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end my life

"trust nobody"

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  1. "Show him I made somethin' out myself and not just tried
    Show him the house I bought the fam, let him tour inside
    No matter how far ahead I get, I always feel behind in my mind
    But fuck tryin' and not doin'
    What is competition? I'm tryna raise the bar high
    Who tryna jump and get it? You're better off tryna skydive"

  2. Any native Japanese speakers?

    1. FalkRP



    2. Eagle


      Yes ofc banzai and stuff.

    3. SeversonRP


      Tai MA!

  3. "We could fall together 
    I just want to know how 
    It feels to hold your hand"

  4. "Girl why is you walking
    Girl why ain't we talking
    You were the one who was looking for something
    I remember now why I ain't about loving
    I just wanna get on my wave oh
    If you don't wanna just say so
    Otherwise call it a day
    I got places to be i can't stay in one place oh
    You know since like 16 I been all on my own two
    I had to go and change it up cuz I was getting tired of my old views
    I'm just going OT till they fucking know me"

  5. "These n*ggas is talk, I'm still in the hood when it's dark
    These n*ggas can't slide on my pump
    Riding and switching them lanes
    Run up get switched in your brain
    I'm gripppin' the thang, I do this shit for the gang
    Run up get clipped in your heart"

  6. 62592765_10217453667887933_8179016318964

    Just arrived, love it, absolutely love VVS diamonds, gotta get the inside filled but hey, maybe some other time.

    1. Roland


      Nice keyboard mate 😄

  7. "Μιλάνε για την κλίκα τους,

    Καταλαβαίνω δεν ξέρουν απο που 'ρθα,

    Τους καταλαβαίνω μερόνυχτα στην τσίτα,

    Δεν καταλαβαίνουν την δίψα για το milly,

    Δεν καταλαβαίνουν

    Πεινάω και θα τραφώ από την ήττα τους,

    Τους γάμησα, δεν πήρα την αγάπη τους

    Μπροστά μου Παναγίτσες, πίσω τάνεςπου

    Βάζουν χέρι να φάνε από την πίτα μου"

    1. Eagle


      I too know a foreign language.

  8. Legend.

    1. Saunders


      Legend indeed

  9. "How could I have been so blind?
    Maybe I could say hi
    Maybe I'd feel relieved
    Maybe that would give me closure
    Maybe that's too naïve
    Or maybe I could walk by
    Wear my heart on my sleeve"

  10. "I think I'm in love
    But I've been feeling otherwise
    These flutters in my stomach aren't butterflies
    But cutting knives
    And not the butter kind
    And if you listen close when she begins to speak
    You'll hear a couple hundred sighs
    And the collective shut of eyes
    Letters linger on her lips like lullabies
    I think I've drowned a couple times
    Inside her opal-colored eyes
    She could do something as simple as sit down
    With the grace of Olympic dives"

  11. "I've been astrally projecting my body beyond my dreams
    Through the fabric of space and time
    So you could me spot me at the seams
    I ventured through the upside-down hoping you caught me in between
    But maybe if you've got the tech
    Then you could haunt me on my screens"

  12. "I admit it, another hoe got me finished
    Broke my heart, oh no you didn't
    Fuck sippin', I'ma down a whole bottle
    Hard liquor, hard truth, can't swallow
    Need a bartender, put me out my sorrow"

  13. JimRP

    • JimRP
    • GaryCash

    happy birthday

  14. "I got murder on my mind
    Bite like tarantula, bitch I'm an animal
    Melly's a savage, no he not no amateur
    Baby name Angela, fucked her on camera"

  15. damn someone's feelings are hurt

    1. FalkRP



    2. RavenousRP



    3. Watchman


      yea mine

    4. RavenousRP


    5. Watchman


      thanks @Ravenous you a real one for acknowledging my feelings

    6. Shroud



  16. "Make me wanna pop a pill
    You make me wanna lose control
    You make me wanna do some things
    And I know they ain't good
    But I've overdosed
    You make me wanna act a fool
    You make me wanna do the most
    You make me wanna do some things
    And I know they ain't good
    But I've overdosed, overdosed oooh"

  17. "Lady, running down to the riptide
    Taken away to the dark side
    I wanna be your left hand man
    I love you when you're singing that song and
    I got a lump in my throat 'cause
    You're gonna sing the words wrong

    Is this movie that I think you'll like
    This guy decides to quit his job and heads to New York City
    This cowboy's running from himself
    And she's been living on the highest shelf"

  18. "My head's spinnin' like a forty five around we go-go-go-go
    I got that five four, you no need for a match
    I mean, I take no days off, there's no time to relax
    All of the action, the bright lights"

  19. "You've got your eyes on the ceiling
    I've got my eyes on the prize
    Once more again now with feeling
    Watch it materialize
    When the elevator comes back down
    It isn't gonna wait around

    Hey, hey, hey
    Higher than a rocket go
    Deeper we dive
    Over our heads
    We're so alive
    Sleep when we're dead"

  20. bItCoIn iS a BuBblE

    1. Harvey


      Good way to keep the government off your wealth.

    2. Brayces


      Is it? 👀

    3. JimRP


      @Harvey a'ye a'ye!

      @Brayces no

    4. Brayces


      oh 😞

  21. "Bruises on my arm bluer than the sky is,
    Called out for help but no one ever offered it, 
    Only way to numb the pain is whenever I'm off some shit, 
    Pick the pen up and start painting my canvas, 
    Lost trying to find my way with the map and atlas"


    1. RavenousRP


      💀I do this shit for the gang💀

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