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  1. Anoymouse

    S1: RDM in Stary Sobor - 7:00 PM CST - 10/10/18

    Explain why I screamed and my screen goes blood red?
  2. Anoymouse

    S1: RDM in Stary Sobor - 7:00 PM CST - 10/10/18

    Ok so As me and Hondo were sitting outside the church, I notice a person up the road. I try and be nice and wave to him, as a bullet wizzes past my head. I go behind the bus stop and hear one hit the bus stop, so I figure he was shooting at me. I peak around the corner and killed the man, and as I was running up his other friend shoots me in the leg. A bit of arguing goes on, as the other man tries to leave and Hondo kills him. Honestly I would've been down to talk it out over ts, but whatever.
  3. May 25,1993..My story begins in Atlanta,Georgia. Why are you born into this lost and broken world? Why do I have to do this, why do I have to be this person? My father went to the military, and was deployed in Italy when my mother was there. I bet they had a great relationship before I came along. Well after they put me up for adoption first chance they got, I never met them. Yes I was eventually adopted by a sweet lady, her husband, and a little girl.I loved this girl as my own blood sister, I was always there for her. I cared for her so much, I promised I would never let anything happened, but eventually everyone breaks promises. That man took advantage of her, and I fucking tore him apart piece by piece until there was nothing left. Then I was compromised and took the Jail, and Of course they just thought it was murder, since that was all the authorities saw. Then three months into prison, of course this man cannot leave me alone and tries fighting me. I thankfully pulled my shiv out, and stabbed him three times in the stomach. Yet again my luck runs out, more time on my hands..more court days. Judge sees me, and completely disapproves of me, and says to me i cannot belong in this world. Thats when I clicked, trying to get loose to go after him,as the guards restrained me.The judge sat me down, and signed a paper, giving me no info at all. That is when it happened, and i was signed off to some prison I have never heard of.One month later I was here, and this is Now where my "new" story begins in this "new" World. Promise, Strength, Mentality. I repeat these words over and over and over in my head like a mad man.What am I, Who am I? Promise in my body that I still fail? Well that's funny, but I promise that will never happen..again. Family is a thing you get once in your life, one time and one time only. You get it, and in an instant you can lose it. Does God have a sense of humor, I mean Ace as luck for a nickname that just ends in prison. "Gaby, Mother, Father, Myself, The Mob? Who the fuck cares anymore, it always ends up with the same shit. IM here Now, and Here to stay a while, cause the Wicked get "no rest". Now I'm here, and finally out of that shit hole they call a prison. Made some Friends made some not so friends, but hell i'm alive. I've ran into a lot off fucking weird people, some wear these fucking clown masks, hell one guy gave me one of the creepy things. I do have some good friends, hell met some people who lived in Brooklyn like I did. Good people, but every card played in buisness doesn't go your way, I had a roadblock, of course everyone gets them but fuck this one hit me hard. A couple months of bullshit after that doing shit i didn't like, I finally think I'm back on track, let see how this card is played. We all know how it started with me, we all know how it ended. Why am I still alive is the question I ask myself every day, and I still don't have an answer. I got pushed around, It didn't go my way last time. Well this time it is gonna, This world is our playground, We will run these streets.
  4. Yea sorry man, you know you the main ones.
  5. I'm just gonna make this short simple. This placer and people have been great to me, so many laughs, fights, and just all around great. DayZ has run its toll for me almost 3,000 hours, and theres just more i wish to play. Maybe ill be back, maybe i won't, just have to see. I'm thankful for everyone in this. community for letting me have an amazing time with yall. Hope to see yall around. Thanks for the great time boys, lets play other shit when yall can. @KSGamingTTM @Werewolf @TehZombyBeard @N-Tox @Mr. Blue @Jarvis @shipwreck117 @Reckless and all the more. See yall around
  6. Looks good never seen something like this, would loved to be surprised. Get your roster, lore and goals up and be good to go.
  7. @GenjiRP Indeed, my mother.
  8. It's great to Ben back, we have many plans and can't wait for the interactions. Thabks! Thanks guys it means a lot tinge back. A lot of plans are set in motion as of now!!
  9. Thanks Man, I hope you to!
  10. Fucking fantastic role play from the boys as always. @KSGamingTTM @Werewolf @Reckless @Syoto @Despacito2 Great RP from @GenjiRP and @Kain. Enjoyed it, ready for more. Thanks for letting us beat up that one guy who disrespected Your lady, Haha. @yuthee and i forgot The girls name haha sorry. @ScarletRose Got her. Haha
  11. Taking all of this into thought and consideration. Thank you very much! Thank you, and to you aswell.