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"I got up and turned grass into meat so my family could eat."

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  1. JimRP


    • Elmo
    • JimRP

    You just did it to win the bet -.-

    • Henning
    • JimRP

    They didn't do nothin


    1. Rolle


      Such abuse of power, madness!

    2. Henning


      Staff is out of control. The common people will not stand for such abuse!

    3. BorisRP


      Bildresultat för riot gif

      time to act

  2. KOS/Avoid RP 22-02-18 23:20 Server Time

    Okay, this is sad to watch. You clearly want to continue with the bullshit, so for that reason you will both be permanently banned from the community with your friend.
    • Elmo
    • JimRP

    Here's a bet that you'll get some smartass response and we'll have 2 less members in about 5 minutes :) 

    1. JimRP


      ill bet you 100 beanz

    2. Rolle


      Everyone in staff slack right now


    3. Clumsy



    4. Para



    5. Buddy


      Please don't send them to the mentor program? We don't teach people how to tell the truth :( 

    6. Rolle


      No mentor program where they are being sent.

  3. KOS/Avoid RP 22-02-18 23:20 Server Time

    @CrownZ @mochoman118 last warning to post the truth before you're perm'd.
  4. Sell your PC, your phone, get a couple months rent & bills paid at a place while you look for a job.
  5. JimRP


     Childhood heroes be like.

  6. JimRP

    "I can never trust them for the money, people change quick,

    While I was starving and they was eating good everything switched,

    Doing shit they ain't ever seen before so now they don't like us"

  7. Community Summit

    Calm down this isn't Congress.
  8. Community Summit

    I'd love to see something like this. Although the number of nominations required should be higher.
  9. The Deal With It Attitude

    Refrain from turning a serious discussion into whatever this is. Stay on-topic.
  10. JimRP


    "I will never understand this society
    First they try to murder me then they lie to me
    Product of a dying breed
    All my homies trying weed
    Now the little baby's crazed raised off Hennessy

    Now you see him, now you don't
    Some n****s be here for the moment, and then they gone
    What happened to 'em?
    Well, let's see, it seems to be a mystery"

  11. The Deal With It Attitude

    Exactly this. Rule 4 in my eyes should be used for people who only put the community in danger.