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  1. Come grace us with your bobby kalo RP

    1. MouseWB


      I'm alright.

  3. Bobby POV: Gonna say it short and simple. Clearly you cannot hear it,my Voice Was not heard. Half of us talked in HD along with myself. So Yes my initation was invalid, no voice from was heard.
  4. Welcome back. glad to see you guys comeback
  5. *Bobby picks up the radio* "My Roses will do your people a favor and spread your ashes around your homeland for you." "See you soon." *Bobby hangs up*
  6. Bobby Kalo POV: We approached Severograd with the intent to speak with those inside of the school. We had heard it was the home of people that had held up a friend of someone traveling with our group. Upon arriving, we started speaking to those in the area. These people began to behave somewhat suspicious and would not come to talk to us directly. We set expecations before coming to the decision to initiate. We marked every person in the area before dropping an initiation, being aware of the man on the roof mainly. As I initiated with my group; rather than putting his hands up, the OP immediately attempted to run and take cover - Resulting in his death.
  7. *Bobby picks up the radio* "You chernorussian fucks will not be giving Mr. Russo a trial." "Mr. Bobby Kalo insists if you wish to live in your country the rest of your life, then you reconsider." "If not, I'll send the Roses to do a clean up." *Bobby hangs up*
  8. BFF

    1. Phoenyxx


      Awesome Stop Motion GIF by Slanted Studios

  9. *Bobby chuckles, picking it up* "Man, I don't give a fuck about my brother. He didn't teach me anything, I taught him everything he knows." "Roy was under me in this organization and always will be." "Don't be a hero on this radio, Viva La Roses." *releases PTT*
  10. nice profile pic >_>

    1. MouseWB


      THANKS :) 

    2. MouseWB


      I honestly forgot where i found it,.

    3. Aisling


      @Watchman's avatar mega thread xD

    4. MouseWB


      No i stole it from you, and waited to notice.

    5. MouseWB


      @Aisling i guess ill change it mom..

    6. Aisling


      wow what a thief 


    7. MouseWB


      Damn, I can't give you any beans, tm i got you.

    8. Watchman


      @Aisling 65% of avatars on here are ones i made tbh lmao

  11. *Bobby picks up laughing* "Whatever you say Andy boy, we will see you soon." *Bobby releases the PTT*
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