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  1. [VDV] - Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska Rossii

    we are the best at rp
  2. Septimus

    Don't you just love it when you get warning points for having a randy ass nibba walk up to you and start talking the talk.  They wonder and ponder why they get blown away. 

    Fuck around' get smoked.

    1. Species


      It's okay to threaten one's life if you don't raise your gun bruh

    2. Septimus


      Well, should've told that to the millions of people that slump fools on the daily. 

  3. Sarardomin's Media thread

    I like the apple stack lol.
  4. Septimus

    Another year under my belt. I'm getting old.

  5. People's Armiya Of Ukrayins’ka [PAU] Media thread.

    @Dusty Your frames look like a painting that Michelangelo would create lmao
  6. Septimus

    I'm the shit, I'm fartin'.

  7. People's Armiya Of Ukrayins’ka [PAU] Media thread.

    I'll be disapoint if there wasn't some awesome stories told around the campfire.
  8. People's Armiya Of Ukrayins’ka [PAU] Media thread.

    He sleeppppp.
  9. How to get VIP/MVP

    TFW you ain't got shit.
  10. Septimus

    Follow me, I need a handout. 

    1. evanm23


      done already bruv

  11. Safe Zone.

    We've had safe-zones before and it's never really worked out. Most places on the map are abandoned and people -will- hide inside, fearing player interaction even more so. As my good friend JaredtheJerk once said, we don't need no fuckin' bambi bubble.
  12. Those are some pretty nice drawings.
  13. RealizePC Media Thread

    That's a shame. Too bad.
  14. RealizePC Media Thread

    • SweetJoe
    • Septimus

    ::leaves a suspicious package::

    1. Septimus


      *The car blows up and kills any and all British citizens in the vicinity*