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  1. great idea, look nice, if possible tell me, i will like do this kind of RP
  2. IGN: Jhon Ghenfield Age: 36 Country: Brazil. English skills: Advanced, I have Irish english, learned on the street, i learned when I lived for 3 years in Irland, working, friends, girlfriend, so i can speak better than write. DayZ Mod Experience: I dont remember but i have much time, and i had two servers when appear the mod so long time ago in arma 2, never more i have played after enjoy a some RP community. DayZ Standalone Experience: not too much, only 504 hours. Roleplaying Experience: from 2012, i started in arma 2, and keep in arma 3 on Citylyfe RPG and another communities, i had a few RP servers aswell but all in arma 3. What kind of In Game role best describes you: any, I just need to shape the character for it, the only thing I would not accept will be to leave the legitimate RP. Have you been in any clan/group previously: never in dayz or here in dayz RP, only in another games. Additional notes: The philosophy of the group and trust, is very important to me. Best way to contact you:by private message in forum. Backstory: http://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist/summary-13488/
  3. I would like to close this report. thanks a lot for help
  4. I'd also like to note that I never said "I found someone" (I'm sorry, but I think we're all grown-ups here, don't have why i have said that ,if did not happen, it's easy for the admins see the RPT of messages on the server in that time, if they use the app Dart or another Rcon.) About the radio, I did not have a radio, what would you like me to do? i was there just to looking for some stuff and find someone to enjoy the RP and you started good, but finish wrong. I am sorry for that, it's was really KOS And not Ender, i didnt have any allies, i still play alone like survivor for while
  5. Server and location: S1 EU, Location: 007-134 (Military place near Bay Tikhaya) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:34 (-3 GMT)- 03/14/2017 Your in game name: Jhon Ghenfield Names of allies involved: no one Name of suspect/s: Lysa Valentine Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no one Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video: Screenshot Detailed description of the events: I was leaving the military base in 007-134 when I met a girl, she asked for ammunition for 556, I said that "i don't have any", at this moment a zombie came and i leave my shotgun and kill the zombie. As I was with two guns I dropped one to get the axe and help her, she took my gun, asked me to put my hand up, I did, she asked me to drop my purse and my vest, I did, after getting all and collaborated all the time, she fired on my head and killed me, for no reason. I know her name because she typed to her friends on the radio during the process. Lysa Valentine: " I found someone"
  6. I use adobe Premiere, because i need in my work and that work is on TV, it's a very good program to edit and render professional videos. If you are using this and need, i can give some tips, but on the internet there are very good tutorials about this program as well.
  7. Hello everyone, i'm new here and i hope to have fun and make lots of friends in the community, what i can help i will do, just tell me and everbody welcome to be a friendly!
  8. Ohhnice

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    It would be very interesting to be able to participate in a project like this, for sure I have the opportunity I will