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end my life

"trust nobody"

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  1. "Just running from the demons in your mind
    Then I took yours and made 'em mine
    I didn't notice 'cause my love was blind"

  2. "Hook me up on life support
    Will somebody tell me what I'm fightin' for
    Same shit still rich now I'm runnin' up
    Same shit, risin' I'm comin' up"

    1. Eagle



  3. JimRP

    S2: Invalid kill - Orlovets - 18/08/2019 01;00

    With all the POVs above in mind and tosstheball admitting to killing without rights, tosstheball will be punished for Invalid Kill, not roleplayed, aggravated due to you not making sure who the target was or even IDing your target as well as how you replied in the thread and treated the report. Next time make sure to initiate and make sure to properly ID your target. With the other POVs and logs in mind, considering you also did not have rights, you will also be punished for invalid kill AidanVC. EDIT: I'll reduce the aggravated punishment, next time please respond more seriously in reports.
  4. JimRP

    The Railroad

  5. "Have a drink, have a drive
    Go out and see what you can find
    Speed along the lane
    Do a turn or return the twenty-five
    When the sun goes down
    You can make it, make it good and really fine"

  6. JimRP

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    Good PR move.
  7. JimRP

    The Dollars

  8. JimRP

    Crusaders [Open Recruitment]

  9. JimRP

    Priority Queue

    Reserved slots/priority queue are/is allowed per Bohemia's policy.
  10. "The lonely nights
    I used to touch up on your thigh
    I used to hate it when you always cried
    I used to hate it when we always fight
    The lonely nights
    I wake up see my face and close my eyes
    I miss when you were right here by my side
    I miss the grave that you had in your eyes
    The lonely nights
    I'm feeling weaker as the day goes by
    I look up at the sky and ask out why
    I need to renounce to my soul I cry"

  11. JimRP

    Crusaders [Open Recruitment]

    You need a couple more goals with a specific timeframe. As per SMART criteria, they need to be time-related AKA be specified when they are approximately going to be achieved.
  12. JimRP

    S1 KOS Cherno 03:25

    I was told there was a firefight going on in Kabanino, I log in to head there (you can check the logs about the same time) and as soon as I spawn and run for a couple of seconds I'm shot at, I turn around and dump half a mag into whatever was shooting at me. The person dropped dead and I stayed on high alert after that since I thought the camp was being attacked.
  13. dev stream


  14. JimRP

    Gas mask buffs

    I agree with removing them from the shop, not the stamina part. As for removing them from the shop: @Roland
  15. JimRP

    Další Stránka [Selective Recruitment]

  16. JimRP


  17. Forgot to post here yesterday about the RP we had north of Cherno with District and then the hostage RP inside the camp, thank you District & Co.
  18. JimRP

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    Original and great group, approved.
  19. looking 4 rust teammates

    1. Ciiber


      I'm down, haven't played in a while so I probably suck.

    2. Camo


      Perhaps. Though, last time I played blueprints were still originally a thing.

    3. Watchman


      count me in


    4. JimRP
  20. JimRP

    S1 Kabanino - Potential ghosting?

    Looking at the compound, there's clearly a way to get in it that is pretty well known. After checking the logs and the traffic in the area there were at least a couple of dozen people around that time that went through the piano house without any ghosting involved. With that being said, you should consider moving your stuff from that area into a place you can wall off and control better. /solved
  21. JimRP

    Supply Crates

    What are you implying.
  22. "Locked inside my head
    And the days that I will be dead
    Mood is suicidal
    This is just me in denial
    Burn my feelings in a pile
    I can't find the strength to smile
    Say they're tired of the sad shit
    Sorry that it's how I feel"

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