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  1. Billy grew up in Britain, in a town on the south east coast he was there when the outbreak started, he spent most of the apocalypse there, he grew up fast in the new world and after his group decided to try find a boat and spend long term at sea, he didn't really have a say in the matter only having his Mother to protect, the group managed to get a decent sized sail boat working, they weren't a big group a max of 9 members in total, half of which were males squabbling over leadership, but Billy had no interest in that, he just wanted to keep his mother safe. After a year and a few months at the hands of the dark ocean and fate, and a rather large storm. The boat had traveled for a long time, the group surviving off of fish and recycled rain water, it wasn't easy but they managed to survive, their group had shrunk to 6 during that time as there was some drama on the ship involving a mutiny, now 19 Billy had a lot of responsibilities to pitch in the group. He had no idea where they were or where they were going, he was just content with not worrying about the monsters that plagued the lands, the towns and the cities. Somehow they had drifted to the coast of South Zagoria where they set up anchor to decide what to do or go next, but thunder brewed in the distance and the what felt like tiny sail boat cap sized during the winds and storm. Having been thrown overboard as Billy was trying to save the sails with the rest of the group, he somehow survived the onslaught of the ocean to wash up ashore on this completely foreign land, spitting the sand and sea water from his mouth and suffering a few injuries during the storm that had now seemingly past leaving a few sunny rays piercing the once grey looming skies, Billy being terrified and lost collected himself, limping towards the nearest road and following it, unsure of what was going to happen next. His only goal, was to find his Mother the only surviving family he had left. He would do anything to find her, he would ask anyone he came across, if he felt like they were lying, he would make them speak. Make them tell.
  2. BillyR


    Rest in Peace Jerkoff Jimmy~ 



    rip jj.PNG

    1. AlanM


      No, not my Jimmy...

  3. BillyR

    Character Spaghettified 1.0.1 update

    Just say you enjoy excessive hand accessories and roll with it, or maybe that you put sticks in your gloves to keep zombies at bay, I don't know. It would make me laugh if I saw it though, probably someone said this but try check game cache files?
  4. BillyR

    Billy's Media Thread:]

    An old video, but I don't think I shared it here since I'm around again figured I'd post again. Here's a more recent event. Like yesterday...
  5. BillyR


    Bunking with Winjab. 


    1. Samti


      ah i see your thirsty

    2. Good Fella

      Good Fella

      This. Is. Hysterical

    3. BillyR


      This is history.

  6. BillyR


    Winter's over, finally.


    1. Samti



    2. BillyR


      Hey @Samti, did you know winters over?

    3. Samti


      Maybe, who's asking?

  7. BillyR


  8. BillyR

    Real hobo hours

    All we need now is bindles.
  9. BillyR

    Please Remove or Lower the Volume of Megaphones

    Deal with it son. (IC)
  10. BillyR

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    I think I too enjoyed the start of the apocalypse vibe the most, it felt like you could go talk to people and they wouldn't all be wearing camo with AK's and drum mags in every pocket. I miss that feeling and it made those encounters more fun when literally not everyone had guns, it allowed a lot of people to come together like Vybor back in the first few weeks, then the market in Cherno is where I lost interest because it started to deteriorate to constant gun fights it seemed, but yeah, personally those few weeks playing my character and being the attraction of Vybor as a german comedian called Damien Vunderschmit was some of the best times I have played.
  11. BillyR

    Back to 80 players...

    Had that recently, it really isn't fun.
  12. BillyR

    Bring Back Night Time!

    Just bring back night time, a decent 80% of people agree that the vibes are different at night and they can rp as such and it would be refreshing to see it again, who doesn't like chilling around a fire with a stranger and relaying stories, or making it easier to find people because of light sources, I mean I keep seeing these threads, is it ever actually going to be back because the majority always seems to be yes.
  13. BillyR


    Guess you finally found the one and only, good to be aboard.
  14. BillyR


    It's funny because I was there.
  15. BillyR

    Dont Think He Appreciated My Medkit

    Pretty cool.
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