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  1. Mouse

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Congrats boys.
  2. Mouse

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Goodluck boys, I expect nothing but the best.
  3. Been a good time.

    Time to bench Bobby ig?

    1. BiggsbeOG


      why you wanna do that?


    2. GalloWB


      Time for the lad.

  4. *Bobby picks up* "Stay safe Biggs." *hangs up*
  5. *Bobby picks up the radio* "Why are you wasting time?" "Nobody gives two shits, Do something yourself, instead of putting it on this broadcast.." "Just saying." *Bobby hangs up*
  6. *Bobby picks up* "Nah dont hire this guy, Hire the best bounty hunter in chernarus; Bobby Kalo." "Radio me if interested." *Hangs up*
  7. Loved taking you from with "Arthur."
  8. Mouse


    Sadly to see this go, Yet it is not the time. Request to get this archived. @Semiazas
  9. Good to see How two groups of Mercs will See fit. Good luck gentlemen. ?
  10. *Bobby picks up* "Sara?" "Sara Sara, One of my guys tell me it is the same sara as I knew months ago." "Don't die yet." *Hangs up*
  11. Giovani Terrano or Gio for short is the son of Alexandra and Brandon Terrano, born on September 26, 2001. During his younger years Gio had a good life being raised by his parents in Brooklyn, New York, he always kept close to them due to him being an only child and not having many kids his age around to keep him company or to spend time with, so he spent his time hanging out with his father or helping his mother with chores around the house while his father worked. Years later after Gio turned 12 he was cleaning in his parents room and found papers detailing his fathers work in a sort of mafia style business, after finding these papers Gio decided to go ask his mom and dad what it meant, now Kate and Brandon didn't want Gio to know about Brandon's work cause they both didn't want Gio to learn about it or be tempted to join it later in his life. a year later after Gio's 13th birthday it was Christmas day and that was the night that Gio's nightmare and heart ache started, a man broke into their house and took Gio's mother while she was working and beat her til she was beaten and broken on the floor, hearing all the commotion Gio got out of bed and walked down the stairs and came upon the side of his mother about to be shot and killed. After that day Gio started to become a more hostile person to those around him even his dad at times, one day Gio found a 1911 in a chest hiddin in the garage of their house, he took it to his father and his father told him it belonged to his mother but Brandon didn't think he was ready yet to take the pistol for himself yet, Brandon decided to take his son with him on some jobs across the states so that way Gio can think of other things and to make it seem like Gio was helping him with these jobs. once Gio turned 15 though Brandon left his son a note saying that he was leaving to go on a job to the country called Chernarus, once gio woke up and saw the note Gio was angry and depressed at his father for leaving him home alone so Gio decided to take things into his own hands..he grabbed his mothers 1911, contacted his fathers partner named Donovan Kennedy and they both got on a plane and headed to Chernarus..though once he arrived Gio was taken by a man named Dimitri and held in an unknown location so that way he couldn't get into contact with his dad, now Gio is 16 years old and was able to slip out of Dimitri's grasp and has located his father and now they're both trying to survive this weird ass country. The Other Side of Me The night that Gio saw his mom get tortured,killed and mangled to death changed and messed with his mind..ever since then he's had another sort of personality living in his mind and telling him to do things while also comforting him as well,now when ever Gio gets a faraway look in his eyes around others it's cause in his mind he's seeing his mom standing next to him. Brandon Terrano - Father Sal - Brandon's Friend Fae - Sal's wife and Brandon's friend Dan - Surrogate Uncle Louie - Sal's brother David - Surrogate Uncle Dean Mendenhall - surrogate Uncle
  12. Mouse

    Potius Cras

    Ready for Business Gary
  13. Mouse

    Frequency 96.6 Hz

    *Bobby would pick back up* "107.6" *Hangs up*
  14. Mouse

    Frequency 96.6 Hz

    *Bobby would reply* "I state if you have problems, if what i'm hearing from this radio I could be wrong." "If you do have problems let me know and I can help to solve them." *He would wait*
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