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  1. Thomas Hagel Jr. was born in Kentucky and raised by his mother. His father, Thomas Hagel, left at a very early age. Tom has no memory of his father and was forced early on to help earn a living for himself and his mother. In his teen years, he worked in a mechanic's garage fixing cars and motorcycles. He became increasingly interested and eventually bought himself his own motorcycle. Tom and his friends eventually found themselves riding together around Kentucky. Tom and his pals would end their rides by hanging out at the local biker tavern. One day in his early 20's, a brawl began inside a the bar between two rival Motorcycle Clubs, and Tom's best friend was caught in the middle of the melee. Tom and another stepped in and began to defend their best friend. Eventually the attackers were beaten and retreated away from the tavern. The club who was left behind was the Infamous Dead MC. It was then when the MC asked the boys to prospect for the club, and they accepted. By the time Tom was in his 30's, they were full patched members of the Infamous Dead MC. A smaller MC in Russia decided to contact IDMC to patch over and be assimilated for better protection and back up. Tom and his friends were tasked with heading to Russia to contact the other MC and finalize the deal by giving them their IDMC back patches. While on their way, the infection happened. To be continued...
  2. Oh, Hello there! Well, I have returned. I thought I was gone for good, but a couple old friends talked me into coming back and seeing how things have changed. However, I think there is only a very small handful of people who might remember me by my old name, Mercy. I've seen a lot come and go in this community. Things like: Donating for vehicles. Yup, back in 2012 (mod) you could donate $ and get a vehicle spawned in. I miss that red golf. Character names didn't always have a realistic-name rule. You could name your character something like "Be4ST666" in-game and ICly. The first TP on Klen and all the iterations since. The first youtuber invasion.. and each one since. ...be thankful that the server is how it is now. Either way, I'm excited to be back and hopefully get some quality RP in again. - Mercy Haggle

    What other groups have had their legacy survive past their own lifetime?

    CB, BB, and CTC of course. Right guys? ... Guys? *crickets*
  4. Congrats, old friends. Thank you for the good times!
  5. It's about that time, the final nail. Most of you probably don't know who I am or haven't even ever spoke to me. That's alright though, this place has been a strange home of ups and downs and I have enjoyed my time here for what it's worth. To everyone that made this roleplay community awesome, thanks. [video=youtube]
  6. ^ This is a good place to start. (Fallout Lore Series by Shoddycast)

    [EX] EXILED [Archived]

    Congrats on going official! Seems like it was only yesterday when Panic and Nat joined this community, now they're all growd up!! Love that you two have been enjoying yourselves. Good luck with everything, looks like you all got a solid line up of members to help it along!
  8. I hope they add a green version of the car tent, to actually kinda hide it. I'm also guessing that waterproof bag is more like a protector case than a backpack?

    A bit of new perspective for veteran players.

    This isn't talked about enough. The amount of offensive (read: passive aggressive) posts have gone way over the top. It has pushed me to the point of wanting to leave the community, as for the moment the forums are my only connection to DayZRP since I'm trying to figure out what the fuck to do in game. If only I had recorded more in the beginning months to show how it's REALLY changed, or even video from the very first version of the TP (although, I'm sure there are a video or two on youtube somewhere). DayzRP has slowly been changing towards better rules and more RP ever since then, and there are a certain mindset of individuals who have fought it the entire way.
  10. Exactly what happened, and I expect it to happen again from others. There are some real bad attitudes hanging out and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before those ticking time bombs explode for no good reason. Nope.
  11. HAGGLE

    Staff Feedback

    Thank you for your feedback. Honestly, I do not feel that, "This is a verbal warning to keep all comments in this post civil and on track. If this warning is ignored the post will be archived and points will be issued" is a harsh comment. I stated an action and a consequence. I do not see why I should have to ask people nicely to stop OOC hate and inappropriate comments. In no way is this intended to put fear in someone. It is to bring light that if an action happens a consequence will follow. I really appologize if I come off as someone that looks down upon people. There are many people that come to me in this community with issues, and I don't believe they feel this way. Maybe we can talk this out in person and get to know each other. I think it is very hard to judge someone's true nature through mere text alone. I was honestly glad you had made the warning, but was very disappointed watching the thread continue to spiral out of control before anything was done about the amount of hate being thrown out in that thread from all parties. Multiple posts had clearly crossed a line, I even reported a few long before it had reached 3 pages, and nothing was done until it completely exploded. I (and I am sure many others) are tired of feeling bullied by others in this community to the point where people have felt attacked on the forums on multiple occasions. The vibe has been extremely toxic recently and I think it's time for this stuff to stop.
  12. Looks to be an issue with Steam. Can't log into GTAV either.
  13. First of all, your wrong, so stop. Secondly, lets take a time out, smoke around the campfire, tell a few war stories, and come back with s'mores. This is a warning to keep this discussion on track. Out of all the obviously flaming comments in this thread, THIS is the one you have such a problem with?
  14. Don't worry about the others who quoted you earlier in this thread, they are just ranting. Nothing you said in your first post is wrong.
  15. Are you breaking any rules? If not, you have nothing to worry about. Speak for yourself. Personally, I am enjoying the atmosphere.
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