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  1. Where is that said page? The only page currently available for view is the old one with only the character name, will the new page be updated soon?
  2. Your GUID gets whitelisted, not your name. We're talking about Reign of Kings here, the RoK page offers you to whitelist a character name only. Either way, I've tried whitelisting my SteamID, nothing happened.
  3. Lately I've been trying to get whitelisted and log into the server, with no success. The main thing that I could think of that limits the ability of people to get whitelisted on the server is the requirement of Character Name (which by common sense refers to your in-game character name) I've looked around a couple of different communities that use the whitelist system and found out that almost everyone is using the Steam64 ID to whitelist people (you're able to find out your Steam64 ID through a website called SteamID or through your own Steam profile page if you haven't changed it's address) and this way avoid the trouble of whitelisting using your character name, Since the character is not even created yet so how can it be white listed by its name. I hope this can get fixed soon or clarified by a member of the staff because as far as I see it right now, I'm not the only one experiencing this problem.
  4. Bisil


    I tried all of the above instructions, made my character on many different servers, official and community. I even tried using a random name and a name to match my steam name, none of them worked. It seems that the whitelist has some problems (obviously), and I'd like a solution soon because I'm hyped for this game
  5. It seems i've been wrong then, I was just avoiding the place so far because I was given the impression that its a bad role-play area from the report section. I guess I should pay a visit some time.
  6. I've been looking around the report discussion and formal reports sub-forums latley and one thing popped up way too many times, Raven's Nest. From what I saw so far Raven's Nest is a nest of bad roleplaying and rule breaking, which just ruins the expeirience for some people, from stuff being stolen from your backpack or just getting KoSed, that place is a mess. I wanted to hear other people's thoughts and opinions about this matter because maybe I just don't see things clearly enough.
  7. I've been noticing latley a very little but yet annoying thing. When I drive with a few people in a car or a helicopter and I notice that my character is thirsty or hungry, we suddenly need to stop the vehicle to let me get out to drink or eat. Now, I know that it was removed at 1.7.3 "* [FIXED] You can no longer change clothes/eat/drink/etc. while in a vehicle" But I wanted to know what was the thought process or problem that made this feature being removed from the mod.
  8. It was my first day yesterday aswell. The server is great =]