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  1. Septimus

    Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    I'm a good candidate to teach white names on how to be good
  2. Septimus


    Fucking white names. 

    1. Septimus


      Oh sorry, this is now a PG13 site. I apologize for my frenchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    2. Hebee


      Thoughts and prayers friend

    3. ExoticRP
  3. Septimus

    • Septimus
    • Aiko

    you tiny wittle white name. 

    1. Buddy


      aiko not so lil anymore :( 

      big bad red shield maiden x.x 


      forever the helpdesk singer


    2. Septimus


      and you buddy, forever the helpdesk sleeper. 


    3. Buddy


      i am shameless 


  4. Septimus

    The Deal With It Attitude

    -User was warned for this post-
  5. Septimus


    Does anyone still play this shit?

    1. ExoticRainbow


      Hi Alex

    2. Septimus


      Hello, Randle.

    3. SweetJoe


      No. Hope your well.

    4. Septimus


      Hey, thanks my guy.

    5. Joe is dead

      Joe is dead

      Septimus I thought you were dead

    6. Major


      Yes they do, much like a child refuses to stop playing with a sentimental broken toy.

      Good to see you.

    7. Voodoo



      when we getting the SVR band back together?

    8. Joe is dead

      Joe is dead

      More like Rodina

    9. Septimus


      Nah, I have permission to bring back NRF. Which I can do.

  6. Septimus

    Return of SVR?

    Did someone say SVR?
  7. Septimus

    [VDV] - Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska Rossii

    we are the best at rp
  8. Septimus


    Don't you just love it when you get warning points for having a randy ass nibba walk up to you and start talking the talk.  They wonder and ponder why they get blown away. 

    Fuck around' get smoked.

    1. Species


      It's okay to threaten one's life if you don't raise your gun bruh

    2. Septimus


      Well, should've told that to the millions of people that slump fools on the daily. 

  9. Septimus

    #55 - S1 EU - 07/16/17 20:30ish - Invalid Kill (role played)

    This is ridiculous. Thomas Ford was one of my previous characters since the Mod; one I've since played on DayZRP SA. In no way are the two names similar nor did I pulse check him nor know his name was that. it's pure coincidence. I can't say that I care if he's taken offense, from what I can tell he's simply grasping at straws to get people in trouble for running his mouth. Having a character named similarly or using a false name under the pretense of being such character is not a rule break. Tomo Ward is nowhere close to the simplistic and common name of Thomas. Thomas James-Ford; Infamous bandito and a member of the James Brother Gang. Played under the names on a multitude of occasions, the most recent being apart of Rampage's group 'the Samaritans' Sorry, the graphics have long expired; my character's full name and lore is revolving around being cousin to the JBG gang. His surname often being switched around depending on the scenario. Etc, having just robbed someone, he wasn't going to declare he was affiliated with the James Brothers. So Ford was the go-to name.
  10. Septimus

    Sarardomin's Media thread

    I like the apple stack lol.
  11. Septimus


    Another year under my belt. I'm getting old.

  12. Septimus

    People's Armiya Of Ukrayins’ka [PAU] Media thread.

    @Dusty Your frames look like a painting that Michelangelo would create lmao
  13. Septimus


    I'm the shit, I'm fartin'.

  14. Septimus

    People's Armiya Of Ukrayins’ka [PAU] Media thread.

    I'll be disapoint if there wasn't some awesome stories told around the campfire.
  15. Septimus

    People's Armiya Of Ukrayins’ka [PAU] Media thread.

    He sleeppppp.