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  1. Emepop

    S1: South Chernogorsk - Bad RP...again, GearRP 21:15ish

    I don't really have much to say, I stayed at the entrance as Symplekti said. Didn't really hear much or know what was going on. Was told to keep a look out and that's what I did.
  2. Can I just add something, I am Emily that was being held captive and being robbed by Jamal Moore and Kayne Shawn Lewis (And also Jack Barns when they got to the barn). “The server then crashes and we all get back in and continue to RP, then all of a sudden the female asks us what was in the random crate behind us, they then both proceeded to stand up and run to the 2 separate doors where the other friends open at the exact same time as they both stand up.” Jack Barns said that I asked about the random create behind them and then both of us stood up and ran to the 2 separate doors. I DID NOT run when this happened. I panicked, ran and stood in the middle of the barn panicking like hell because I had no idea what was going on. I had my radio muted and had no communication outside of DayZRP. I did not disappear for long periods of time, I had no idea what to say due to the fact I literally only just got back into DayZRP today. There was no metagaming nor BadRP. I asked them multiple questions in character about why they robbed us and who they were at war against.
  3. Skye Hunter was born in Bangor (Wales), UK. She was brought up in a loving family and had always been an adventures little girl. Everyone was very close in the family. Life was going great and Skye grew up to be a wonderful young woman. Completed school with high grades, started in college working with animals. With dreams of becoming a veterinarian. But one day at college, Skye received a heart-breaking call. It was her father. She remembers those words her father told her over the phone, on a chilly night in September of 2013. The 20th to be exact. “Honey, I’m sorry I have to tell you this..” He began to say to her, Skye could tell he was upset over something. “Your mother.. She’s gone.” Skye froze when she heard this words, little did she know how much it would effect her. She continued her college course, and finished with a DDM. She questioned for a while what to do with her life. Still greatly upset over her mother, her father, brother and herself decided to move to Manchester in England. To leave the bad memories behind and start a new life. But this wasn’t enough for Skye. One night in September, exactly 4 months after her mothers passing. She packed a bag, left a note on the table for her dad and brother with her phone number. And said she was leaving for Europe. She saved up for a few months and made her way across Europe. Becoming a backpacker and hitchhiked or walked to wherever she pleased. She explored around and saw many different countries and cultures and how people lived. With nothing to worry about she roamed where she pleased until one day, she got a call from her brother. He had spoken about how amazing Chernarus was and how many opportunities there was for someone like her. She laughed it off to begin with but then decided maybe it was time to settle somewhere. Somewhere new and refreshing that she could explore. In April of 2014, almost a year after her mothers passing. She moved to Chernarus and managed to get herself a house in the North of Chernogorsk. She got herself a job in the local bar as a waitress and worked night for several months. She enjoyed the nights as it gave her time in the day to explore new places nearby. She would try and visit her brother fortnightly to fill him in on adventures she’d been on and how her life was going. They became very close and Skye began to enjoy life again. Life was going great. Surprisingly. Until July of 2017 when the outbreak started. She furiously tries to contact her brother in any way she can. But slowly she is losing hope. Was Skye ready for the world she was about to enter?
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