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      Indeed a good song, Thanks @JimRP!

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      Thanking you

       hip hop 90s GIF

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    DayZRP 19.7.3

    Good job lads. @Misho @Watchman @Roland @Kerkkoh @Ducky @wirpy
  4. Portraying real life terrorist organizations is not allowed. If you choose to update the lore then message a staff member to have this unarchived.
  5. So except for the timestamps from that one stream which most do not correspond with your report title, if you're going to report the accused for 2.3 you're going to need evidence of previous encounters with you/your compound with evidence that links the accused to the attacks, server time(s) that the attacks happened which would be infringing 2.3 and so on @Ke Ke. You can't just report people for 2.3 just because you're not winning a battle that you are initiating. Also 2.3 focuses on people focusing on PVP, how can they be the ones focusing on PVP when they are not initiating these firefights 9 times out of 10? Besides that, looking at what Flurgh posted and so on, I don't see the 2.3 accusation here since it appears that it was other groups that attacked you...
  6. JimRP

    Rape RP

    Agreed, I mean if people agree to do that type of thing in private - sure, but on the server in front of people of all ages and especially without any explicit consent from the other party in OOC it should be strictly disallowed.
  7. Calling in @Noah2077 for his PoV, rape RP is strictly disallowed - especially when the person is saying no to that kind of RP. What do you have to say about this?
  8. JimRP

    Ruleplay Appeal

    Appeal accepted, you told the person multiple times to only speak when spoken to. Said man did not follow your orders and was killed, this is not ruleplay since it is quite clear that you wanted more out of the situation. /solved by @JimRP and @Randy.
  9. Right, the verdict has been changed to verbal warning until the proper rule has been updated in the rule section but they were banned for AOGM, not CL. Also please, two other GMs also looked and agreed with said verdict, hence the two extra signs on it. Just logging off and logging on to another server means you're continuing roleplay without hostilities which you had on another server, no matter what the people doing that say it is quite impossible to prove you didn't log off to avoid said hostilities. Logging on to another server while you have hostilities on the other server you are quite frankly abusing game mechanics, you're resuming roleplay on another server while you've magically vanished from the other server, hence why a proper rule will be put into place to counter that.
  10. After talking to Roland about this, I have decided to lower the punishment to a verbal warning only for all the accused until our rules have been updated with our new updated rule.
  11. When you quit a server to hop on another server and continue to stay in-game you are essentially using another server to escape the 2 hour kill rights that the other party has. Unless you get permission from them, you can't just log off and head to the other server and continue playing there. They must give their attackers / people who have rights on them the fair chance of being spotted/killed if they plan to continue playing. When said parties hop on the other server they are essentially continuing to play while the other parties continue to hunt them down on the other server. You can't just 'switch server' to play on the other server while you know other people might be hunting you, even if you switched 'for another reason', there is no way to prove said reason. It still gives you an unfair advantage because you just are not there on your enemies's server, thus giving you an unfair advantage.
  12. This report is quite clear, you all disconnected from S2 and connected to S1 while the other party had rights on you guys. You then proceeded to RP, the thing is that if you disconnect while active kill rights are up against you, you can easily use that to a) escape even further or b) flank your enemies - you're gaining an unfair advantage over your enemies. Had you asked the other party for permission to log and have gotten it, you could've swapped servers. Without proper permission you are not allowed to do this. With that being said, you will be punished for AOGM. Signed by @JimRP, @Samti & @Randy
  13. Klepani_Klepani.png

    knock knock

    1. FalkRP


      *The RP boys wants to know your location*

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      FBI open up?

    3. Ciiber


      Who's there?

  14. "What's the deal, keep it real
    I'm off the molly and I'm rolling like some wheels
    Smoking cookie, off a perc, I'm on them fun things"

  15. JimRP

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Like Roland said we don't transfer ownerships unless you're planning on leaving DayZRP for a good while/leaving the group without plans of rejoining.
  16. "I been mixin' all these drugs, they fuckin' with my brain
    I been goin' through this shit and it's driving me insane"

  17. JimRP

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

  18. JimRP

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

  19. JimRP

    The Time.

  20. JimRP

    Forced First Person Combat

    Tried before, suggested many times, no.
  21. JimRP

    I Will Show You Fear In a Handful of Dust - Thoughts of Ellie Hoste

    Enjoyed reading this, nicely done.
  22. "Realize that I don't do this shit for retweets or dollars
    I'm just a byproduct of the pain I keep inside of
    My mind is always racing, but they ain't no fucking driver
    My heart is more cold than a pimp to a client
    'cause I am not perfect, unlike God's timing
    I wanna do better, and I'm tryin'
    I'm caught up"

  23. @Zanaan you are an admin, check his position logs and make sure he isn't lying about running to Tisy Mil and back. If he did do the running, drop the report. If not (you can't see any pos logs of him running back and forth), then ban him for duping because he clearly was not there.
  24. JimRP

    Bring back teamspeak?

    I always prefered TS3 but Discord is also comfy. Discord helps us moderate better but TS3 is better for newcomers looking to find people etc. However I would rather stay on Discord for now.
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