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  1. Thanks for the input, I'll see what i can do about that. It is perfect the way it is! What an awesome read and re-entry to the community. Welcome back - we missed you!
  2. すごい。 私はお話しが好きだ。 日本人はとても面白いです。 剣聖は強い名前です。 トーリックさん、ありがとうございました。
  3. Ashley

    Gavin Dayer's journal

    Gosh! I felt giddy reading about Gavin meeting Sabrina. It is more than a promise or a friendship ~ they are family. I like these journals. The new font reads better.
  4. Ashley

    Dearest Darling

    "Darling" must finish these letters from Georgia ... yes? The feeling of separation is really heart wrenching! Do continue ...
  5. Ashley

    Gavin Dayer's journal

    And so it begins ... yay!
  6. Ha ha! I just borrowed the name Lydia as a tribute to you and your story. You found it ~ that was the hidden "nod"! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the piece.
  7. Hi Mush, What an excellent start to the "descent". The theme music drove the whole piece home! How is everyone embedding music? Quality stuff! You have a new reader!