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  1. Mouse

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    Good luck.
  2. Mouse

    Black Roses Media Thread

    caught me by surprise logging in. Was fun
  3. @SmashingWB @GenjiRP @Onyx and some others. Had a blast today with yall.
  4. Mouse

    Black Roses Media Thread

    Great times.
  5. Updated all. More graphics and more people soon to beadded on the roster when they give me the get go. Good to be back. RIP @DatTurtle
  6. Mouse

    S1: RDM Vybor 20/05/2019

    I spawn in ands go to vybor industrial where I meet @Charlie. We meet and we hear some shots, so we go to invistigate. We meet two guys, and shortly after @CraigRB shows up. The random guy spins in a cirle and Craig calls him a retard. The man asked him multiple times what he said and he responded with "your a fucking retard." THe random then shoots @CraigRB and @Charlie and I proceed to shoot the other two.
  7. Mouse

    *Looking for Closure*

    *Bobby picks up the radio* "Yes, My name is Bobby Kalo and your brother was like a brother to me." "He used to work with me and for me in various situations." *He would laugh* "As for cullen and Rose, they are dealt with by yours truly." *Bobby puts the radio down*
  8. @Whoever play Kane. BObby had fun
  9. Been off for inconveince, should be back soon.

    1. GenjiRP



    2. Falk



  10. Mouse

    99.9 Hz

    *Bobby picks up* "Let me, finish up something, and I'll get back to you." *Moans and grunts would come from the back as he hangs up*
  11. Mouse

    99.9 Hz

    *Bobby picks up* "Yes, how may we come into a meeting?" *He would wait*
  12. Mouse

    99.9 Hz

    *Bobby, lost in thought and laughter, picks up the radio* "Dr. Hope, yes I need some...Assisstance." "Please let me know when we can meet." *Ruffling and crying in the back as he hangs up*
  13. Mouse

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Congrats boys.
  14. Mouse

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Goodluck boys, I expect nothing but the best.
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