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  1. Stood atop the Railway in the city and threw half my backpack at a Plikt patrol like a naughty child, was quite fun.
  2. Born somewhere in the ruins of America Waylon was raised by a feudal nomadic tribe that travelled distances and raided and on rare occasion traded, not known for their propensity toward civility, Waylon grew up the hard way like most other post apocalypse born children. Waylon's parents were survival hardened paranoiac's who believed everyday could be your last so take what you can get where you can get it. Raised by those morals Waylon learned early on the importance of self reliance and that the biggest danger can come from the most unexpected things, abandoned pieces of scrap metal, po
  3. Haha, this is a good thread. I tend to hold disdain for those who have huge backpacks and military wear simply because it just gives me gear orientated vibes but I've never let in intervene with how I react to people. I generally enjoy people who wear Civilian clothing, I respect it. Feel like that's a majority vibe though.
  4. I once had an extreme chess battle and won against Lemons whilst waiting for our settlement to be attacked, 10/10. It's the only thing I truly desire.
  5. Realistic Top Speed and animations, how could we not?
  6. -As for the ONE, the ONLY. Conor Schzinski himself. He could not live with himself after having murdered his friend Erik. He was in Zelenogorsk at the time the infected arrive. He hid on top of the Fire Department Tower only a few miles away from his former comrades base. With only a bottle of Vodka for company he drank until Dusk. Soon thereafter he forced himself off the edge into the swarm below, before succumbing to dehydration. Only Conor can kill Conor.
  7. Oh, he didn't die. I managed to blubber and whine for my life. I'm pretty good at that, was just pretty sore haha.
  8. Yup, it was a very big oof.
  9. I got WWE body slammed once in that exact shed, I dug my own grave right by that wagon... Thanks for the nostalgia.
  10. Great idea, can finally actually boil water without needing ridiculous inventory size.
  11. It is what it is, I came here a few years back and things were very different, they changed in a way I still hate to this day but there isn't really anything I can do apart from just feel the lash. I don't know, I hope this lore wipe will bring back that greatness that was last time but even then it lasted about a month or two and then it felt like it returned to just the way it was except that feeling of something being squandered was present. A lot of good people have left and a lot of good people will continue to do so, only reason I play anymore is just to give it a try every now and again
  12. Billy

    The boy who cried wolf

    Whose tracks could it be?
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