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  1. Troye grew up in Johannesburg, to a rich family. He never traveled much as a child. He was focused on his school, to the point where, while he was considered one of the best students at the school, he never had much time to do any sport, recreation or to make any friends. After finishing school he refused to get a tertiary education. Stating his reasoning to his parents as "I have already dedicated my entire life to school and I refuse to do even more." He wanted to explore the world, meet new people, see new things and he couldn't do that if he was stuck studying in university. First it was just South Africa. He explored everything worth exploring in SA. But he was satiated, he visited all surrounding countries, then multiple different places in Asia: India, Isreal, Thailand, China, Japan. Then the Americas: Brazil, Argentina, Canada and the US. He thought he would never fulfill his desire to explore. He rode a bike from Cape town to Glasgow. but he never felt satisfied. He ended up in Chernarus as it was one of his stops on his hitchhiking trip to Vladivostok. As he was leaving the country on the Northern border he was stopped by Russian officials telling him the border was quarantined. He didn't understand why and after multiple attempts to leave he wanted to go back out the South Eastern border but was caught in traffic in Chernagorsk. He witnessed a a bloody man headbutt through the car's window infront of him and tear the old man in the driver seat apart with with his teeth. He panicked and ran into a nearby store where the owner gave him refuge. There they both stayed for a week until it all the shouting and gunshots stopped. Troye had injured his knee the day before, so the old man had to go out to find food. When he did not return, Troye went looking for him. Eventually he had found him wandering around near the city centre. He had to bash the old mans head in on the curb. Ever since he had been wandering Chernarus, communicating with people when he has to but staying reserved and distant. Trying not to form bonds with anyone for fear of having to kill them.
  2. There is a house in the middle of Black Forest South of Gorka. close to major routes but it still has that house in the woods aesthetic with a small stream nearby aswell
  3. Jan grew up with a relatively normal childhood. Because of this he this, a great wanderlust grew within him. He was drafted into the SANDF to fight in the Angolan Border War. He didn't do much fighting but after he felt a hole in him that could only be filled by the freedom offered to him by the military. He floated around the mercenary and security circles for some time, constantly trying to satisfy his wanderlust but never quite could. Through some contacts he knew back in his military days he landed a job guarding a container with "valuable" contents aboard the cargo ship Rify. He doesn't know what happened as he was asleep, all he knows is the ship lost control in a storm and was heading straight for an outcropping of rocks. He bailed off the side of the ship and washed up along the Chernarus coast
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