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end my life

"trust nobody"

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  1. "Told me 'bout how I helped you, thought your new outlook could last
    But you're too stuck in a cycle, I know you'll always relapse
    But I really fought for you, ripped myself apart for you
    Look at what I offered you, but it ain't enough for you, I'm done with you
    I'm running through these memories and I don't understand
    How anyone could value chaos over what we had
    It's not the deed, it's the lying that done really fucked me up
    And you got brand new friends so you can spin the story all you want
    And you got that new relationship 'cause you can't be alone
    'Cause when you are, the lies are lifted and the truth is hard to own"

    1. Zanaan


      Not usually a fan of three music you post, just not my cup of tea. But this one's damned good. 

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