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  1. Hey there, I understand you guys don't want to waste time with members of the community who haven't submitted their whitelist yet (Serry), but is there any lore-related explenation for the DayZ heli crashes? I'm not sure if there in DayZRP or not, but Tomeran creates rather impressive DayZ lore, and this is a question that's been nagging me for a long time. I appreciate any information! A yet-to-be whitelisted player.
  2. Wow. This looks fantastic. Just waiting for the whitelist to be reopened so I can join in on events like this. Looking forward to watching videos and seeing other events like this in the future!
  3. Rhinoman3

    October 2013 news

    Great job guys! Can't wait till you reopen the Whitelist Applications! Henry
  4. Thanks for the help pal! Much appreciated.
  5. Love to get some feedback on the backstory!
  6. Guess I'm not getting any replies......
  7. //Hi everyone! Attached is my background story. I would love to hear some feedback on it, and please, some constructive criticism also. I also would like to apologize for any grammatical errors. And please, remember. My character is 16 years old, writing in a journal. He's not supposed to be an incredible writer. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Rhinoman3 I think the worst part about this whole.....end of the world situation, has to be the use of the word "Zombies." What a joke. Those things out there, have murdered our families, our friends, the end of the world...and we refer the them as Zombies, some word out of Hollywood Movies. The Japanese had a cool name for the undead. Sinful, that's what they'd call the undead. Doesn't that sound cooler than the word…..Zombies. Anyway, let's cut the crap. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be alive here. At the moment, I'm in some Berezino apartment complex, writing in some poor souls journal. If I die soon, whether I'm eaten alive by the Siafu, or put out of my misery by some bandit, I'm not sure. I do want the world to have some way of remembering who I was though. Just trying to hold onto, well, my humanity. My name is Marcus Carnat. I grew up in Long Beach, California. I guess I had a better childhood than most American kids, and a way better childhood than some of these Chernarussian teens I've been talking to recently. My parents treated me well, but pushed me to perform in school. My father, a doctor, tried to steer my into the medical field, but I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with my life. Nevertheless, I volunteered to work at countless blood drives, and took classes where I was explained basic information on different types of medicine. Though I turned out to be quite adept with medicine, and gave immediate first aid to a boy on a Boy Scouts backpacking trip, and essentially saved his life, I thought my true calling was....elsewhere. I was sixteen when my high school offered a “Month Long Trip You’ll Never Forget.” Yeah. More like never leave. One full month traveling through Russia, Chernarus, Takistan, and the Czech Republic. Boy! At that time it sounded like the best way to spend my Summer! Away from my parents, with my friends, in a foreign nation. I convinced my parents to let me go on the trip, and on July 23, I took off from Los Angeles International Airport, and flew to Chernarus International. I was surprised that LAX would offer direct flights to such a backwater ex-Soviet state. The plane touched down, we gathered our bags, and found our group’s tour guide. There were seven of us in total, not including the tour guide. A black SUV pulls up in front of the airport, and we pile into the car. The tour guide informs us to sit back, and relax, it’ll be a long drive from Novigrad to Chernogorsk. He turns, and says something in Russian to the car driver, and we speed off, down the road. We watched the city of Novigrad vanish behind us, and the landscape turn into, well, a lot of trees. The tour guide informs us that we’re entering into South Zagoria right now, and we’ll be at Chernogorsk in about two hours. It’s night when we see the International Hotel rise over the Chernogorsk skyline. Wow. For such a small city, it looked beautiful at night. We checked into the hotel, and took our bags to the room. Everyone was jetlagged, and it didn’t take long before we fell asleep. We spent the next four days within Chernogorsk, and a quick trip to Rog Castle. Boy, it was fun. Best four days of my life. The next days were not the best days of my life. We woke up at 7 in the morning, as we had a planned trip to tour Devil’s Castle that day. We were enjoying our “Free, complimentary breakfast” that morning, when our tour guide told us the trip had been cancelled. I guess the CDF blocked off a huge group of roads the prevent some “Mystery Disease” from spreading to the coast. We didn’t mind. We’d continue screwing around in the hotel room until the CDF took down the road blocks. I remember lifting up a fork, and picking up a sausage, when a tank shell slammed into the hotel restaurant. I couldn’t hear anything. Nothing. Just this….awful ringing noise. I clammer up, grabbing the legs of the table for support. The restaurant is filled with smoke...I can’t see a thing. I finally regain my balance, and my hearing, and I start limping to the door. I think to myself, if I can make it out of here, I can...I don’t know. I had no idea what I was thinking. And that’s when “It” grabbed me. Something jumped onto my shoulders, holding my arms down. I was pushed back against the floor. I look up, to see a man, foaming at the mouth, bite my neck. I frantically search around, trying to find a weapon of some sorts. I spot a steak knife not to far out of my reach. I inch my hand towards it, and feel my grip tighten around the handle. I wiggle my hand out of the “Thing’s” grasp, and shove it into his hand. He continues to howl, this inhuman like howl. he stands up, with the knife sticking through his hand. I run, straight for the revolving doors, and push myself out into the street. Pure chaos. Those are the best words to describe it. The CDF was everywhere, attempting to kill the monsters. The monsters looked like they were winning. One of those monsters would grab one of the soldiers, take a chunk out of his neck, and continue attacking his friends. Quickly, the soldier who had just gotten bit would be shot, by his fellow soldiers. The bite must mean something bad…...Damn. One of those things bit me back in the hotel. Am I going to turn into one of them? I ran….straight for the hills around Chernogorsk. I collapse inside a born by some tiny town...Prigordiki or something like that. I felt the bite on my neck. Seems infected. Yeah. I’m going to die. I laid in the barn for days. A full week went by. I had no idea how long it took before I’d turn into one of them. Two weeks. I was still fine. I reached up and felt the bit. I felt nothing. The bite had vanished...leaving only a scar in it’s place. I stood up. Was I immune? Could I ever turn into...one of them? I looked to my right. Two cans of beans. Boy, I was hungry. I sat there, in that barn, and I thought to myself….maybe I could make it through this. Maybe I could survive. I stood up, and felt my legs wobble under my weight. I’m going to make it through this. My name is Marcus Carnat And I am immune.
  8. Thanks for the advice! And I like that quote too. "Never let them attack you on the stairs. It's going to end badly for you." I might want to use that as a signature.
  9. Hi everyone, I hear that the DayZRP Zombies are tougher than normal DayZ Zombies. Could someone explain to me how much of a threat the DayZRP zombies are, and how the differences between DayZRP Zombies and normal DayZ Zombies? Thanks a ton, Rhinoman3
  10. Rhinoman3

    Chernarus Live Radio! [SoonTM]

    So how often do you guys put up new broadcasts? Very cool to listen to. Keep up the great work, Rhinoman3
  11. Hey guys! I just have a couple of quick questions on the New Life Rule. 1. So, let's say a player is killed by a group of bandits, and then spawns at the coast. His buddies pick him up in their heli. Are they allowed to find the bandits, and then KOS the bandits within two hours? 2. If a character dies in Cherno, and then spawns back in at Cherno, is the player able to loot his body? Thanks, Rhinoman3
  12. Wow, bummed I missed out on something as cool as this. Are you guys going to be hosting any events like this soon? Really would love to participate!
  13. Thanks pal! I appreciate the help!
  14. Hi everyone, Just a quick check, if I live in California, I will still be able to connect with the DayZRP servers, right? Thanks, Rhinoman3