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  1. Hey guys, Is there any admin that would like to contact me? I'm getting a second ban without a warning or a message why? I was banned on 03/15/2017 and i have waited out the days of not playing but now i try to log in after having played again yesterday and now im banned for 3 days again?

    How does this occure and why? because i havent gotten any message or warning what so ever.


    Kind regards, 

    Noud Bouwmans.

    1. Chewy


      Hey there. I advise going into teamspeak and joining the "Waiting for staff help" channel. 

    2. noudbouwmans


      alright, Good one! thanks for the advise.

    3. Chewy


      No problem. I'll be there shortly if nobody else is.

  2. Hi Everyone, I'm New

    your welcome brother.
  3. Them boys in red.

    On point meng!
  4. Hi everyone

    Welcome to the DayZRP community! It's good to have you. It's fine if your a bit new to RP and all, Just get online alot and meet people, In that way you'l find out how everything works. Oh yeah and don't be afraid to ask questions if your struggeling with something! Good luck !
  5. Im new here :D

    Welcome to the community brother! Try to play alot in the beginning i would say, In this way you will find yourself a way to RP and also you will learn from others, They can always help you and if your still having trouble in getting the complete picture i'd say check out the forums, There is lots and lots of cool information and lots of nice people that are always willingly to help you out! Cheers!
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm New

    Welcome brother! I'd suggest to start of playing alot and don't be afraid to talk to people because thats a verry nice and easy way to get the hang of it! Also try and find some people to play with, They might be able to help you along your journey! Have fun !
  7. Hey whats up guys, The guys in red are on the move ! Prepare yourself ;)


  8. Rule updates March 2017

    it's verry good you changed it that way, it makes it easyer and better to follow people on their behaviour. also thanks for always being open for suggestions, I'l keep that in mind. Hope to see some good changes/new idea's coming up soon.
  9. Rule 1.5

    +1 to this post.