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  1. Crazy to stumble upon @YAKMOUTH and @Rinkatorin right in front of the homestead- Crazy how interactions can come out of no where in this blessed world. Shame that the gentlemen decided that violence was the best approach to a simple request.
  2. Outlawe


    No sir, they leave me alone after what happened last time thank you guys
  3. Outlawe

    The chronicles of Francis Jameson

    "I see flame, flame flickering once again... as much as I misss everyone from Aurora- I feel like it's time to start building up the walls again. I can't keep living in this shadow of what I once was. I'll make every one of those bastards pay, but this time? This time it's personal."
  4. Outlawe


    You make all of my photos worth it, I hope u know that crimson
  5. Outlawe

    • Outlawe
    • Jaxon

    Miss you papi, we had a good run with the garage 😥

  6. Outlawe

    The flame

    Eye spy w/ my little eye, something yellow
  7. Possible to just close the report instead? Larser is one of my members and we were provided the wrong time
  8. Server and location: S1 The Vale Base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4/26/19 20:36 Your in game name: Eckert Steele Names of allies involved: @Larser @WPGDiaz Name of suspect/s: The Jackals Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Would've taken a video if I didn't die immediately Detailed description of the events: @Larser, Myself, and @WPGDiazwe're moving to The Vale encampment to check in our friends and possibly make a few trade deals when we spotted a few fellows in orange armbands standing around. We waited a few moments before pulling out our range finders to see if any of the Vale Gentlemen were around, just for Jean Delacroix to be shot and killed immediately without any warning/initiation.The Jackals began full autoing on the hill until they FINALLY initiated on @Larserand myself maybe two minutes after @WPGDiaz was KOS'd,One gentlemen stated "WE ARE THE JACKALS, PUT YOUR HANDS UP OR FUCKING DIE." and then watching @Larserget killed, I went to put my hands up, and was swiftly put down.
  9. Right, I can understand that bit and I do intend to start recording my POV, just a concern for those who might not be able to get their recording up before they get shot, etc.
  10. Funny that this got brought up, but there are a few cons that you listed that would fuck a bunch of people who constantly play
  11. Outlawe

    Shroud's Clipperino's

  12. Get this man his red chucks and he fucks
  13. Outlawe POV: After securing the Eastern side of NWAF, Myself, @ThePizzaMan, @Larser, and @n0sral move on tent city with @Cam providing Overwatch from the industrial. We stumble across @PandaOG and @JoeyOG almost immediately after running up on tents and have a conversation for a few minutes until I bugger off to get a flank on the two after giving direct instructions via 'I'm going to get my paper' which we use as a go ahead in our group to begin the initiation. With myself behind the two, I see @ThePizzaMan raise his rifle and demand radios to which @JoeyOG respond with bolting to the left of the group next to the tent and gunning down Nosral, Larser, and Pizza and then I take swift action and put down both Panda and Joey due to advantageous positioning and am quick to put a few more rounds into Panda once I realize zombies are still batting at him. I won't deny that Pizza does seem to have Joey and Panda mixed up, but that could be argued simply because you were wearing near the same outfit and he was gunned immediately and wouldn't have been able to see which one shot him. Trying to get out of a report simply because 'we're not an official' group is quite ludicrous in my opinion. We were all wearing near the same uniform and rolled up as a collective To add: I was the only one to fire a shot at any of you I believe, Logs should show
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