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  1. Just went and made a donation, as from what i have seen this is a great community and should be a lot of fun playing with you guys, will sit back with fingers crossed hoping to get on the whitelist
  2. Thanks guys. I am happy to say i am impressed with how fast the admins are going through whitelist applications. Was at 716 last night, now at 665
  3. Thanks for that Joel, Happy to wait my turn for review. Love RP, Miss the old days of early DayZ where it was almost all RP, and hopefully i will get to experience a proper RP server
  4. Thanks guys Already done my whitelist application, and have setup an extra profile with my character name ready to go if accepted
  5. Hi, My name is Michael and i am from Australia. I go by the gamer tag of Napalm237 and i am looking forward to some dayzrp