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  1. Hi. New Player Joining :)

    Just went and made a donation, as from what i have seen this is a great community and should be a lot of fun playing with you guys, will sit back with fingers crossed hoping to get on the whitelist
  2. Hi. New Player Joining :)

    Thanks guys. I am happy to say i am impressed with how fast the admins are going through whitelist applications. Was at 716 last night, now at 665
  3. Hi. New Player Joining :)

    Hey woodburylarry, thanks for the greeting
  4. Hi. New Player Joining :)

    Thanks for that Joel, Happy to wait my turn for review. Love RP, Miss the old days of early DayZ where it was almost all RP, and hopefully i will get to experience a proper RP server
  5. Hi. New Player Joining :)

    Thanks guys Already done my whitelist application, and have setup an extra profile with my character name ready to go if accepted
  6. Hi, My name is Michael and i am from Australia. I go by the gamer tag of Napalm237 and i am looking forward to some dayzrp