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  1. That's the point, We were fully clothed, I had full winter army gear (all worn) and still lost terrible amounts of heat and had to eat every 5 minutes to keep that high enough.
  2. Yes, i was double micing, my group was able to hear what i was saying to the other guys over the radio due to the fact i was carrying an unlocked radio.
  3. Most of the time back then, my character used multiple radio's also due to the fact he was helping out other groups and he wanted to use another radio for it, so yes i did have an extra one with me, and used both of them for when i was RPing with my group.
  4. To answer that spicific question, it has been along time ago since i played and i have been gone for a long time but if i remember correctly, my (IC) group could hear some things that were going on although i don't think the report is recent anymore so i would love to let it go, though i think that back then my radio was on inside my pockts because my character knew he was in danger.
  5. Hello! My name is Noud Bouwmans, I have been a fan and player of the servers for a while now, It's been some time since i played and today (just now) i tried to get in but apperantly i'm banned for not succesfully finishing a report discussion. (My apollogies for this matter) Link to the source of punishment (report/post): i added the report discussion to clearify that it's not a harmfull delect, although i should have finished the discusion the way you people qould like me to do so. Why the verdict is not fair: the verdict was fair although i'd like it to be undone so i can play and be a happy man again. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: in my future i will finish all discussions and conversations i start/open so i don't waste your time in cases. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to request my account to be unlocked for the servers once more. What could you have done better?: I should have finished the whole report discussion and enclosed it the way it should have been done. Thank you for taking some time for me to help me out. Kind regards, Noud Bouwmans.
  6. Hello! I'm trying to join the discord server for staff help can anyone send me the link to join? need to ask some questions so i can rejoin again.
  7. Marcus Rivermill is a man that origins from the countryside in england, he lived a peacefull life on the farm of his father, after his fathers passing he took over the farm and failed terribly in following his fathers steps. after a couple years of trying he decided to sell the farm and move on to a better and succesfull life. He starts his first study right after moving in to a small city near his home town. he had no friends no family and no one to share his life with, untill he stubled on to a group of people that make contact with far country's just for the fun of it. joining that group made him come to know a woman from eastern europe, after being in contact for over a year marcus decides to visit herr and not long after he stays with here and moves in. then after some good life time the outbreak begins. and that is where we are now.
  8. This rule has nothing to do with the fact that i could have had one in my pocket being unlocked and my group being able to hear everything that's happening.
  9. Alright, I can see that both of you are new to this community, So i will take back this report, but just make sure to take this situation in account for whenever the next IC drama begins. FYI: Make sure to next time check for a radio over OOC chat instead of just looking for an actual physical radio in my backpack because it's also alowed to pretend to having one with you without having the actual radio on you. On top of that: When a person is restrained and not able to fight back what so ever, I wouldn't considder him a threat (Especially when you say he/she has no radio) (wich i did have ,but for the non RP breaking rule i made up myself i just played along. Thank you for your time in making a response.
  10. Server and location: Severograd , Server One Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-02-22, 01:10 Your in game name: Marquez Martinez Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: names unknown, (2 suspects) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: First i'd like to say that english is not my first language and i'm sorry for if i made mistakes in this report. So i was out alone making a hike back to what Marquez recalled as safe haven, (town of friendly people) when he came back to the tent that marquez recalled as his property he suddenly ran in to two people being inside, (as a normal reaction to marquez should have been) he became angry and asked them what they where doing in his place, They told him to get out of their home , This seemed odd to marquez because he recalled this place as his. so when marquez started arguing with them they didn't respond properly and couldn't even speak as if they where normal people, (i'm fine with bad rp if it's indelibirate but that asside) they started torturing marquez for not leaving. and shot him unconcious with a silenced hand gun, i thought that was a odd thing to do as people know that shooting some one might accedntly kill them. but i woke up and thought let's move on, i kept RPing and insulted them for stealing my property and waking up with stuff being stolen from me (even now i think of it as part of the RP) then when i get shot unconcious again and after i wake up i get a final blow to the head and die. Conclusion: I considder this as 1: Bad RP , 2: Violating rules by killing me with no reason (IC) or special happenings. 3: shooting to torture (i don't considder this as law breaking bcs it could be cool RP but this was simply asking for a kill. Once again i'm sorry for if i made miss-spellings but english is not my first language. Thank you for taking time for this report.
  11. Marques Martinez was born into the Martinez family in Baywood California. He was always the loudmouth of the group and would often find himself in lots of trouble with his mother Gabriela. Even with constant scolding he grew up to continue his loudmouthed ways. He would join MS-13 at the young age of 16. He was looked after by Jesus most of the time, but he quickly learned to become more independent. When the move to takistan happend Marques had a hard time adjusting to the new area and would often become violent. Often going to great lengths to prove himself, Marques volunteered to come on the mission to chernarus alongside Jesus and he was allowed on the trip.
  12. Hey guys, Is there any admin that would like to contact me? I'm getting a second ban without a warning or a message why? I was banned on 03/15/2017 and i have waited out the days of not playing but now i try to log in after having played again yesterday and now im banned for 3 days again?

    How does this occure and why? because i havent gotten any message or warning what so ever.


    Kind regards, 

    Noud Bouwmans.

    1. Chewy


      Hey there. I advise going into teamspeak and joining the "Waiting for staff help" channel. 

    2. noudbouwmans


      alright, Good one! thanks for the advise.

    3. Chewy


      No problem. I'll be there shortly if nobody else is.

  13. noudbouwmans

    S1: 30 second robbery in Kab- 03/15/2017 approx- 04:00

    After me and Abu left because there was some one coming towards us and we quickly decided to stop the robbery and get away because it seemed a safer move for our characters at that time, We wanted to finish the RPing though but the guy that came up made us quickly decide to run of. But after that happened, I got killed by zombies in bashnya and decided i would log off but that happened withing the 30 minutes apparantly. I'm sorry if the robbery seemed a bit poor but suddenly leaving seemed the best option for our characters at the time. Unfortunately i died after that. Kind regards, Noudbouwmans.
  14. noudbouwmans

    RDM & Poor Initiation

    About the sentence i say in the video ( They shot me because i didn't lay down?) Was kind of a thing i was asuming because i couldnt hear a voice but i was shot so i was assuming one of them would have yelled at us but i haven't heard it. I would have instantly went down if i heard what he was saying since we were outnumbered bigtime. To add to your question, No i wasn't recording at the time wich i regret. since i wasn't expecting to be killed out of a sudden.
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