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    Theme song Bobby was a natural born leader. The youngest of 3 brothers:Roy,Colt,and Bobby and 1 sister Cassandra, he did his best to stand out. One thing let to another and Roy, Bobby, Colt Kalo, and Cassandra found themselves in some shit hole called South Zagoria. “I lost it all that one fucking night. My oldest brother Roy and I were in town that night, he came back from his service. That night changed both of our lives..Forever. It came out of nowhere, the car hit us, slamming into our car, flipping us all the way over. Roy and I both slipped out as quick as we could,as i got up..i saw Roy pull out his pistol, shooting the man in the chests 4 times.To both men, Roy killed both of them in front of my eyes, after that Roy looked at me, throwing me another pistol. He looked at me,as we got in their half-crashed car, as we drove somewhere Unknown.This has never happened to me, I didn't know what was happening.but we drove and drove and drove until I couldn't remember anymore. Months and months later, I do not Know how or when, but we were in a New World, finding our Mother, our family once again. I lost him,Roy is gone..I lost everything when the world stopped turning. Everything is burnt, broken, and lost. What Happens now is all the card that I will be Dealt.” -Bobby Kalo After a few months inland, Bobby’s leadership skills and will to sustain some kind of peace reared their ugly little heads. Only 23 years old and Bobby found himself in charge of a group of 15 bounty hunters with the goal of finding Roy and making some cash in the process. They called themselves the Black Roses, Bobby wasn’t the only leader of The Roses, Himself and a man named Cullen Shae led those men. After the Roses started off in other ventures besides finding Roy, Bobby left Cullen in charge temporarily alone while he went on a mission to find Roy. When he returned with Roy, the Roses had nearly disbanded without any notice to him. So Bobby brought the Roses back, alone this time with full control of the group. He started with 7 Old Roses eventually reaching a peak of 18 bloodthirsty hunters. The problem with this was that people still had the taste of bad blood in their mouths from the Old Roses led by Cullen Shae for the majority of their run. A group called Anarchy particularly had it out for them. There was a good old fashioned war in the country between 18 Roses and nearly 60 members of the Moretti Famiglia and Anarchy. The Roses put up one hell of a fight, but the sheer numbers were what forced them to withdraw from that region of the country. They moved North for a while, but this time leadership issues forced them to really disband. A group called The Pack had taken most of the groups members, another criminal syndicate had lured a few of the members into their group as well. Others just refused to leave South Zagoria. Eventually, Bobby and Roy returned to South Zagoria. Bobby returned first and enlisted in The Saviors. After a while, things with the Saviors got stale, so Bobby left and called his brother Roy over the radio to come out of hiding. They went around together and began gathering men, but Bobby’s work with the Saviors caught the attention of a rather large group of people who called themselves The House. Little did the House know that Roy and Bobby had got in touch with their brother Colt, and we’re making moves to carry out their end game play. This was Plan A from the very beginning. Things may not have gone as expected, but it won’t stop the Kalo family from achieving superiority over all who oppose them. Bobby wants to create something so strong that it will thrive even after his own death and long after that, a Legacy. The brothers intend to tie all of his loose ends and create a few more in the process. The Roses disbanding and the heat from the House and the Saviors has only slowed them down to start, but they have plans in store. Bobby has began to talk about a peace between him and the House, knowing very well that a war with them could possibly end in another Anarchy esque situation, for they too have quite the numbers behind them. Legacy is not a friendly group by any means. They work off of an Eye for an Eye mentality, but if they get the slightest notion that someone has it out for them, then that person had better watch their back. Bobby is pissed off about the Roses and wants his power back. He has changed. Whether or not that’s for the better has yet to be seen. A piece of him was lost, as if he has no regard for any kind of human life anymore. Not even Roy is so merciless, and growing up Roy was the one who got the boys into trouble. Now somehow he seems to be the more level headed of the pair. The three brothers have always worked from the ground up. Colt being the smart one always found them jobs and guided them on what to do. The Roses were Bobby’s personal experiment, but the help of Colt would have seen that group thrive. The brothers shouldn’t be underestimated. Bobby had the tools for leadership, Roy had the mentality to get through anything, and Colt had the brains for any problem against them. The brothers had the numbers behind them. Now the question stands: Who will stand with the brothers, and who will stand in their way? Bobby reached out to find his old companions,the ones he called family, the ones who had fought and nearly died for him would be the ones to raise his army. They Will be the ones after Bobby that keep his legacy. From Bounty Hunters to just ordinary people wanting revenge, there is a Legacy for everyone. "We are the Wolves to this new world, and the rest is the sheep to feast at."-Roy Kalo 1-Complete every single contract based on necessities and desires.[Continuous] 2-Educate others to help them find their way of leaving their own Legacy.[Continuous] 3-Make a brotherhood with at least one other group to create some sort of civilization.[Day 575] 4-Protect the ones who we desire worthy of protection.[Continuous] 5-Insure justice to all people who seek, want, and deserve it.[Continuous] 6-Instill Respect, Admiration, and Fear into the People of South Zagoria. 7-Reunite all the Kalo family and associates who once aligned themselves with the three brothers.[Day 600] 8-Make all those who have made the Kalo Family suffer, pay their dues.[Day615] 9-Leave a Legacy that is remembered throughout South Zagoria.[Continuous] 10-Find all Doctors/medical researchers and have them experiment on the virus to look for a cause/cure.[Day 615] 1-Bring a fun mix blend with Hostile/Non-hostile Roleplay. 2-Retain group player base by imploying multiple types of roleplay to keep it fresh. 3-Create an influential group that can change the server dynamically. 4-Create both internal group roleplay events and open roleplay events with other groups and individuals. 5-Leave a Blueprint of ideas for future groups to come. LEADERS Bobby Kalo @Mouse Roy Kalo @RecklessRDM Colt Kalo @Exio LEGACY Bruce Fletcher @Werewolf Jayden Pierce @KSGamingTTM Harry Worechester @Lizard Jason Parker @Madkilla67 Radimir Yakovlev @Diomondium Dawson Graham @dawsonpark Jeremy Petras @DatTurtle Daniel Barnett @Smashing Bruce Adams @Bruce Adams Many thanks to @yuthee For the amazing graphics. Taking and considering all feedback. Thank you and Enjoy.
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  13. *Makes New Character*

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