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  1. Marques Martinez

    Marques Martinez was born into the Martinez family in Baywood California. He was always the loudmouth of the group and would often find himself in lots of trouble with his mother Gabriela. Even with constant scolding he grew up to continue his loudmouthed ways. He would join MS-13 at the young age of 16. He was looked after by Jesus most of the time, but he quickly learned to become more independent. When the move to takistan happend Marques had a hard time adjusting to the new area and would often become violent. Often going to great lengths to prove himself, Marques volunteered to come on the mission to chernarus alongside Jesus and he was allowed on the trip.
  2. Hey guys, Is there any admin that would like to contact me? I'm getting a second ban without a warning or a message why? I was banned on 03/15/2017 and i have waited out the days of not playing but now i try to log in after having played again yesterday and now im banned for 3 days again?

    How does this occure and why? because i havent gotten any message or warning what so ever.


    Kind regards, 

    Noud Bouwmans.

    1. Chewy


      Hey there. I advise going into teamspeak and joining the "Waiting for staff help" channel. 

    2. noudbouwmans


      alright, Good one! thanks for the advise.

    3. Chewy


      No problem. I'll be there shortly if nobody else is.

  3. After me and Abu left because there was some one coming towards us and we quickly decided to stop the robbery and get away because it seemed a safer move for our characters at that time, We wanted to finish the RPing though but the guy that came up made us quickly decide to run of. But after that happened, I got killed by zombies in bashnya and decided i would log off but that happened withing the 30 minutes apparantly. I'm sorry if the robbery seemed a bit poor but suddenly leaving seemed the best option for our characters at the time. Unfortunately i died after that. Kind regards, Noudbouwmans.
  4. RDM & Poor Initiation

    About the sentence i say in the video ( They shot me because i didn't lay down?) Was kind of a thing i was asuming because i couldnt hear a voice but i was shot so i was assuming one of them would have yelled at us but i haven't heard it. I would have instantly went down if i heard what he was saying since we were outnumbered bigtime. To add to your question, No i wasn't recording at the time wich i regret. since i wasn't expecting to be killed out of a sudden.
  5. RDM & Poor Initiation

    Okay so i'm the guy that gets iniciated first, this is exactly what happened: Me and and Julio Martinez were heading towards the tents on the NWAF to gather up with the rest of our crew. Then we stubled up a group over at the northside of the airfield. We had a little talk and they let us go on our way, We started running to get to our guys ASAP. We ran for like 15/20 meters and i suddenly caught backfire. I was looking back and saw that they were aiming at me but i havent heard any voices telling us to drop or putting our hands up. Then as you see in the video we run of in to the tree lines to get shelter. As we noticed they kept on shooting we had no other option then to fire back. If you ask me this was or 1: Bad roleplay because they could have just robbed us when we were serounded by like 10 people (while talking to them) or 2: A verry bad initiation because we were clearly out of voice range. I get the fact that they would try and initiate when we have our backs turned towards them but once your way out of voice range it makes no point to just shout and start firing because we didn't respond. (obviously because we didn't hear them speaking) If they had initiated when we were close enough to hear them i would have instantly dropped to the ground because we were outnumbered about 10 to 2/4. I say 2/4 because there were 2 of our guys ( Jesus and Carlito Martinez) hiding in the treeline trying to watch our back while we were trying to gather up. This is my point of vieuw, This seems like a "non acceptable" happening to me. Kind regards, Marcus Rivermill. And we ran for more then 30 meters now i think back.
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm New

    your welcome brother.
  7. Them boys in red.

    On point meng!
  8. Hi everyone

    Welcome to the DayZRP community! It's good to have you. It's fine if your a bit new to RP and all, Just get online alot and meet people, In that way you'l find out how everything works. Oh yeah and don't be afraid to ask questions if your struggeling with something! Good luck !
  9. Im new here :D

    Welcome to the community brother! Try to play alot in the beginning i would say, In this way you will find yourself a way to RP and also you will learn from others, They can always help you and if your still having trouble in getting the complete picture i'd say check out the forums, There is lots and lots of cool information and lots of nice people that are always willingly to help you out! Cheers!
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm New

    Welcome brother! I'd suggest to start of playing alot and don't be afraid to talk to people because thats a verry nice and easy way to get the hang of it! Also try and find some people to play with, They might be able to help you along your journey! Have fun !
  11. Hey whats up guys, The guys in red are on the move ! Prepare yourself ;)


    1. Hebee


      bloodgang boi

    2. noudbouwmans
    3. DustyRP


      gang gang gang

    4. Kevin

      incoming Slaughter

  12. Rule updates March 2017

    it's verry good you changed it that way, it makes it easyer and better to follow people on their behaviour. also thanks for always being open for suggestions, I'l keep that in mind. Hope to see some good changes/new idea's coming up soon.
  13. Rule 1.5

    +1 to this post.