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  1. *Hector holds down his ptt while laughing* "When are ju stupid people gona learn dat ju cannot fock wit us man. How many more huevos am i gonna have to cut off your frens to learn dat ju arent gonna win dis war" *Releases the ptt*
  2. me and kolya both logged off after the 30mins
  3. you initiated on me and I turned and started to open fire on you guys and said those hurtful words in name of rp
  4. DK_Major

    S1: RDM/BADRP Kabanino around 19:45

    My POV: After being robbed and questioned i was left only with water and no food or a knife to cut rags in case a zombie attacked me. I almost died due to bleeding and no food but thankfully i came across some asian traders that gave me food water and rags to keep myself alive.
  5. kolya is playing Erik and I am playing as Hector Gomez
  6. DK_Major

    RDM Novaya Petrokvka 14/01/2019

    I am currently cooking rn can you give me roughly 10mins
  7. This is my story. Born in the year 1981, and in the quiet little town of King Kirkland, Ontario. Such a peaceful time before i decided to take a trip to Cherno, my life was peaceful i had a nice farm that was passed down from me from my loving grandfather. He was the only person that showed me any love throughout my life since my gram died of heart failure and parents died in a car crash when i was just a small boy around the age of 3. I was visiting an old military friend near the Balota airstrip when the virus broke out. Due to the panic from the large outbreak in Severograd which caused many refugees traveling down the coast seeking shelter and aid i was unable to return home to my hotel. After several days i was sent with a team of soldiers to evacuate, when we came across Stary Yar on our last stop we only found bodies scattered across the roads and fields. I immediately rushed towards one of the commanding officers to ask what had happened here when a large group of infected came bolting from the tree line to attack us. The soldiers held a firing line for as long as they could before it was breached and everyone went running around scattered, and scared. I entered one of the homes after managing to escape another near death experience i've had in my life.While running from those creatures i ran into a nice old home at the edge of town that was empty until i entered and saw a young boy hiding under his bed crying asking for his mother and father in his native tongue but unable to speak to the boy i calmly walked over to him and gently took him in my arms and tried to sooth him while the air was full of screams and gunfire. That is the story i tell everyone on how i got here and how my life came to be but really my name is not Billy Hickerson that is just an alias i use, for i am a wanted man in South, Central, and North America for crimes of drug trafficking across the Americas. My real name is Hector Gomez but most people call me El Chapo Gomez but the people that call me that are those that fear me or work for me, if you are fortunate to be my friend you can call me Gomez. I escaped Central America on a flight to Chernarus to sprout some new business over there and potentially starting up a new drug trade route with access to Europe and Asia but of course all that got fucked over when the civil war hit its peak and not to long after that dead people started walking around fucking up everyone's business and mine, i guess karma did catch up to me after all.
  8. Journal Entry 1 This is my story, my name Sergei Petrov i was born in Moscow, Russia in the year 1970. I was not born in fancy home with caring parents, i was born and left at an orphanage. I had to fight and steal everyday just to get a meal and a bed to sleep on, ever since i was a little boy i knew i was destined for greatness no matter the cost and then that's when life gave me a chance. At the age of 12 i had stolen some goods with some friends of mine from a shop owned by the Russian mob, when they caught me they asked who else had helped me steal but i did not squeal cause i am no rat, an old russian man by the name of Markov Antonovich was questioning me and beat me relentlessly to make me squeal but as i told that fat fuck i am no rat and he can suck on my cock. The man was angry but also saw something in me he had never seen before, a fire in my heart that would let me do anything wanted. So from that day on he took me under his wing and taught me the ropes. By the age of 17 i was a well known member of the russian mob with the help of my “father” Markov, he was the only father figure that i had in my life. He taught me one important lesson before he died due to some greedy fuckers within our organization, “always keep one chambered even if it's for your closest friends”. Time passed and i eventually took over his business as one of Russia's best arms dealers, people feared me even my own friends and family feared what i had become i was power hungry wolf as most called me, and that's when i started to get the name the Red Wolf. This name came with a lot of blood behind it.
  9. *Presses down the PTT button* Are there any Military Personnel still active please respond! *the frequency starts to get cut off* This.....Vasi....looking fo....soldiers....of....CDF! *Radio gets cut off completely and only static can be heard*
  10. My character is named Vasily Popov and is a solider of the CDF and is ranked as a private. Would i address my character as a private or is there another proper term for the rank?
  11. Thank you so much you are god tier ily<3
  12. I had recently made a character but name had no last name, i then deleted it and remade it with a last name. I was wondering since i tried to activate it but it keeps saying cooldown? How long do i have to wait before i can play with it?
  13. Are there any KoS locations such as large military bases or certain roadblocks? Ive looked everywhere on site and havent seen anything and just wanted to make sure before i do something im not allowed to do.
  14. This is my story. Born in the year 1985, and in the quite little town of Sinistok. Such a peaceful time before all this shit when south, my life was peaceful i had a nice home home with a beautiful wife and child. My wife's name was Anna Popov, and my beautiful boy was named Yuri Popov after my father. Since we lived so close to military encampment i decided to enlist to join the army and follow my fathers footsteps. I was 18 when i joined the military and soon after i married my wife which was a nurse within the base. I was stationed in Balota airstrip when the virus broke out. Due to the panic from the large outbreak in Severograd which caused many refugees traveling down the coast seeking shelter and aid i was unable to return home to Sinistok to see if my family was okay. After several days i was sent with a rescue team to aid in the search of any civilians in the north when we came across Sinistok on our last stop we only found bodies scattered across the roads and fields. I immediately rushed towards my home only to find my wife and son butchered like animals on the front porch. I held them in my arms for hours unable to comprehend why all this is happening to me and others around me. I entered my home after burying them next to my fathers grave to find a note on the fridge that read " My Love its been so long since ive seen you and felt your skin against mine, i only hope you are alright and are safe come home soon much love Anna.".