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  1. Outlawe

    Free Territory

    @Sylva hello I am a communist an would like to not die plz
  2. Outlawe

    Interview With A Community Member: ScarletRose

    Yooo, this is actually sick. Good fucking shit.
  3. So without further adieu, I'd like to introduce myself! My names Hayden, though must of you know me as Outlawe or my IGN (Xander Black) and I've been white-listed for quite some time now, but never really found myself actively involving myself with the community. I decided to change that this month and reckon i'll be around for as long as it still interests me. I've been playing DayZ since the mod released in 2013 when I was just a little 14 year old with a shitty laptop and earbuds as a microphone. I've grown to not only love the game, but invest a lot of time into it with the .63 release and hope to help the DayZRP community achieve big things as I continue to learn and adapt as to what I want to do depending on if I want to apply for staff or just make this a better place for people to retreat too after a long day at work, school, etc. A little about myself: - I play CSGO competitively, though with it being an off-season, I decided that it was time to find a new hobby and take a break so I can rejuvenate some of the brain cells I've lost due to extensive exposure to deadicus gameicus - I occasionally stream on twitch depending on the circumstances! - I enjoy music, feel free to recommend me music from any genre - The same applies for Video Games, I've been looking for some time wasters and so far I've been playing [XCOM 2, DayZ, CSGO, ArmA 3, and various Virtual Reality titles So far, I've met nothing but wonderful people and had a few good shitposting sessions on the discord with a lot of players, staff, etc.. and it seems this is a pretty tight knit community of people even if there are a few bad apples along the way.
  4. Outlawe

    The misadventures of Xander Black

    Just a few photos I'll be taken throughout the journey of this character ?
  5. Not sure who I encountered other than his name being Kalinski but this man has a SPOT ON accent going for him and he's quite the character. Never got to contact him but I do hope I meet him again ?
  6. Outlawe

    A Break From the Rain

    Great snap for sure! Hope to meet you guys soon ?
  7. Max

    • Max
    • Outlawe

    Likin' that Cleaner theme you got going there. Hope they throw something similar into TD2!

    1. Outlawe


      They're the best faction other than First Wave Division agents, idc what anyone says.

    2. Max


      The Hunters tho.. doubtful about that. If they even count as an actual faction ?

  8. I spawned in at the NWAF after restart and ran into @KohlSkaal almost immediately. We ran into two gentlemen ontop of a roof and asked if they needed any medical supplies and after being denied, we ran off and began looting. They were aiming at us as we ran away and we looked back though never traded any shots. After spending a solid.. hour of looting? We walked into a barracks and were gunned down by mister Vinceinzo accordingly. I hadn't met anyone prior to @KohlSkaaland have no evidence to support other than what I can say here. My weapon at the time didn't even have any AMMO, so there wasn't any way I could've been hunting anybody?
  9. Outlawe


    Coming to a Chernarus near you!
  10. Very well done gentlemen, keep working at your pace and making this a unique experience for everybody. We all appreciate it ?
  11. Outlawe

    Post your battle stations

    Okay okay, now THIS is Epic ^
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