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  1. After a comfortable childhood with nursing and over-protective parents, I ran away from home when i was only 17. For a year, I wandered around Siberia I drafted to the army, where I served as an Electronic Warfare officer. When I finished my service, I tried to start my own business in the Computer Defense department. I was on the verge of signing a big contract with the Chernarussian government when all hell broke down. I found myself isolated from society in a god forsaken country. Ever since, I have changed. I cant say for good or for bad, but something inside me has turned. I decided to drop my previous occupation and start roaming the land.
  2. I was not involved in the shooting in the middle of the city. I came later. You shot Suleiman, I was "executed" when I came later.
  3. We were not involved in any firefights prior to what happend in Stary. We were in Kabanino, and there were only 3 of us (Me, Symmetrical and just a random guy we met). In Kabanino we found a large group of people, around 7 or 8, near the barn. They acted aggressively towards us and even chased Symmetrical to the fields where they lost him. Afterwards we flanked Kabanino from the south and met with Kevin_Rossi in Stary. In Stary Kevin_Rossi and Symmetrical talked to a group of 4 people in front of the church when 2 people walked out of nowhere and shot them. I flanked around the church trying to understand what happened. I saw the guy with the grandpa hat (0:03 in the video) and asked him what happend. I told him they were my friends or something like that. Less than a minut later when I came near the bodies and he shot me in the head, no initiation, nothing (at least thats what I think happened, I saw no one else there and I have no video of it). The fact that we were military dressed doesnt mean you have KOS rights on us just because you were in a firefight a few minutes ago.
  4. Was solved in private. The report can be closed.
  5. Server and location: S2, the field next to Vybor and the military base. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:30 Your in game name: Anatoly Babayev Names of allies involved: Suleiman Kurrimo Name of suspect/s: The somaly/african red beret clan members. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): -N\A- Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): My friend recorded it I think, we can upload if needed. Detailed description of the events: So Me and Suleiman got last radio contact from our friend in the field we are talking about. We approached the scene of the murder and started asking them questions. They told us (not very politely) to GTFU. I said it was a public field. Of course as they always like to do when they have big gangs, they started shit talking aggressively. One of them was talking behind me. I was just saying that I cannot understand him (which is completely normal), and they decided to rob us (oh the shock). I said: "Yeah you can have the UMP" (I have merely a UMP, a 20 slot backpack and vest), and dropped it on the ground. Instantly got shot in the head. Happy triger, gear RP, RDM and just randomly bullying a man who has nothing. There were 5-6 of them, and I had a UMP. Haven't pointed it at any one, and even if I did we were surrounded by them. It wasnt even "10 secs drop weaps", just a single happy bullet to the head.
  6. Uhm I don't know what can I add. The OP "politely" asked us to leave. He strolled out of no where and started talking shit to us and threatening us. We robbed him, took his weaponry and knocked him unconscious. He was left next to a water pump and a whole camp of food. He was never left "alone to die". That's my POV of the robbery. If necessary I'll add my POV of the second encounter.
  7. Well.. Maybe the beta is really upon us, maybe not. Early access games are fun, I agree with you on that. Kudos for the devs for sticking around (rocket bitch pls). There are still kind of unexplained bugs like the prison loot system. From a trivial perspective it should be something so easy to fix, maybe 0.5-1 hour. Maybe its something more, maybe they just dont want to really look into it, but stuff like this - 2 years into the alpha. That doesn't break my joy from the game, just a minor annoyance. Funny bug story of mine: Picking a fight with a chernarussian nationalist. Both hit eachother in the same second. Both knocked out. 5 minutes later find one of the bystanders dead in the barracks. LMAO.
  8. This is not how game development works. You do not make a game 'playable' (although would like to point out that DayZ is more than playable) and then spam it with features. Alpha stage is reserved for Mechanics and Content, and Major Bugfixing. Beta is for Minor Bugfixing, Optimisations and Network Finalisations (if it's multiplayer). As you can see in the current state of the game, there is no game-breaking bugs in it (i.e bugs that physically disallow you from enjoying and playing the game). Let them release all this juicy content, and come beta you can happily see those bugs you rant about gone You have a good point on one hand, on the other - the game has been in alpha for almost two years now? There are some bugs that can be fixed if just paid attention to. Content wise - yeah, the game is progressing quite well. But the thing for a 2 year progress sometimes the game feels rushed. For example the V3S when it first came out. It was horrific. Yet they could "proudly" say they have implemented a car into the game. With all do respect, they must have some sort of a deadline table for bug fixing/implementing new features. And to me it feels they are way waaaay behind it. But those are just my 2 cents
  9. They say features first, bugs later. No idea what time span though Exactly what I'm ranting about. The game is on alpha, right. But the game should be first playable, then spammed with features and shit. It's a more marketing then developing strategy. "Oh look, we have cars now, but the car is barely driving, but we have a car". Kinda irritating a bit. Renderer: .60 update end of February but whether it is experimental or stable remains to be seen but intent is first iteration of new renderer. Supports DX 11 so DX9 wont work anymore. Future goal to support DX12. With new renderer looking at dense scenes, seeing upwards of 100+ frames, midrange settings on midrange card. Dense scene meaning an area like Cherno, Novo, Berezino, or areas that are currently low performance. No video on new renderer yet since some things aren’t as smooth as they want them to be. The rendering is the least of my problems with the current state of the game.
  10. Shame .60 does not involve a section like: - Fixed random death bugs. - Fixed gliched items bug. - Fixed rendering bugs. acc. A Scout and a heli are higher in the proirity I guess
  11. Were too busy attacking Altar that day lol. Yeah.. Didn't realize how bad it was until patch 0.5 or so. Unlucky me. http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130102152734/paranorman/images/2/2b/Im-watching-you-meme.gif[/img] We lost the attack I think. But after it or the one afterwards the 501st decided to abandon the castle. Good ol' mod times. Fun fact thou, was a part of the defence of Altar on a SVR/SDS/what ever on the same week
  12. Were too busy attacking Altar that day lol. Yeah.. Didn't realize how bad it was until patch 0.5 or so. Unlucky me.
  13. With all the mods downloaded I got it to 16.4 GBs. Is it OK or am I missing something? And the random battle royal there.
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