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  1. Thanks Welcoming me Just finish the whitelist now so its all about the waiting game now
  2. Thanks for Welcoming me & thank you for answering my comment! and if i have any questions ill PM you and the whitelist i got past the roleplay passphrase but have to wait 2hours now got 3 questions wrong but ill get though it Thank you for welcoming me & me to!! Thank you for Welcoming me! Thank you for Welcoming me to Dayzrp Thank you for Welcoming me to Dayzrp! and me to
  3. Hey everyone you can call me Trane im new to dayzrp & the community been a member for 4 days now thought it was best to read the rules,lore and make my character first just setting up my profile now and get used to the site and its a great site Just going to start the whitelist now which i will go at it slowly lol also i saw on the forums that the lore is going to change will this affect characters? But Thank you for taking your time to look at this post looking forward to meeting you all have a nice day. TsTrane