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  1. JimRP

    S1 KOS Stary

    Killed by @YNW Pep, calling him in for his PoV.
  2. JimRP

    Camp eden Has fallen (open frequency)

    *Bolat reaches for his radio, talking into it.* "Comrades, this is victory! Eden has fallen, not that it was hard to take down at all." *Bolat lets go of his PTT.*
  3. Both members were on final and then the final warning was removed (as in the decision was revoked) way before they even applied to join staff.
  4. It's okay @QueenRedRP dies in the end anyway.
  5. You were killed by @nyyoooooommmm and @MajooRB. If you're released and told to leave an area you were just hostage at, it is very logical for the hostage takers to be quite paranoid if you're still in the area. You have to understand that this is why your hostage takers killed you after releasing you, you could've easily called allies and you could've easily also found a gun and gun them down. The accused are not guilty, report solved.
  6. JimRP

    S1 BadRP & NVFL - 20/05/2019 ~ 19:30 Servertime

    Right, this is a pretty clear cut case. @Pawek Panotzki you are not allowed to just simply provoke people to gun you down just because you spawned with a wrong model, you are supposed to RP realistically at all times, RP fear and value your character's life, something that's clearly not shown in the video. On-top of that, you could've simply just said in the chat *you can see a man before you instead of a woman* and let the people know that you spawned with a wrong model and then RP as you would with your male character. For that you've been found guilty of NVFL & BadRP, your character has been PK'd.
  7. @Kordruga killed you, calling him in for his PoV.
  8. JimRP

    • JimRP
    • GaryCash

    happy birthday

  9. "I got murder on my mind
    Bite like tarantula, bitch I'm an animal
    Melly's a savage, no he not no amateur
    Baby name Angela, fucked her on camera"

  10. damn someone's feelings are hurt

    1. Falk



    2. Ravenous



    3. Watchman


      yea mine

    4. Ravenous


    5. Watchman


      thanks @Ravenous you a real one for acknowledging my feelings

    6. Shroud



  11. StagsviewRB

    • StagsviewRB
    • JimRP

    So...when u free for the game? 😄 Jannik and I are ready

  12. JimRP

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Owner has been permanently removed from the community, group has been archived.
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