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  1. MurasakibaraRP

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    Merry Christmasu!
  2. Bourak was born in Chernarussian and was the only living son of his father Sergei, raised in the outskirts of Elektronovich. Close to wildlife and daily danger. He began his career upon hitting his earlier teens as a dockworker, he made his earnings by lifting crates and goods and to load them upon the many trucks. Illegal business was a thing common in his later childhood, he went on from lifting heavier crates of weaponry and supplies to the poor in Chernarus. He cut all contact from internationalists, his father had previously strictly forbidden american objects within his homestead, and Joseif had to adapt to that factor. Around the year of 21 he got caught by the local policemen who did a razzia against the docks and seized numerous amounts of weapons. Joseif was sent to prison for a few years. WIthin prison he got the opportunities to toughen up and made himself known by taking up alongside a local gang as a hitman. He was often sent to the numerous other cellblocks to shank his leader's victim and his life consisted of regular violence and punishments within the prison. Once upon release he was 28 years old. Weathered and wary of his country, he began travelling the world before the literal shit was to get down. London, Sweden and many other countries was the destination at where he had been living within a span of a year. He worked as a regular hitman for people, he was well known for his gun skills and his bravery in combat and sneaking. Many gangs and organisations often hired him to conduct different contracts. He made himself a reputation in prison, but he knew, that even he had to return to his father one day.. Years passed, and he had been in Chernarus out by a few years now. He stayed around Belana Polana in hiding from civilization, the infected and everything. Upon hearing of the death of his father, Sergei Bourak of the Kamenici he one day cried out in pain. The forest was trembling, the animals shivering and the infected wandering his direction. He knew that it was time to take up in his father's footstep to one day finish what he started. Without much experience with the rifles he was gifted by his countrymen he began practising, waiting...- Listening for any further radio chatter by his fellow brethren. One thing was for certain with his official return however.. The Bouraks, had returned...
  3. MurasakibaraRP

    S1: KoS in Stary - 2018-12-17, 19:53

    Murasaki POV: So we basically run around the triangle looking for some roleplaying, as we run from VMC we see a guy run up towards Kab Church and follow. We hear several shots and then we find a guy that just freshly had been killed, I believe the dead guy was @G_Nikos. We suspected that he got KOSed or he didn't comply, so we follow the guy who shot him down to Stary Pond, the one towards Kabanino. As Shortround walk up to talk to him he gets shot and instantly killed and I pull out my gun and start looking for him before he seemingly, or atleast I suspect that he dies. No prior interaction, this guy did basically just walk around and shoot people (Mass KoS?).
  4. MurasakibaraRP

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    In this a case, people will just start bigdicking people. As a regular Hostile RPer I do see a majority of the people I rob that they previous to the initiation big-dick, even if they're outnumbered 9 to 1. This is the problem, you can't yell shit at eachother without something happening afterwards. ?
  5. MurasakibaraRP

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    I suppose that a lot of people have grown tired of not complying to robberies, just this week there's been three incidents with people complaining beacuse they never comply and thus they get killed. There's also the gear-obsessed people that just get pissed and start writing stuff OOCly the moment you rob them, and generally offer a bad threatening attitude which ends up with them getting themselves killed. As a Veteran of this Community I have seen good and bad go. I remember back in the Dragon days when we used to take Free Medics hostage, not for gear but due to stuff that had been happening ICly - Hostile RP is not about just robbing you for loot, It's also a way to state a point, and perhaps as per an instance just as simply shoot/ be a bitch to people you either dislike ICly or enemies that you're at war with. Now a thing that needs to be discussed within this community aside from Hostile RP is the current status of everything. People are more afraid to lose their gear ICly than to come face-to-face with infected which is pretty hilarious. I just don't know what to write since everyone thinks different, but without Hostile RP then there wouldn't be anything but a campfire / Sims roleplaying. Conflicts binds people together, enemies may become allied and thus gain internal RP and develop their characters further as seen in many situations. The Server teamed up against Anarchy as for an instance, people broke off and began fighting us. Drop the hate, consider the whole aspect of it all and not the Gear-aspect! That'd be the general thing to say in this thread, I guess!
  6. MurasakibaraRP

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    I will teach them the ancient ways
  7. MurasakibaraRP

