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  1. Jinx

    Jackfish's series, short films & trailers

    You can RP and PVP all the same... wars break out as there is no longer any law people are more willing to shoot you over disrespect so that others don't mess with them and it's all in a rp sense. I don't understand why people go "Oh the Pvpers and Campfire rps" like all of it is rp we are all on here role-playing be it as a "bandit" or someone who couldn't hurt a fly it furthers everyone's story. Good videos keep up the good work.
  2. Jinx

    Initiating from behind cover

    Okay so reading a lot of this and few of "Don't initiate" and all that has been thrown about and I had a squizz at the video I personally don't see anything wrong with initiating behind cover it's smart who cares if you don't straight away know who your attacker is they should rp with you after to make you know who they are. Alot of robberies end up you initiating and the guy trying to 180 you ect. Look if I get initiated from a bush or a building fucking fair game mate I walked into it good on ya. Like it also does open up chances for smaller groups to take on bigger groups like i'm not gonna walk up in front of a group of 5 with my 3 to initiate nah i'm gonna get in position and yell at em to drop their shit. Like we did this alot back in the day we surrounded an area and dropped initiation in cover people knew to give up as they didn't stand a chance and rp came of it. quick edit: This just feels like people not wanting to lose their gear aye.
  3. Jinx

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    G'day boys good to be here i'll be one of your guards
  4. Barry Mathews better known to his mates as Baz or Bazza grew up like any Aboriginal Australian child would school during the week and footy on the weekends. His dad a cash in hand sparky which Barry would follow the footsteps of and his mum worked in a daycare whenever they were short staffed for a few extra bucks took care of him as best they could and taught him the values which he holds today. Family and country pride were the main values that were drilled into him early by his father who bought him his southern cross tattoo at 16 on his upper right arm. The whole time the tattoo's worked his dad sat there telling him to harden up "real men" don't show pain they pick themselves up and carry one Barry knew his dad was only trying to toughen him up for the world but sometimes it would take a turn for the worst when his father would go upside his head after getting back from a day at the pub after work telling him that he is soft like his mother and that he thought he was raising a son not a daughter. In some ways he was grateful his dad was a mean drunk because it gave him his sense of right and wrong which did get him in trouble in school a few times not being able to stand the sight of bullies being bullies. Barry's father passed away when he was 19 leaving him to take care of his mum In some ways he was grateful his dad was a mean drunk because it gave him his sense of right and wrong which did get him in trouble in school and in life as he was not able to stand the sight of someone being bullied or abused. He met his best mate on a cash in hand job Daren who he would later move in with once he got his mum sorted and she was able to survive on her own without his financial support. Darren and Barry were in separable doing most things together Barry was even there when Daren proposed to his soon to be wife Emily. Days leading up to the wedding were hard as Darren and Barry spent less and less time together but decided just cause Darren is getting married doesn't mean that their friendship is gonna end so to show that they decided to do a weeks trip of Europe as Darren's bachelor party with a few other mates. The Europe trip was great up until they hit Russia and they heard about the dead rising in a near by country non of them had really ever heard of. A night out on the piss and no memory the boys find themselves passed out in the woods of Chernarus just passed the Russian border it seems the boys in their blacked out state thought it would be a "sick idea" if they went and saw these dead guys for themselves. Not wanting to look scared or soft to the other boys of the group they continued on into Chernarus to prove how they were "harder" than the other boys in the group Barry even engaging in a fist fight with one of the dead they encountered to the applause of the other lads. One by one the boys began to drop to foolish antics trying to one up each other until it was just Barry and a badly injured Darren. Stopping in an abandoned house Darren pulled Barry close with tears in his eyes. "Baz look mate you're my best mate you know that right I don't think i'm gonna make it and you know it too mate." Barry went to stop him but Darren shushed him and shook his head. "Mate don't be silly alright you know i'm a goner just look you take care of yourself and if you can get outta here get to Emily we don't know if this is gonna stay here look after for me you... sick... cun..." Darren's eyes slowly closed as a last breathe escaped his body Barry not sure if he would turn took a near by chair and put the leg through Darren's head before breaking down crying in his time of need he thought back to the time he got his tattoo his father telling him men don't show pain they pick themselves up and carry on. Barry nodded at the body of his dead mate before rising to his feet knowing what he needed to do. Barry turned a radio on that he nicked from bedroom of the house and began listening for potential work to keep himself busy until he was able to go find Emily.
  5. Stay strapped or get clapped 

  6. Honestly this would be cool kinda reminds me of the council days on mod with the gms rolling around picking people up ect it kept it fresh and gave us a common goal it also impacted the lore and allowed us as players make stories about them stealing children ect. even if it isn't to that extent when the gms do host things it is always a fun time and everyone always enjoys it.
  7. I actually still have my active Svoboda character ahaha
  8. THIS IS THE SERYE VOLKI DROP WEPS 10 SECS OR GET WRECKED Nah saw that DayZ kinda got it's shit together and we have mods and all that now so I'm back to kill some zombies and rob some children hopefully so you all around be it with your hands up or not Jinx
  9. I hate people who put up these dumbass battles @Jarvis

    1. Jarvis
    2. N-Tox


      you fuckers

  10. Yeah use mod as a sort of test the waters type thing if they can behave on that then why not let em back in the community full time I like Burgz idea of a mass email to all perma players saying "With DayZSA going into beta we are willing to give some of you another chance. You get a one time appeal to play on the ARMA 2 DayZ mod where if you can behave yourself you can rejoin the community fully." or some shit like that
  11. Nerf or Nothing

    1. BorisVC



    2. Jinx
  12. Jinx

    Restraining and F2

    Do it mod style crouch then drop all your guns and backpack
  13. Jinx

    Official SCUM Thread

    It's starting off with alot of stuff so it isn't barebones but we will see how it runs and how clunky everything feels plus we gotta be careful with trolls with the shit and piss stuff
  14. Jinx

    SCUM RP ?

    Totally gonna be an alcoholic live my life in the wilderness trying to recover or give in and beat someones head in for a beer
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