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  1. *Bobby Picks up his radio, Speaking* "First thing is here you go Mr.Brandon, There is no longer any bad blood between us." "The radio big-dickery shall not happen, and we can both prosper from this." "I apologize for the trouble it has caused for the both of us." *Bobby takes a breath and begins to speak again* "And Secondly Moody, this piece if for you." "I don't plan to Big Dick on the radio, I mere am here to tell you." "I told you and your people I would not help you, but let alone you attacked, wounded my men, and said to me you would kill us all yes?" "Well Moody, I sure hope you come to your senses one day, Don't try to attack my people, they shall not hold back." "I did not betray my agreement, You simply did not honor it." "See you around." *Bobby lets go*
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    It was bound to happen, Can't wait to see where it leads.
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    Enjoyed the RP, GLad we worked our Problems. Cant wait for future RP.
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    Yes I do know about Reckless he had to basically rebuild HIs PC but should be back on ASAP. Thank you very much.
  5. @Onyx @Kai @Werewolf @shipwreck117 @Gibby8023 @ScarletRose Amazing RP with yall.
  6. Lore is kinda short, would make it Longer. Goals kinda bland but thats just me. Good luck.
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    Thank you very much.
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    Potius Cras

    AHHHHH shiiitt we back @GaryCash Can I bring back Black Roses?
  9. *Bobby Sits as Voices behind him are heard, and as His Medic patches his shoulder he picks up the radio* "Greetings Everyone, I have a small messege for you people." "My name Is Bobby Kalo, Leader of a little thing I call Legacy." *He winces as His bandage tightened* "Mr. Brandon Young, the three people you held hostage in Kabanino, the three you robbed twice in the matter of twenty minutes, Yea you know." "Now you reap the consequences of your actions as we slaughtered your men in the fields of grish." *Bobby's voice tenses, yet stays calm* "You tried to force tasks upon my men, to be your dogs, yet I will not bow to anyone like you." "Now if you simply talked to me instead of tieing up and torturing, things could've gone in your favor." "If you wish not to pledge yourself into a pointless war, Radio me." "If not, Do not reply to this radio and I will Know your answer." *Bobby sets the radio down*
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    Anything Else I need doing or fixing for the group? @Semiazas
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    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Sticking with him ever since i Fucking made Bobby Kalo and he joined the Black roses. Turtle you were my best friend, and I couldn't have asked for better. I love you bro, Rest in Peace. Our group Legacy you helped so much with is Dedicated to you. Rest in Peace.
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    THank you very much, Yes the two inactive are have some issues, but they should be around soon.
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    Sorry [87.8Hz]

    *Bobby Picks up the Radio* "Shit Moody, Sorry I didn't make it, You know I'm a Call away." *Bobby Hangs up*