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  1. Hey guys I only joined 2 days ago and I will admit I was a little to eager to get white listed and got incorrect answer for KOS and NLR, however after talking it over with Alfie I quickly seen where I had went wrong and he was happy to go over some of the finer points of the rules with me so to give me better chance of success. thanks Alfie hope to get it right next time
  2. didn't pass the white list sorry I will do my best to improve it next time.
  3. hey just thought I would make a thread to explain the background of my character to anyone that wants to read it thanks and sorry for any bad grammar or spelling. My name is Lee I am a telephone engineer from Derry Londonderry in northern Ireland and was overseas during the outbreak working on the international intercontinental fibre network called project KELVAN. 1st day the first day I arrived at my destination in eastern Europe at the location of the final exchange that was due to be connected to network, this was a great day because myself and all the other engineers that had been working tirelessly for the past 5 years would get to say job well done and be happy with what we managed to accomplish in such a short space of time. when I entered the exchange I expected to see it bursting with activity however it was oddly quite?? I walked up to a man in a black suite thinking he would know what was going on and where I was to go for the seminar. he smiled at me and said welcome I said hey back and almost straight away he picked up on my IRISH accent and knew who I was. "You must be Lee" he says I say yes, we talk for a short while and he explains how that allot of people had taken sick of late and the seminar had been cancelled due to fact they needed all the man power available to complete the final stage of project KELVAN. It was then he asked if I could help, which I happily agreed to. I was informed that the boat was leaving the next morning to go offshore to meet with the cable and connect the final parts together. this was great news as I was starting to get board watching TV I couldn't understand in the hotel room all day. That night as I was trying to sleep I could hear allot of sirens on the street, it was very busy which was odd considering it was a Tuesday, but I wasn't from here so assumed it was the norm so just put my headphones in and tried to sleep constantly thinking of home and how much I wanted to be there instead of here there was just something not right. I will continue the story later hope you guys enjoy it so far thanks for taken the time to read it and sorry again about any bad spelling or grammar.
  4. hey just want to say hey and hope I get the chance to play with some of you guys.