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  1. Mad Stone

    The journal of a man named 'H'

    //this stuff is amazing, keep it coming!
  2. OMG I've been waiting for this for ages! Thanks man!
  3. Mad Stone

    The Elder Scrolls online Beta.

    I'd roll an orc with an axe and shield (maybe a halberd if available) with a few "debuff" spells-skills or bleeds. I run this setup since Morrowind, it's gotta work
  4. Mad Stone

    The Elder Scrolls online Beta.

    nope. sadly
  5. Name: Viktor 'Adin' Poltava Age: 25 Height: 177 cms Weight: 77 kgs Hair: Bald Eyes: green Pre-Outbreak Profession: Auto mechanic, gun factory worker Demeanor in Three Words: helpful, cautious, talkative
  6. I'm from Hungary. I speak hungarian, english, a little bit of russian(for the roleplay's sake)
  7. Any kind of party, where some memorable thing happened. I'm sure everybody's got a worst-best kind of story.
  8. The title says it all! Post your best or worst (memorable) story that took place in a party! Pictures- text- vids! First time head-butt after 6 beers!
  9. Well, my character wears a respirator (pilot mask) which helps him breathe. My pitch is at 0.05, and always get that i sound like a robot. Dunno why, maybe because I always speak weirdly (shifting my tone due to the tubing that fucks up his vocal chords), but I get the tubings "cleaned" from time to time (by doctors at altar with proper medical education) if it gets annoying for some people (and I continue to speak on my normal tone).
  10. I always practice sniping on zeds. Maybe someday I can win some sort of competition..
  11. Got robbed last time by a 13-14 years old kiddo and his 2 buddies. Killed the 2 older ones, the young one got me. It was embarrasing.
  12. my mates got killed, I ran up to Raven's nest. I've had enough
  13. my fav is AK107 GL PSO. Dead accurate 'til 400 meters or so.