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"I see you."

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  1. Billy

    Torture Techniques 101

    Man, thanks a lot. As if Castration wasn't enough. Now they got more ideas.
  2. Billy

    What is accpetable in terms RPwise to rob someone for?

    I’ve been robbed for a pair of gloves. Don’t do that and don’t always just scar people. I like to be pummelled too and wwe style thrown around by some chernarussian hooligans.
  3. Billy

    What did you want/get for Christmas?

    One hell of a fucking hangover, had to be wheeled out of work on an office chair with a bucket in hand. Love the holidays.
  4. Billy

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Through satellite imaging we’ve finally got a glimpse. 6/10 it was an image of him severing pushing me down a staircase.
  5. Billy

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Never met you. But I get a feeling your pretty chill. Wouldn’t scream at me type of chill when I get us in life or death scenarios in game.
  6. Billy

    [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    I would likely be the one getting them into danger. That’s a hard no.
  7. Billy

    • Billy
    • JobScholten

    frustrated the muppets GIF

    Couldn't resist.

    1. Alan Woods

      Alan Woods

      kermit GIF

  8. Billy

    Stuart Island, OUT NOW!

    Looks pretty good honestly.
  9. Billy

    Out "Cold" for 40 mins >_>

    Logging out and logging back in has saved me in the past, try that.
  10. Billy

    Constantly "Robbed"

    I'm jealous, I never get robbed and only ever meet the lucky loo nice lads of the server.
  11. Billy

    Bring back the Server Map

    I hate that it was removed, yes please.
  12. Billy



  13. Billy

    Billy's Adventures.

    I have no words.
  14. Billy

    So the new update is kinda...

    There's trails every where, rocks spawn on them A LOT. Just bash two together and get a stone knife. It's what I've turned to.
  15. Billy



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