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  1. MouseWB

    S2 10 second robbery left with nothing extreme racism no Rp - 2019-07-19, 08:06

    Bobby Kalo POV: I hear my boy gets held up in stary, we look but no dice in finding him. After the situation, Reckless came in and was saying how it was a bad RP inicident, as we go looking for them. I'm standing by a tree watching to see if it was anyone of them as I hear the gun shots from my boys. My game then freezes, and I die. My boy Says he might've team killed me.
  2. MouseWB

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *Bobby Picks up* "Ahem, 5 counting RIchard Sir." "But sure, Big dick on this radio more, I'll see you lot soon, thanks for the guns." *Hangs up*
  3. *Bobby Picks up* "And Exactly what do you call a Bandit sir?" "You yourself could be one." *Bobby waits*
  4. MouseWB

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *Bobby Picks up the radio* "Yes Bobby, you fucking pussy, you will never get inside our walls." "Ask that to your oblivious men who would believe such a lie." "Or maybe ask Mr. RIchard. Mr.Lemons doesn't matter how long or how I Do it, I keep to my words." "The offer stands, Don't be a fool." *Bobby Hangs up*
  5. Sad to see my bff's go. 😞


    Can't wait to see what you got next, Nothing but the best from you and the whole lot.

  6. *Bobby Picks up the radio* "All these people say you are hunting this man, Let's make this clear." "Mr. Asher is Mine, Bobby Kalo, Nobody is taking that away from me." *Bobby hangs up*
  7. MouseWB

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *Bobby picks up the radio* "Mr emmanuel, I admire you for your courage." "You cannot hunt the Hunter of Hunters." "I will see you soon." *Bobby hangs up and goes to sleep*
  8. MouseWB

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *Bobby Picks up* "I'll give you that, that island is a fortress, but How about you come outside to play some?" "Maybe you will one day." "Oh and just letting you know, My Roses are fine and dandy, great even." "They wanna see you." *Bobby hangs up*
  9. *Bobby picks up the radio* "I'll find you soon enough, and bury you right beside her." *Bobby sets the radio down*
  10. *Bobby picks up the radio, sitting at the edge of his bed* "I can't stop thinking, What made you do it Asher." "To take my Babygirl from me, you could've got me, or anyone else, but you took her." "I haven't found you, but I hope I do soon" "Just let me know your thoughts, what were you thinking when you took my little girl from me?" *Bobby would wait*
  11. Xehara

    • Xehara
    • MouseWB


    1. MouseWB


      *The Beat*

      *When Bobby is looking for iniation*

  12. MouseWB

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *Bobby laughs, picking up the radio* "Greatest honor ever recieved huh?" "Jesus you're something else, Maybe We will come visit the island instead." *Bobby hangs up*
  13. MouseWB

    S1 Suspected ghosting

    Bobby Kalo POV- If this is the same event of happened, I've already got reported from this incidient at polana factory. We broke in the right way, as we found a way and hopped over the wall. This has already been reported, if this is the same Incident. If not, the only base we have broke into, we jumped over the fence, broke a lock, and went to sleep after we were done.
  14. Good to be home.
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