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  1. S1 KOS Near Gorka 24-3-2017

    Hello there! There was a -very- active firefight going on with bombs ticking off and shots flying everywhere, a proper clusterfuck really, as I was looting my dead bud's friend I heard breathing and footsteps and indeed shot you as you came into the firezone -behind- me with what appeared a gun in your hand. As I was going to bandage you up I took shots, but I don't see any wrong in me shooting you as -MANY- were killed, and there was -MANY- foes abouts. What I find peculiar mate is that you heard heard lots of shots and even grenades around and still went deep into Gorka where this was taking place. This was by any means no miscommunication nor IDing as I told you to fuck off upon hearing the paces, and you -ran- straight towards the body that just around a few mins ago got shot by a sniper. If I did kill you by mistake then I d apologise, but know that it wasn't intentional if you weren't a part of the said group. Running into a firefight and not running away when told to if you arn't involved is a -very- bad thing, we met lots of civilians after I killed you and told them the similar to run away. Running into an active firefight with even bombs going around isn't smart at all.
  2. Server 1: No time to comply / RDM 3/8/2017 19:15

    Hello there, apologies for the late reply due to sleep. I was a part of the robbery that took place, from my point of view I was watching Kabanino and I was a bit confused so I wasn't really sure what was happening. I couldn't see much beacuse Oirin was in the way and the woman that got shot from my PoV never got her hands up into the hair the few seconds I looked at her. I was constantly on the watch as shown in the video. I had a feeling that something was about go down hence the extra cautiousness. I'll be able to answer any questions regarding my POV or anything else when needed.
  3. S1: no time to comply/rdm - 08-03-2017 20:30

    Hello. I was running with Glenn with this occured as I and him robbed two women right outside of Stary. We stripped them of radios and lethal gear and began taking them to Prud. On our way there me and Glenn came across (Spartan) and I began talking to him as I was friendly with the man as I had met him earlier at NW (we chatted n had some fun ICly) and then when I was about to ask him what he's doing out there in the wild, he got shot at. I do believe both parties spoke as seen in the video but I was just running around with Glenn for a little bit for some fun roleplaying and that. This is my POV of the whole situation, if anything else is needed you may feel free to ask.