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  1. 6/10 have seen you on the forums and have interacted with a few of your clan mates but other than that I have not really seen you in game.
  2. 5/10 Have seen you on the forums and there is a good chance that I have seen you at Altar but cant be too sure if it was you.
  3. DayZ standalone, Doctor Who Christmas special, The Hobbit desolation of Smaug , Anchorman 2, Battle front 3, Game of Thrones season 4, The second half of the Fourth season of the Walking dead, new A Song of Ice and Fire book hopefully coming out sometime next year, New season of Sherlock, the list goes on and on.
  4. Has some of you will know Youtube has recently set up a copyright ID system that has for the most part unjustly and maliciously attacked various YouTubers (mostly in the gaming genre) for a better and much more angry explanation see this video posted by Angry Joe. you can see the true look of anger and betrayal in his face. I have started this thread so we can discuss this topic, also I know that some of you are YouTube hopefuls this is not to tell you to not go and try to make a YouTube channel but it is mostly set as a warning to anyone (including me) who wishes to try there hand at YouTube and one day become successful.
  5. There is also a war brewing between the clans that hold Altar some power plays by both sides are in the works. A lot of under the table politics and my clan just not listening to me when it comes to such matters. All in all a large powder keg of these complicated and messed up alliances is ready to explode into fire and blood and the victors will be the ones who actually have some type of political/ military organization. So yeah just DayZRP politics in a nut shell.
  6. Well my character is sort of a virtual manifestation of my own personal conflicts I have within myself. At heart both me and my character are not ruthless bandits who are out for blood my character and I both share quite the same personal beliefs but at the same time we are quite different. Yes As you can see I am apart of what is known as a bandit clan but I do not RP really as a bandit, both me and my character are loyal and have a personal sense of honor. Being as loyal as I am I felt it good to stick with the people that I trust and that my character owes a debt too seeing how my clan have saved me countless times from zombies. However my character has a type of inner struggle, he has this sense of honor and inherit goodness but at the same time he is also in constant conflict with the side of him that is selfish and power hungry. I too have a similar conflict but obviously not to the scale of which my character has, the comparison to my real life struggles and with my characters are different. IRL I both want to be a good person but at the same time I want to be successful in life and be at a point in my life to where money is a none issue but it is very hard to do that without being a little bit of a scheming bastard. But with my character his struggles is that he must reconcile himself for his mistakes that he has done in the past and try to help the people of chernarus by hopefully one day installing a unified government, but he has these inner demons that will gnaw at him saying "you should be the one to lead these people." and "The power of a king is your right, you could of had Texas but you chose to let it be, Chernarus is ripe for the taking." So as you can see I have put more thought into my character than the now cliche former military man who some how got stuck on Chernarus.
  7. you look like what happens when a NCR ranger and a Enclave member from fallout have a kid together. 10/10
  8. Hey man I got to say that this intro is very awesome way better that what I am currently able to pull off. I am actually going to be launching my own YouTube channel sometime soon, I have a friend working on my banner and I already have some videos ready to go up (granted that they are old and the clan that I was apart of at the time is not disbanded,Regardless I found them very fun to make.) Who knows maybe one day my skill in editing will become on the level of yours. Keep up the good work and I hope to meet you one day in chernarus, hell I like meeting new people in DayZRP and also its kind of my job to meet new people for both my back story and the fact that I am a diplomat.
  9. AutomatedDragon

    Google Images battle

  10. For a while man, with the DayZ stand alone coming out sometime next year or so. It will be a matter of time before the community spreads to it. The stand alone will indeed revive a wave of memberships. The guys in this community are dedicated and very passionate, the optimist in me says for a very long time but the realist/cynical side of me says probably for another three years or so. Lets hope that I am wrong and it lasts for a very long time.
  11. Valid points but I really think that the hunting for the enmey aspect can be had in the other server, but I personally think that the stress of both trying to find the enemy and then having the added stress and confusion of random cives that can just show up at your firefight, all of a sudden you have to worry about KOSing someone and the fact that you are both having people on TS calling out enemies and trying to clear the area of civilians it....it just becomes a mess, a stress full and confusing mess. And having a kind of stream line system like this can help improve the overall clan war experience. As you can see I am apart of a clan and well lets just say the Death Angles aren't very liked that much at the moment and having this system in place can make my job as a diplomat a whole hell of a lot easier.
  12. Yeah this is by far the best community when it comes to role playing that I have ever been apart of. I still remember earlier this year I was hospitalized for a lung infection and I was feeling kind of down and I felt like should post about my situation least I be viewed as an inactive account. The response I got was not what I had expected, all though out that thread people where wishing me well and it really helped me thorough my recovery. I still have much to learn but it is nice being apart of such an active and fun community. Thanks to the staff for being awesome and actually caring about this community, there dedication to this is something to be admired. And also thanks to all of the people who put time and effort into there role play and strive to get better with each encounter. I hope one day my role play will be half as good as some of the dedicated people that try there best to have fun and immersive character.
