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  1. A wipe isn't really going to solve much.
  2. Anarchy and Coldwater are the only ones that come to mind. NHF was also really fun when they were at their peak along with the savages.
  3. Thanks for the pink slippers.

    Also, happy birthday lad. ❤️ 

  4. Yeah I'm sure the server's always had traders and I've interacted with plenty but approximately 2-3 years ago people stopped RPing traders and setting up hubs for trading. Player traders come and go and usually play favorites. AI Traders are there to help 24/7 and help you progress your actual IC goals and they're always in stock. So yes, they add to the roleplay because they give you things that you can actually use to roleplay with and expand any IC storylines/goals. Same way this would indirectly cause a lot more roleplay and fear for people because this AI would also constantly be there.
  5. Yeah, they bring something the server lacks. Traders. If this mod gets cleaned up and is better I'd say yes to it, it'd add some danger.
  6. damn, i hate cheaters

    1. Roleplayer
    2. MaybeleleLR


      Same. Gotta hate when people teleport around.

    3. JimRP


      is that the PVP god @MaybeleleLR? 

    4. JimRP


      kinda crazy cause u didnt even play then ;( so im sorry but thats not why u kept dying

    5. MaybeleleLR


      U'll only get top notch roleplay from me. I don't understand. Ur acting so offended. Did i say something wrong?

    6. Kordruga


      Keep going, it's fun watching two people embarrass themselves 


    7. Craig


      counter-strike is a fucking shit game anyway.

    8. ShroudKN


      I’m seein do much cap

    9. Roleplayer
  7. take rp out of your name pls ty 

    1. Whitename



    2. Angel
  8. GPS? Fuck yeah, needed this for a long while now lol.
  9. poster-21-01-02_03-46-25.png

    source 1 is fun, onto UE4 now

  10. poster-20-12-31_05-00-40.png

    made this in source 1, s1 still has some juice in it for sure

    1. Angel




      Getting Fragile into it!

    2. JimRP


      I actually made the ss in Gmod but I defo need to pick up SFM again.

  11. No, it's already hard enough to survive in Namalsk. Decreasing the high tier loot won't do anything but kill the population of Namalsk. Also personally have never seen every single base having 8 FALs and whatever else.
  12. Yeah, you're right, it shouldn't be allowed. Trying to be nice instead of being rude and saying this isn't allowed is wildly different but yet again you're just trying to come with a dig at me, this shouldn't be allowed since it's literally plagiarism from the layout of the entire thread, to the graphics, to the core idea without any permission given from Norway for this group, but I guess LMs/the admin team will decide in the end. Either way, I'm sure @HDragon will run this group properly as an original member and I wish him the best of luck with this.
  13. I don't understand why you're trying to start shit to be honest but, I don't understand how Anarchy is the same as any of these other groups. Or how The Time, which is a slavery group is similar to any of these. Also if you bothered to even read, the wise men wasn't even ran, it was something Falk did on his own and archived it shortly after. Also can't understand how a mexican street gang (24th) is even remotely similar to these other groups. Also at least certain more effort was put in between each group and you can see that in how the threads were made, the graphics and so on. We were passi
  14. Totally don't agree with this, it's up to the person making a base to defend his/her base. If they can't do that properly they should not have a base. Also not easy to check when the owner is online or who the owner even is.
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