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"I got up and turned grass into meat so my family could eat."

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  1. JimRP

    Campfire Collection Sneak Peak.

    There's more coming soon boys, just hold on tight.
  2. JimRP

    Movies / TV series you'd recommend.

    The Wire is one of the best series by far.
  3. JimRP


    "Why am I fighting to live, if I'm just living to fight?
    Why am I trying to see, when there ain't nothing in sight?
    Why am I trying to give, when no one gives me a try?
    Why am I dying to live, if I'm just living to die?"

    1. Brayces


      You just call on me brother, when you need a hand
      We all need somebody to lean on
      I just might have a problem that you'll understand
      We all need somebody to lean on

  4. JimRP



    1. Brayces


      I'll be there for you
      (When the rain starts to pour)
      I'll be there for you
      (Like I've been there before)
      I'll be there for you
      ('Cause you're there for me too)

  5. JimRP

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    This group has a good run, sad to see this go. Archived on request.
  6. JimRP

    Na Buachaillí Glasa - [Closed Recruitment]

    Jog on. You're trying to claim something that you did not even make.
  7. JimRP

    Na Buachaillí Glasa - [Closed Recruitment]

    Unarchived on request.
  8. JimRP



    1. Samti


      I wouldn't guess you listen to The death south 😮

    2. Brayces


      I stumbled across this video the other day!!

    3. Samti


      @Braycesif you follow me you would have seen it earlier 😉

  9. JimRP

    Question for Devs - Regarding VOIP/Text bugs

    It's a DayZ issue, we haven't touched/modified voIP at all.
  10. JimRP

    Development Blog #1

    Huh, what?
  11. JimRP

    S1: Possible RDM? | Vybor Military Compound | 2018-11-16, ~18:35

    According to the logs you died by an infected.
  12. JimRP

    Development Blog #1

    The development blog is a new idea that me and the rest of the development team have been working on, to let you, the community know what the development has been working on as well as see your feedback about what we're working on, what in your opinion we should work on as well as answer questions that you might have for us. Throughout the past few weeks, the development team has been focusing on adjusting most of the basic DayZ functions to fit well with the theme of our server, which obviously is hardcore roleplay. Adjustments are being made to base building, other basic functions, the loot table as well as adding new objects, reskins etc to the game. On-top of that as I am pretty sure you're already aware, a mod collection (the campfire collection) is being worked on in the background aside of everything else that we're making. However, one crucial part of DayZ development is that with every update that Bohemia rolls out, a lot of things can break and things can get a little hectic. What that means is that the bigger that our code gets, there's more things that can go wrong. Obviously that means that we need to take things a little slowly and we need to try and be sure that changes we make are things that can easily be fixed and things that we are 100% sure the DayZ developers are not going to at some point in the future add themselves into the game. With that being said, here's a few words from the developers. Kerkkoh Last week I was working quite intensively on fixing everything after the patches and that has continued to this week as well. Even with a relatively small mod and a small codebase, the updates still manage to break a lot of things. On top of this, trying to figure workarounds for issues that the new patches introduce, has taken up a lot of time. This included fixing some of the server sided code that the item shop utilizes to spawn in its items and some server sided logging of player actions. I was able to finish some new textures for clothing as well and you should start seeing those items in loot soon enough. These new textures include some variations of the Gorka uniform (https://imgur.com/a/JflUozc), blacker raincoat and a black sweater (https://imgur.com/a/jOAAe48). I also made a variant of the stab vests that are a lot more like civilian bullet-resistant vests (https://i.imgur.com/DBwt8nj.png). These are obviously somewhat of a test run and something that I made on the side of scripting, so there’s definitely more to come. A lot of my recent work has also focused on making the loot better so that it reflects the community’s wishes. Updating the loot to at least somewhat represent the changes done in the recent updates has also been one of the things that have taken a lot of time. Right now there are a lot of things on my todo-list that I will work on in the future. Just to list a few things: Texture the new medication models Make destroying player built structures harder (done) Quality of life improvements in the admin tools Quality of life improvements in the game UI Make vehicles spawn in working condition (Due to them being unreliable with persistence) After finishing the things on my todo-list, I will consult with the community leads to take on new tasks just as I have before. Something interesting that I’m also looking into is how to bring a more authentic wintertime experience into DayZ for the holiday/winter season. This is something that might or might not happen in its full capacity but it would be really interesting to see the rain turned into snowfall, the visibility changes due to snow and a colder climate. Aeryes It has been a busy week for us all on the Developer Team. We have encountered many issues with the new move to Beta. Most of these issues are unfortunately out of our control as they are core DayZ issues and only Bohemia can fix them. However, we do have some great news about our new collections! The Campfire Collection won the vote! I have been working hard on compiling a list of items with the help of the community’s suggestions. I have also decided to add some teasers below to some items that are in development. Note that these are not fully finished items and are subject to change. We have added both the guitar and harmonica to the list of items to be added in the Campfire Collection. I hope that you guys enjoy the previews and know that we are hard at work developing new content and improving current content to enhance your roleplay experience. ShaneKOS Currently working on fixing the item shop stuff one of my plans for the future is to work on a MP3 player for dayz something similar to GTAV's user radio and for the future I plan on doing some stuff with guns if we're gonna be putting that kind of stuff on to the server. JimRP I have mainly been working on 3D modelling new things for the campfire collection as well as other things which the server might need in general. My bigger goal is to start working on new type of clothing/armor/holsters for the server as well as new weapons. However in order to get new guns into the server it is quite a tricky scenario and most of the new weapon mods which you might see usually imitate other weapons's reload animations and firing modes/recoil and damage (however these things can be customized through the gun's .cfg file). My other big project which will be way too deep into the background is a furniture system. What I want it to work like is a menu which will have different categories of objects which when clicked on will show a list of objects. Once an object is clicked, it will show a preview picture of the object to the right and when you decide to place it, it will work like normal base building with the hologram placing if you have the materials necessary to place the objects. This will surely enrich people's roleplay experiences as well as give people the opportunity to really make their own homes inside the game. Below I'll show you three of the models I've been working on, a hiking stick, a candle holder and a cooking rig. These are only three of the models that I've been working on alongside many other models for which I am hoping to soon be in the game. With all of the things above being said, we, the development can't wait to hear your feedback and any questions you might have. Until next time, we hope you have a fun time on our server and I hope you enjoyed our first entry.
  13. JimRP


    Going to be away for a while due to not being in the best mental state. 

    If you need anything development/PR related, send me a message here or on Discord.

    1. Brayces


      Here for you, buddy. ❤️ 

    2. Stagsview


      Take care Jim. Hope all is well, keep strong and don't let the demons eat you. 

    3. Farmer-BorisRP


      Im scared  dad

    4. KennethRP


      Take care Buddy and get Well. ❤️

    5. KyleRP


      Love you long time Jim, your bias will remain over us eternally, take care man

    6. JackZRP


      Warrior through the hard times Jim lad.

    7. lukaszxe


      Take care of yourself, Jim!

    8. RebelRP


      I see you fam, I understand

    9. LukeRP


      take care brother I am here for ya ❤️

    10. Aisling


      Take care Jim, hope you feel better soon

  14. JimRP

    Spawning with a Flashlight

    I think adding in a flashlight would be a good idea but at night it's not that hard to get around imo.
  15. JimRP

    Initiations in BETA

    Sometimes after typing in text it can freeze you so that is gonna be a lil tricky.