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  1. Billy

    When does a fun character become trolly?

    Just got to find a balance. I'd say I can get pretty ridiculous but I can pull it off. Depends on the hostage takers and what they are after. If it's torture RP you can quip all you like because they don't want to kill you. If there robbing you saying a quip will likely get a gun put in your face. At least from my experience.
  2. Billy

    Would you rather?

    Slave. I’ve played kenshi and I need to get better and lock picking and sneak. Basic one but would you rather only play Dayzrp as a pvper or only as a campfire rper?
  3. Billy

    Carry and drag injured people.

    Does sound absolutely badass. When we can add and make custom animations this has got to be high up on the list.
  4. Billy

    Did you hear that?

    Totally was not me.
  5. Billy

    Did you hear that?

    Was that taken yesterday?
  6. Billy

    Child RP

    I’ve been here years and I’ve never seen or at least had a deep talk to recognise a player was a child. But if I did know I would find great joy in scaring the hell out of them and really pushing the boundaries on them morals. As long as people play by the weaknesses of age and aren’t using it idiotically then I encourage it. It can bring a lot to peoples characters whether they are evil or good. Protect those little bidders.
  7. Billy

    Howdy! New Guy here

    Welcome... To Hell! Sorry. Never gets old.
  8. Billy


    I've used sweetfx for two years. Not a problem.
  9. Billy


    Ah. I only posted one because I thought it was just a post a robbery photo you had... I should really start actually reading titles and the content there within huh.
  10. Billy

    Chernarus IRL

    Cool pictures dude. It feels like when you play GTA V then you see actual photo's of the places IRL, it's like wait what it's real? Either way it is really cool that the buildings in-game are really not that different from the IRL counterparts.
  11. Billy

    "Knock Knock Motherfucker"

    Haha, my poor neighbors.
  12. Billy


    -Dawn Breaks-


  13. Billy

    Add sick emotes

  14. Billy

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I can,. hamdle myt liquire. tnbja yiu, very much.
  15. Billy

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I should got ned . Thanks for not leaviong me whne I ran away. Its nive to feel watned, even wjen your a deresded druink bastard.
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