of power something you and your friend were not ready for. I promise you this if you didn't claim land no one would have botherd you and barely anyone would know who you were besides the few people you have talked too.
  14. Jinx

    A rebuke to our behavior

    The number of people doesn't exactly matter... you guys tried to claim an area without means to defend it at all that's all that happened. We shouldn't give new players grace periods or extra protection because let's be honest it will be abused like say we had those protections for them and their town would that mean no one can attack and stop them claiming that area?
  15. Jinx

    A rebuke to our behavior

    This annoys me "How can a group of 20 truly give good rp to a group of 3" really? It actually extremely easy... like in real life you have your main instigators and your followers okay maybe 20 is a bit excessive but doesn't stop you giving good rp. Honesty if DayZ didn't have it's loot respawning about now supplies would be running low so yes 20 guys would run over a camp of 3 and take their supplies because the strong take from the weak. I have another question IC why should them being new change your rp at all? In my opinion that is bad rp honestly not roleplaying your character properly because of OOC reasons. Edit: Reading more into this history between these two groups it seems they had already exchanged bullets so honestly hostilities have full justification