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    Aurora Wanicka, aged 27, is a hard, intelligent and smart woman, which from an early age was interested in law, as it turned out later she became highly respected lawyer, she trusted in justice and she is also emphatic. She lives in Poland in small city near Olsztyn. Aurora is concerned about others and she often tries to save them as herself. She was always away from home and parents, who moved out to the United States, leaving their 15 yo Alex and Aurora when she was 19. She loves to hang out with friends and taking part of really hard survival camps when she learns a lot, as it turned out not for nothing, because she go with her friend - Piotr and with other polish tourist to the tactical camp for preppers to Chernarus. Their actual accomodation was near Dolina in the Summer Camp called "Pioneer". From day to day the group was enjoying more and more their company thanks to morning hard exercises under the tutelage of local specialist in survival, using firearms, self-defence etc. and at the evening BBQ with a little of alcohol. Two days before returning to Poland Aurora noticed in local news information about spreading infection in Chernarusian lands. The group decided to abandon the camp and to quickly leave Chernarus borders even today. Unfortunately it was too late already, because Russia closed all border passes. Broken and terrified Aurora was fighting about safe space on the streets of some border city because there was total chaos everywhere. One of their friends died on her eyes.. After all what Aurora saw, she didnt lost the will of fight and tried to survive next days.. She found some of their camp mates and she still carries their life in her hands in that Summer Camp in Dolina.