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  1. Realistic Top Speed and animations, how could we not?
  2. Jimmy was born in the rural country side of England, he was born into a relatively impoverished family and he worked on his Fathers Farm to make a living in his teens, his passion was movie making. He had always wanted to make a Block Buster. It'd had been his dream. At 18 years old he and his Friend Doug Rogers traveled to Chernarus as Jim wanted to make his movie around the spooky countryside and the undiscovered secrets that laid within Chernarus that had been un-tapped by modern media. They had been in Chernarus for around a year when they got trapped due to lockdown. They had both been working odd jobs here and there to try get some menial funding for their dream but that all but soon turned to a nightmare as they could not afford tickets back Home at the time. Having no other choice the two held up at their low end Apartment at Chernogorsk and waited. It took a long time and at first the scare wasn't all what it seemed to be but soon it was reported people began to attack one another on the streets. They stayed at their Apartment for many months trying to avoid getting infected from the sickness by isolating themselves. Soon after things collapsed and the power went out and the streets went quiet. They decided they had no other choice but to go look for food. They decided to Paper, Rock, Scissors. Jim won and Doug left to get food for the pair as they only had a few days left at best if they rationed. Doug never came back, Jimmy soon had no other choice but to leave as well and try to find his lost friend. Leaving with nothing but a Coat and his state of the art Modern Camera he got from his Dad as a parting gift. He left in search of his friend and maybe... That film he was after.
  3. -As for the ONE, the ONLY. Conor Schzinski himself. He could not live with himself after having murdered his friend Erik. He was in Zelenogorsk at the time the infected arrive. He hid on top of the Fire Department Tower only a few miles away from his former comrades base. With only a bottle of Vodka for company he drank until Dusk. Soon thereafter he forced himself off the edge into the swarm below, before succumbing to dehydration. Only Conor can kill Conor.
  4. Oh, he didn't die. I managed to blubber and whine for my life. I'm pretty good at that, was just pretty sore haha.
  5. Yup, it was a very big oof.
  6. I got WWE body slammed once in that exact shed, I dug my own grave right by that wagon... Thanks for the nostalgia.
  7. Great idea, can finally actually boil water without needing ridiculous inventory size.
  8. It is what it is, I came here a few years back and things were very different, they changed in a way I still hate to this day but there isn't really anything I can do apart from just feel the lash. I don't know, I hope this lore wipe will bring back that greatness that was last time but even then it lasted about a month or two and then it felt like it returned to just the way it was except that feeling of something being squandered was present. A lot of good people have left and a lot of good people will continue to do so, only reason I play anymore is just to give it a try every now and again. The only way I can get RP I like which is being in tense impactful situations is by having a big mouth, which I've grown great at. But like I say, I'm not gonna blame staff though I do hate the age cap gone I also hate the slacked whitelist process, I cringe every time I see a character page these days because there is slightly less written on them then my entire childhoods Homework. Basebuilding I think most of us can agree is crap, we always hear of offline base raiding these days and I always see people with Plate Carriers, the biggest backpack they can find. I hate it, I RARELY ever see anyone with a Burlap bag, am I the only one? I don't think I've seen anyone use them anymore. Why does almost everyone feel the need to be the most camouflage weapon packing asshat across the country. I hope it isn't un-salvageable but it sure won't be the same as it ever was. I would just like to set my eyes upon someone else who wears just casual clothing someone would wear other then camouflage. Sorry for the rant, we all have our grievances haha.
  9. Billy

    The boy who cried wolf

    Whose tracks could it be?
  10. I'd like to bring back an old favorite unique character of mine called Jerkoff Jimmy, but he was born under special circumstances that I'll likely never seen again so I will instead make another nobody, another nobody looking to be somebody. It's what I'm good at.
  11. Yes. But it was kinda forced, I was trying not too laugh because I wanted to act correctly for the current event so I really focused on trying to cry. Bit dramatic. And because we'd been friends Ic for a long ass time, been through it all together.
  12. I...



    1. Billy


      Season 1 Episode 3 GIF by Rick and Morty

    2. Lemons


      Yeees Pumpkin, my favorite char! :3 

  13. Man, thanks a lot. As if Castration wasn't enough. Now they got more ideas.
  14. I’ve been robbed for a pair of gloves. Don’t do that and don’t always just scar people. I like to be pummelled too and wwe style thrown around by some chernarussian hooligans.
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