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  1. A bit of both, just toying with ideas!
  2. First time in Chernarous today! I must say I was a little worried, but I managed not to run into anyone, even though I saw a few people I kept my head down and stayed low. Really liking the scarcity of the loot, really makes there a real need to survive. Also I got surrounded by zombies and got hit by a few, which made me sick. I thought that addition was pretty good! Not a whole lot of primary weapon spawns in Electro, but I guess it is just the coast! Just resting until my next adventure, hopefully my brothers doing okay! I'm sure I'll see him soon. Signed, Charlie O'Neall.
  3. It is man, there's no use stressing over something that will end up happening all in good time!
  4. Hey guys stop stressing about not being whitelisted yet, just sit back and wait! Don't try and get the admins and such, I'm pretty sure they're trying as hard as they can I mean they've almost hit 1k applicants, so just grab a beer, watch some YouTube or a movie and just be patient!
  5. You too man! Thanks man! It's good to be here!
  6. Hey guys! Sgt_Grey, (Or Charlie O'Neall) here! Can't wait to join you guys, maybe you can help find my brother Daniel O'Neall? I'd be happy to help you find your family!