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  1. They were locked in a church under siege from some guys they held up and then shortly after the situation died down, Mystic cut up the bodies and proceeded to eat them and then feed Josh a bit of the human steak. Thats all i can recollect while i was there. I have no video to provide.
  2. POV: @Ravenous initiated and shortly after i started hearing snaps around me so i returned fire
  3. Name of Patient: Billy Hickerson Birth Date: 8/22/1990 Location: Somewhere hidden near the Black Mountain Mental Status: Extremely unstable do not approach alone Patient Story Billy Hickerson was born in a small town called King Kirkland, Ontario. Only information known about Billy’s childhood was that he was abused and treated worse than an animal. By the age of 16 Billy had committed his first crime by murdering his parents that had abused him his entire life, after that Billy began to enjoy shedding the blood of others in the most gruesome ways a human can inflict damage to another human. By the age of 20 Billy was one of the most wanted serial killers in Canada but managed to escape to Chernarus where his name and face wasn't known. Unfortunately Billy didn't remain under the radar for long within a year he was captured by the Chernarussian police and was thrown into prison before they took him to an asylum near the Black Mountains where he would live the next 7 years in a small room locked up away from others because he would harm anyone and everyone around him that got too close to him and his favorite teddy bear Alfredo.
  4. DK_Major

    S1 - BadRP/ trollRP - Pustoshka barn - around 00:00 27-4-2019

    POV: I showed up at the barn with Tyler and i went walking around talking to people and Chedaki showed up talking to others then everyone went inside the barn to talk and take shelter from the rain and the dark. I dont really remember this situation to well
  5. DK_Major

    S1: Stary Sobor - Invalid Initiation, BadRP and possible NVFL - 2030-2120

    POV: I mean as eagle stated the video shows it all, i was sitting there minding my business when puncture went on the floor saying hands up so i put my hands up because joke or no i dont want to get shot for any stupid reason
  6. DK_Major

    The Asylum [Open Recruitment]

    Vasily kindly asks you stay out of his woods
  7. Born in Grozny, Chechnya to a Chernarussian mother and a Chechen father, Sergei’s life was always a hard and tough one due to his father being so heavily involved in the military. Since Sergei was a boy all he knew was violence and combat due to his father teaching him and preparing him to be a soldier like he was. At the age of the 23 Sergei would be involved in the bloodiest fighting he has ever seen, December 11, 1994 the first Chechen war broke out and everything around him was burned and blow to nothing but rubble and ashes. During the first year of the war Sergei had lost 2 of his dearest friends to the war effort, and shortly after lost his mother and father to an artillery shell that hit his home one sunday morning. The war ended on August 31, 1996, 9 days after his birthday but this wasn't the end of the war, this was only the beginning. The second Chechen war was worse then the first due to the many years of fighting the Russians, the war lasted from August 26, 1999 - April 16, 2009, but by this time Sergei knew this war was coming to an end in favour of the Russians so he did what he thought best and that was fleeing his homeland and his people to go to his mother's homeland and seek a better life there. Sergei arrived only to be disrupted by the infection a few short months after arriving and went to the black mountains to hide from these things undead things, when he found other Chechen soldiers seeking refuge from this infection. He joined up with them and they gave themselves a name “The Sons and Daughters of Chernarus”, from this group they sought to spread the will of Allah by the end of their blades, and the reach of their Kalashnikovs.
  8. DK_Major

    S1 KOS AOGM baiting 2019-04-10, 20:16

    Server and location: S1 Prison Island Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Logs will show Your in game name: Vasily Volkov Names of allies involved: @Eagle @ItzTyler Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have a video i shall be uploading Detailed description of the events: A young man came up to our gates and kept telling us to fuck off and give us their island back and continuously went back and forth sticking the up the middle finger up at us to bait an initiation, once Dylan, Tyler, and Eagle tell this kid to leave the island in the next 30 seconds or he will be shot i was immediately hit with a shot from an unknown target after not being apart of the situation as i had not said anything to the person and spent most of my time up in the tower looking around. Roughly 20-30mins after: @Eagle gets kosed by someone that logged in our compound and i go around the outside to go in a guard tower to get eyes on the guy shooting and i begin climbing when someone is sitting in there and i start to climb down after being told not to come up i get instantly shot and killed
  9. you do understand that you and anyone else cant start shooting unless you have initiated on us right? correct me if i am wrong
  10. @BigDaddy eagle was one of the patients and I had began to swim to one of islands because I was bleeding and did not want to die in the water due to blood loss, also I did not physically assault the patient without justificatuon which was her stabbing the caretaker, and I was out of VOIP range to hear an initiation regarding this leave or we will die
  11. Server and Location: S1, Prison island Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): I do not know but the logs can show when i died Your in game name: Vasily Volkov Names of allies involved: Ryan Bonfield Name of suspect/s: can be found in logs Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): @Eagle has video evidence of the situation Detailed description of the events: We were leaving the prison island after informing those that lived there that we would be moving our patients to a better location they kindly walked us to the docks where we initially entered from and i had jumped in the water to swim away back to land when they had initiated on Ryan but i was out of voip range to be able to hear them so i continued to swim towards mainland when they started to shoot ryan and after killing ryan they began to open fire on me without any form of initiation and proceeded to kill me
  12. Its my time to go and pursue other things within the server, you guys have been like a family to me and have brought me great joy to say i once was a green dragon
  13. I mean the topic of rape rp is a hard topic to argue against due to the moral standings but lets all be honest here in those situations if you are not comfortable with that form of rp then you can simply just say //no
  14. Hector Gomez: Before proceeding to castrate your character i had asked several times to clarify if i was allowed to remove your genitals. When you stated you would not rp it out i had thought you meant that you were not gonna be using voip to rp pain or discomfort, you were not clear in your OOC demands or im sorry for not understanding what you meant.
  15. DK_Major

    S1 - NLR 03/16/2019

    1st Fight Hector Gomez: We were on the road away from Mog summer camp when we found a lone survivor so we started to talk to him and within a few minutes of our interaction with the survivor we got initiated on by the Kamenici and at the time of the initiation i had gotten up for a quick second to grab my charger and before i could even react to the situation i started getting shot at and ran down the hill before dying.
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