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  1. BillyR


    Insert new name: *GasMaskGuy.* 


    Is that how it works or do I gotta pay?

    1. Roach


      Nah, no royalties lol Dude I loved our dynamic man :) This is the shit I dig. Rivalry while trying to be survivors together. Pure fun for me today. Thanks for that.

      I'd give you BeanZ but DayZRP has limited me for today.

    2. BillyR


      Yea man I hope our characters continue to further, it seems things can only get more interesting from here and out. 

    3. Roach


      Well if you watched the stream VOD, Tony did say (in narration) he likes and respects you for standing your ground. That you are the type of guy he can see working with cause Tony only works with "standup" guys who take no shit.

      On that note, I'll be back in game in about 1 hour (In Vybor) if you care to pursue this adventure.

    4. BillyR


      I guess we will see. <3