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  1. I'm personally too afraid to look at any one else's profile and them being like. Hmm, I see you there. ;p
  2. Character yells on login with no bone damage

    Whenever you have a rough time with zomz always splint or morphin after, I'm always paranoid because they can one hit you when your "spine" is weakened after so many hits, I usually splint after getting in fist fights or hit by a zom more then 3 times. My recommendation is to be paranoid about it because I had it happen to me once but never again after.
  3. Storage Wars/ Hunters

    I could help ya out if you need any extra hands. Other then that this seems like it could be quite fun.
  4. Max - Gone

    You have my condolences.
  5. Max - Gone

  6. The Winking Chernarussian (OPEN)

    What's the drinking age? I might just be a year off ic.
  7. @tyblackwa Was nice meeting you on two occasions, skin, skinner of skins.
  8. RP Videos from Hazmat Corporation - Take a look!

    I watched the 1st one AGES ago and I loved it, it was very enjoyable to watch so i thk u for it. ^^
  9. Hello all

    Welcome... TO HELL Muhahaha. In all seriousness I welcome you in the most british way possible, with tea. ^^
  10. Odium Brotherhood

    Respectable decision. +1 ^^
  11. Whats allowed in character personality?

    NO, No NOT AGAIN... NOoooooooo...
  12. Billy's Media Thread:]

    Thank you :3
  13. Billy's Media Thread:]

    Dusk. Missing home...