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  1. I had more posts but from what I see everything has been cleared since my last visit in 2017.. Welcome Beni!
  2. Hello! I would like to introduce you to the Polish game-video project. The title is The Tactical Civil, this is a video based on The Walking Dead series. Today, he premiered the first episode of the second season and he has a translation in the form of subtitles from Polish to English. The project is in the construction process, there are errors and shortcomings which we eliminate, but we ask for understanding and possible advice. Those interested in The Walking Dead project by DayZ Standalone are invited to watch the first episode and like us on Facebook. FACEBOOK PAGE: CLIK AND LIKE THIS! :) The premiere of each episode every two weeks. NICE WATCH! *****DON'T FORGET TO TRANSLATE INCLUDING***** SEASON 2, EPISODE 1 (S02E01) [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]: