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  1. Yea sorry man, you know you the main ones.
  2. I'm just gonna make this short simple. This placer and people have been great to me, so many laughs, fights, and just all around great. DayZ has run its toll for me almost 3,000 hours, and theres just more i wish to play. Maybe ill be back, maybe i won't, just have to see. I'm thankful for everyone in this. community for letting me have an amazing time with yall. Hope to see yall around. Thanks for the great time boys, lets play other shit when yall can. @KSGamingTTM @Werewolf @TehZombyBeard @N-Tox @Mr. Blue @Jarvis @shipwreck117 @Reckless and all the more. See yall around
  3. Looks good never seen something like this, would loved to be surprised. Get your roster, lore and goals up and be good to go.
  4. Anoymouse

    Various Shenanigans

    @GenjiRP Indeed, my mother.
  5. It's great to Ben back, we have many plans and can't wait for the interactions. Thabks! Thanks guys it means a lot tinge back. A lot of plans are set in motion as of now!!
  6. Thanks Man, I hope you to!
  7. Fucking fantastic role play from the boys as always. @KSGamingTTM @Werewolf @Reckless @Syoto @Despacito2 Great RP from @GenjiRP and @Kain. Enjoyed it, ready for more. Thanks for letting us beat up that one guy who disrespected Your lady, Haha. @yuthee and i forgot The girls name haha sorry. @ScarletRose Got her. Haha
  8. Taking all of this into thought and consideration. Thank you very much! Thank you, and to you aswell.
  9. @Karma @GenjiRP and all my boys. Plus that random guy at N.E. Remind me why I enjoy myself here.
  10. Appreciate it man, Put a lot of damn work into this.
  11. Thanks man, Yes that one should be back today actually, and I will certainly work on my goals. THanks so much.
  12. It's great to Ben back, we have many plans and can't wait for the interactions. Thabks!