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  1. It would be cool to link up your twitch account to the site and show who is streaming some DayZRP or Arma 3 Epoch. Like on the front page somewhere, and you can click on their name to watch them. Any one else have thoughts?
  2. Plus, the Arma 3 Engine runs sooo much better than the Dayz engine lol
  3. Aonair

    Suggestions for ARMA 3 Epoch

    I highly recommend using a task force radio type plugin. They use it in Arma 3 Life, and it uses TS3 for the in game voip. Very high quality and a very short lag between users. http://radio.task-force.ru/en/
  4. With arma 3 growing, was wondering if the community will get into creating something with arma 3. First thing that comes to mind is Breaking point? Would be cool to see what everyone's opinion is on it. Would be awe some to see a dayzrp version in arma 3.
  5. I voted for option two. BUT i think it needs a blend of Option 2 & 3... Definitely far in the future, keeping with the advancement and spread of the infection. and the virus evolving and such. example is smarter zombies... ect. and since there are new areas in SA it gives the lore a chance to expand and and create new opportunities in the world that isn't in the mod. another example is the new bases and towns that tried to build and civilize but failed. Like if your group has survived this long, i think it deserves to "stay around" 5-10 years later. During that long period, some good theories can be created to help with the drastic changes from the mod to SA. *grabs his two cents from his pocket and pushes it in the machine*
  6. Aonair

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    I think the server has a mind of its own, sometimes I get in and sometimes I get "Wait for Host."
  7. Aonair

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    I just cant wait till they release the Modding Kit *drools* the real fun begins once were able to mod that game....
  8. I did the interview yesterday. All it is they ask you questions about the rules. Easy
  9. Aonair

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    Whoo now im excited
  10. Aonair

    DayZRP Hotfix Changelog

    Great Job On the Hotfix +2
  11. Not Sure if this world can handle HL3 AND Dayz SA in one year O_o This could be what they were talking about in 2012, but both game devs just postponed the annihilation of earth lmao!
  12. I like the idea alot, maybe make it really difficult to find lockpicks. But I like the car keys idea, I hate how cars get stolen so easily.
  13. Aonair

    [POLL] - Zombies need nerfing?

    Maybe just the spawn count, and timer. I was at a heli crash and i killed all 15 of them, then like 5min into me looting they re spawned again. Kinda quick me thinks. =/ I wouldn't say "nerf" them maybe just tweak them a bit...