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  1. Dave Gallagher was born on the 5th May 1992 in Preston England. When Dave turned 17 and learned to drive he found he was exceptionally good at driving and used his skills as a getaway driver for a local gang. Dave and the gang were able to pull off a few jobs, going after bigger targets each time. They took on a job to steal £100,000 from a local bank, each member of the crew would get £25,000 on completion including Dave. However, a member of the gang turned over the crew members resulting in all but Dave being arrested. Dave, to ensure his freedom he used his share from the heist to escape from the country. He used the £25,000 to lay low in Europe, making his way east, moving from country to country every time the local authorities started to take an interest in him. Dave had been on the run for years and had made it all the way to Georgia. When police in Georgia started working with the British Government to go after Dave, Dave paid the remainder of the £25,000 to stow away on a cargo ship which was going to Turkey. Whilst on the ship a storm struck forcing the ship into Chernorussian waters, Dave passed out during the storm from sea sickness. The ship beached on the Chernarus coast.Days later, Dave awoke on the beached ship. He searched the ship for the crew, but couldn't find anyone. He made his way off of the ship, into the strange foreign land.