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  1. I guess ill see you guys later, taking some time to myself.

    1. Eagle


      Take care.

  2. Good Afternoon Roleplayers, Hope everyone's day is good.

    1. Phoenyxx



    2. GreenySmiley


      Good afternoon to you too 😄 

  3. I Will talk wiith him when he gets online after I get home from work today.
  4. That was his own decision before this even happened jim, That does not differ we are not taking all the feedback and changing from it.
  5. @JimRP I greatly appreciate this, thanks jim
  6. I said it and he reiterated it.
  7. @G19RP @Apollo Both of you I Greatly appreiciate this feedback. We have it set in stone for all of our members and shall have everything cleared up. I comepletly agree as it is not fair for anyone In legion that was in House or Pamyati for the force archived. It is not fair that you guys have gone through alot of shit to get to where you are and have someone get away with it. I can assure you It will be fixed, and we can show you and give everyone the RP they deserve. There is no ooc hate for you guys, you guys have pushed our group, and changed it for us for the better. We appreciate and respect you guys entirely. @JimRP I take full blame for the words that were said about you, Nobody thinks it was a DDOS attack and nobody actually thinks you would do such a thing. I apologize for the words that were said, and I can assure you this will not be tolerated again by me or anyone in my group. We understand DayZ is a laggy game, and we make jokes even towards eachother on the subject. It was not an attack at you or anyone else, but just a poor running joke that we say about eachother. I do apologize and it shall not happen again. Other leaders of the group have summarized it very well, I will be looking into looking into everyone invovled with all metagaming and will give out punishments as far as being removed from the group, or being removed from any Group events until an improvement has been seen. I wish to thank everone who has dropped feedback, we are already discussing every point made, and figuring out what punishesments and changes should be made.
  8. MouseWB

    Screenshot Edits

  9. MouseWB

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    I like, I like.
  10. MouseWB

    A Thorn Covered Frontier [Open Frequency]

    *Bobby Picks up the radio* "Let me tell you something If that is fae, I will advenge the death of my daughter, You leave her out of your fucking mouth." "You say it is pointless, but you don't know do you?" "That The big boy Jericho from legion is the reason I buried Colt Kalo next to her." "Don't come on this radio Fae when you know nothing." *Bobby Tosses his radio*
  11. Hey man thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. We will take this and learn from it. Hope we get more interactions!
  12. WB thats a new one

    1. MouseWB


      The better OG's

    2. JoeyOG
  13. *Bobby Picks up*" "Good to finnaly hear from you, I hope you were succesful." "We will talk soon."
  14. MouseWB

    Oscar Coates | Josh - A Re-Introduction

    Welcome back my guy.
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