  13. I think that this idea is cool, it allows a safe environment for good RP. Does it ruin RP for some people? I would have to argue that no it does not, if anything it enhances the RP for the clans involved in the war. How many times has it happened where your clan wants to just finish the war by dealing a sweeping blow to the enemy and it just be ruined by a random group of cives trying to get involved or just plane oblivious to the fact that there is a firefight going on. This idea is also good because it has the safety of neutral people as one of its main focuses. In my opinion the pros our way the cons in this idea, it is better for clans to war in a safer environment then to risk KOSing someone every time you engage your enemies. Overall the good intentions of this idea and the thought put into it has won over my support, I hope some staff sees this and we have something like this implemented into the game.
  14. thanks man, my part one can be found here http://www.dayzrp.com/t-the-world-is-watching-you-chernarus-part-1 for anyone who wants to read it.
  15. Allan Payne walked out of the stuffy and heated briefing room to an overcast sky, the rain had stopped during his briefing and the smell of the air gave evidence to that. "in a few days, I will be missing this heat." Allan thought, as he walked he was flanked by two soldier escorting him to a helicopter that will be taking him to his plane. " miles deep into cleared Texan territory and they still insist on guards." Allan thought wearily, Allan could remember another time he was flanked by guard, his personal guards, but no, no that was another man, another time, another place. This is who he was, Allan Payne, Republic of Texas UN representative to Chernarus, he must never remember India, he must never tell, if anyone knew then all of his family and comrades would hate him. Before he climbed onto the helicopter he was saluted by his guards and he returned the gesture, now he was able to relax for a few hours, not having to worry about anything. But Allan Payne could find no peace during his ride to his plane, the sound of the rotors only stood to produced another horrifying flash back to his time in India. Flashes of fire and blood filled his uneasy mind, screams of women and children ringing in his ears, and in a fit of panic he thought "I don't have to go, I could just lunge at the pilot and end it here, no one will have to know, no one!" But before he could make due on that thought, he could here the pilot speak to his co-pilot though his head set." John, how much trouble will we get in if I go and pick up some chicks in this chopper?" The co-pilot responds "Tom I would love to but I don't think MR.Payne will like to be our designated pilot for today." "Aww hell John," the pilot says " Mr.Payne wouldn't care now would he?" Allan realizing that he was the subject of conversation replies. "if i wasn't a married man then I would take you up on that." The pilot chuckles and goes about his work. It took them about two hours to get to the air field, the watch on Allan's wrist read 2:30PM, "thirty minutes early" Allan thought. After the haste of the day Allan forgot to call his wife to tell her that he was going to be leaving soon, of course she was used to these type of spare of the moment missions and both of them was expecting him to be going into the field any day now. Allan took out his personal phone and called his wife " hey Lisa" Allan began, Allan's tone gave way to his stress and sorrow, his wife being an observant person took his tone to mean that he was about to go onto a mission. "Did my father come and speak with you, you know there is no shame in coming home right?" Lisa asked, "yes he did, but you know me, I want to help these people, and if every person just went off and quit when people needed them then world will have never changed." Alla said. "I know you tell me this speech every time I try to stop you, its just, y.... you've never been the same sense India." When his wife first asked him about it he had been quiet and reserved, and when she pressed him he would be defensive and short in his answers. Now he had more time to perfect his lie, the lie that he would tell in both his reports and to his family. "that's nothing to worry about Lisa, anyone would come back a little shaken if they saw the amount of zombies I have seen." of course it was not really a lie, India being an over populated country had some of the worst cases of recorded infestation, but it was not the whole truth, the truth was to be known only to Allan and the ones that now lay either dead or too scared to tell. Allan finished up his conversion with his wife as his plane gets ready to take off to its destination, Galveston. Two men wearing expensive suits greet Allan as he took his place at a table, Allan knew these two men through his mission briefing back at base. The short old white man was a Chernarus native, but was not home during the outbreak. The second was a Brazilian native, but was both a Texas and US citizen for many years. Both men where there to inform him of the finer details of his mission and gave him good advice. " My people are strong, stubborn and proud, much like you Texans the too wish to remain free and independent." The old man stated, " when last I was there I attempted to tell the people of Chernaus that enemy was not each other, but it was the dead that the living should worry about, in return I was shot and had to go back home." said the other man. After hours of the Chernarus old man speaking of his people and telling him there history, and the other man telling of how best to diplomatically explain to the people of Chernarus to not kill each other. Allan then came to conclusion that the advice of both men would be either out of date or inaccurate. The old man only know the post war Chernarus and people can change, the other man was a failure and was more then likely to tell Allan how best to get him killed. But he was respectful and listened anyway. Before the plane landed the old man looked at Allan and said "the world is watching Chernarus, the world powers want to see you pull these people from the brink and use them as an example for the future, but if you fail, then the UN is prepared to clear the infection the faster and easier way" Allan knew what that meant. "If I fail then there just going to bomb the damn thing" Allan thought, Allan felt the landing gear hit the ground, he then walked out of the plane when it stopped and walked into the night.