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  1. MurasakibaraRP

    A Bloody Massacre (Vybor 18th November 21:00)

    We'll have our beloved brass-knuckles to knock him out in one punch!
  2. MurasakibaraRP

    S1: Invalid Kills 15-11-2018 22:15 ish

    Kei Takeshima POV I see the men before and ask them for food with @Puncture before the initiation drops. We run behind the people to Kabanino Lonely house, the one towards Stary. Once we get there, @ExoticRP initiates on OP and his allies. Seeing as I am in the same CP and group as him I share kill rights. Why did we talk shit about Chernarus do you think? We was in the process of slipping out of Kamenici's ranks, we served our time and then basically shat on the group the first moment we noticed that there wasn't any of them around us. I pump a non-compliant hostage that was running away, and later on gets TKed by a man who was in my coms. End of POV.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Beacuse the post was neccesary, I was calling out why his video was that short. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was directly involved as it is my report, and calls a guy out for something. Do I get points for that? What? What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Those 3 warning points removed. What could you have done better?: Not call something out in a report seemingly!
  4. I would like to acknowledge one thing in this video, in the video you clearly hear that a man that obvs was a part of this scenario says that he is dead, but he continues to give out calls regardless of that? Wouldn't that be metagaming? You hear this in 00:20 in the video.
  5. There's no video from my part, I only have two screenshots I fear.
  6. Welcome to the community! Whitelisting you'll get through easily I'm sure. It's good to see more Swedes!
  7. The only thing I saw before I died (I heard nothing) was a masked man with aviators, a black bandana that sprayed me down out of the blue. @TheRedOne was at the opposite side of the airfield.
  8. Okay, so I do have one question to you House people. Do you have any video of the incident?
  9. You did ghost into the base by logging into S2 and then to S1, that's the only explanation. You can raid the base by boosting up on your shoulders to jump in, but the question at hand here is -WHY- did you grief it?
  10. Server and location: Server 1 - Green Mountain. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12 November 2018 - 22:30 ish ST. Your in game name: Kei Takeshima. Names of allies involved: Kamenici. Name of suspect/s: House. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Negative. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/LUy3zVm. Detailed description of the events: So after a whole lot of struggling to get into the server I finally get in to see if it works or not. As I spawn next to Green Mountain, I spawn up to a whole lot of House members that are breaking down our walls, they removed our tents and was busy with the sledgehammer. Initially as I saw this, I was shocked. I went up behind them as seen in the screenshot and I looked at them before I soon began talking, telling them. '' What're you doing? '' and they never replied, when I went inside they asked me who I am and I said that I are amongst the owners of the Compound. Straight afterwards they initiate at me, I comply and they take me into the camo building. As I am in I start to roleplay with them, after about 30 secs in they strip me of everything I have including my clothes. It wasn't but after 2-3 mins that a House members undoes my handcuffs and allows me to take on some pants, I had literally nothing at this stage. During the RP they began firing into the Camo building, I get told by my hostage taker that I have to say my final words before they send me off to the afterlife so I RP and later on get executed. My question to the accused, which indeed is House as I saw their orange armbands is this: Why grief our base? We had specifically built it to only be able to be broken from the insides, due to the walls facing inwards so I wonder why you ghosted into our base and afterwards griefed our walls? You had naught but a few hours earlier done the same to another compound close to Zelenegorsk so I'm really curious about this one. Edit: In regarrds to the griefing, I specifically think this rule was broken . 4.9 Despawning or damaging a camp, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge or ill intent is considered griefing.
  11. MurasakibaraRP

    Staff Feedback: Samti

    Link to the situation: N/A. Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A. Feedback: So for the feedback, I went into waiting for staff help today and was at first met with a kind welcoming. I explained my situation and got told to change my character name in the Dayz Standalone launcher (It was already changed to what it was by default, so I got a bit confused). Later on I was told that I have to wait until server restart, without much to go on I began looking through possible solutions on the internet seeing as the staff member went silent around 4 min into the conversation, and there I sat, all alone.. With a staff member afk. I eventually left! It wasn't particularly funny. Suggestions for improvement: Train up your vocubulary a fair bit, some things can be hard to understand. A thing that would help you out a lot is that you should call for help if you arn't sure that the issue nor the solution you're portraying may be the most effective or not. There's things to work on!
  12. Kei Takeshima POV: So I got told that my pal @OnionRP is talking to a possible Interpol guy at Vybor Industrial so I run up and start roleplaying with them for about 30 minutes, telling their leader Jakob Falk that I am Ling Long's brother and showing him my shop and all, an obvious IC lie to keep my identity hidden. As @JackZRP runs up we wait as his friends seemingly was to show up, but they didn't so instead I run to the nearby industrial, believing it to be the piano house to play piano for Jakob Falk, I was going to show him ICly. As I went to the wrong building, Onion leads us to the real piano house inside of the town and it is there that we were planning to rob him. Just as I was about to drop the initiation his friends run in and we start roleplaying. After some sketchy moves from their part, with them trying to lock all the doors, me and Onion ran out briefly to communicate with Jack before running back in as Jakob Falk starts to play the piano. So JackZRP initiates from the outside (Street way from Piano as seen in the video) and even I that stands the farthest away as seen in the video hears it. It's abundantly clear that you all knew that an initiation was going on, even as it was said in your teamspeak channel and you all run up and barricade yourselves. Me and Onion literally inside-manned by aiming towards the door, when the Interpol faces away and looks towards the staircase me and Onion chooses gasses them approximately 1 min after the initiation got dropped? We kill them all efficiently seeing as they had their backs turned at us and that is the end. I don't get why this report is up as we did roleplay with you lot, you COULD have complied and you would've been given excellent RP.
  13. Server and location: Server 2 / Northern Airfield, Southern Barracks by the gate-house. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:20 Your in game name: Kei Takeshima. Names of allies involved: - Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): - Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Witnesses / Logs? Detailed description of the events: I was basically in the guard building, chatting to my pal @KennethRP and a couple of other guys that was trying to help me fix my jammed gun. I aimed towards the ground and tried reloading, removing the mag, and reloading again since the weapon pretty much bugged out and then a guy runs up and shoots me out of the blue? I'm not sure why I got shot. I spoke to my homies in my comms and none got initiated, shot at or nor did they do anything but loot at the other side of the airfield.
  14. Update: Spoke with Silverwolf about the situation and apparently I mistook him for another person. I thought he was the guy who logged inside of the house, but he was out. According to the OP he got shot as he was complying by seemingly TheRedOne as the logs show so I don't have anything irrelevant to post to the situation I fear! If staff or the OP has any questions, feel free to ask them! Not sure why I was mentioned.