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    Take me off the Roster please! Kei Takeshima formally quit yesterday, as he threw his armband down to the ground and then left. What drove into the mad Asian? Who knows.. Love y'all
  8. Yerevan, 1993. This was the year that Jorge got born into his homelands. He grew up amongst the streets of Yerevan, a city of violence and crime. He wasn't too much fascinated in the police enforcement in his youth, he had hopes of one day leaving his country to explore the whole wide world but poverty was a major factor. To make up for a living, he began working as a hitter for the local few gangs. His everyday life was filled with violence and crime, he wasn't the only one to lose something in his conflicts. Once he hit the age of nineteen, his family got slaughtered by the law-enforcement as they did a razia on his residence. Upon finding stashes of weapons under the floor the family got shot, all except for Jorge that was left there to be a reminder not to get in their way, and certainly not to stay within Armenia for longer. The message was clear, or that was atleast how Jorge interpreted things to be! Time went by, it wasn't but after some time that Jorge had managed up enough cash for a single trip to Los Angeles that he went there. He began working as a worker on the docks upon the age of twenty-three. It was at this point that he came to meet Kevork. Their ideologies was the same, they both thought that they'd do better by moving their operations elsewhere and so things began to happen, Jorge slowly began to drift back into his own ways, either for the better or the good. Without a north star to guide him, he began to become both a hitman and a dealer for Kevork. Once they managed to slip their way into the border of Chernarus things began to go south. They found themselves stuck in the middle of an apocalypse upon the start of the infection. Jorge was quick to adapt, his earlier dealings had prepared him for this a thing. This is where his story starts..
  9. MurasakibaraRP

    Victory At the Castle

    *Kei presses the PTT, sighing* '' Yes, I'm sure hiding in some lonesome house was interesting. '' '' Baka-desu. Dishonourable. '' *Kei releases the PTT, huffing*
  10. MurasakibaraRP

    Victory At the Castle

    *Kei watches over the many corpses laying spread around the forests, the wolves was surely soon to approach. It wasn't before pressing the PTT that he mutters out, with people cheering and firing gunfire in the background, that he speaks out* '' Yet again, like I told you dogs.. You tried to defeat the House, the honourable people of Chernarus. You lost massively, I didn't even have to fire a single shot and you flee, the remaining survivors that is. To the dishonourable Pedohile, John Moody. You're next. '' '' To the House and the people who protected the Castle! You supported us, and will be rewarded with food, you will SURVIVE! '' '' TENNO HEIKA BANZAAAIIII! '' *Massive gunshots are heard in the background, someone's surely celebrating! Kei releases the PTT, ever so hastily*
  11. MurasakibaraRP

    Scar's shit edits

  12. MurasakibaraRP

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    Do not forget my friend, The Doragonzu owned CLF in every fight ?
  13. MurasakibaraRP

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    1. ExoticRP - He began off as a soldier of Anarchy. During the Great battle of Novy he showed his true colours and took the trophy, he awakened. Like a machine he slaughtered 17 people in -ONE- firefight. Exotic specialises in all sorts of weaponry, what he lacks in meele he makes up 100% times more in weaponry. 2. Scar - A valid nominee, a soldier that've brought destruction upon his foes. He specialises in the ancient arts of AKMs and not a whole lot of sniping in general. He's a soldier ingame, he deserves to be here. 3. LukeRP - Bit of a gamble, but partly a proper bigdicker. He will lower your morale and show his true talents when things calls for it, pew, pow, paw! Is all you hear as he shows his skills upon the fields of battle. Known to spray down legions of Coalition members. He specialises in all sort of automatic rifles. 4. Cipher - Like a hulk running on anabola he charges across the battlefield, like a squirrel he sneaks up upon his foes, knowing he's undergeared and proves himself proficient with primarily pistols and rifles. This man is someone you don't want sniping you, he specialises in long-ranged rifles, but he's good overall. 5. MurasakibaraRP - The man, the myth, the legend, the last Banzai soldier around on DayzRP. He's a shadow, whenever his teammates proves themselves competent he will follow up. His strengths you ask? He specialises in infiltration and sneaking up on his foes. Like a shadow he focuses in bolt-action rifles, like his ancestors from WW2. Guerilla warfare is his speciality, along with fist fighting in general. He's a sneaky bugger.
  14. MurasakibaraRP

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    I nominate @ExoticRP! Hes worth 15 IFF men! - House
  15. MurasakibaraRP

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Kei Takeshima - Team House
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