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end my life

"trust nobody"

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  1. "Missing my life again
    Who am I again?
    Missing my life again"


    "All my friends, said they miss the old me,
    I've got these bands, the .40 make me lonely,
    One click to send, people's love is over,
    They don't care, it's not fair,
    Was there for them, they really don't care, it's not fair,
    Fuck the memories, I'm gonna get this bag and fuck em up,
    Gave you all I had when I was down and you wanted more,

    All my friends stab me from the side, over dividends,
    How was I so blind? Designer brands, sure way too tight,
    Percs in my hand, sure makes it easier to go through life,
    My whole life I've fucked up, fucked up" 

    posted this song like 3 times, still an amazing song


  3. Hut mod used to cause a lot of crashes on a local server I used to run, so it will require some tweaking. I also don't remember if it offered inventory space and if so how much. Other than that I'm all up for it, sneaky stashes mod also.
  4. JimRP

    Shed HP

    They might impact raiding, I say record people doing this and report for griefing. We can't control HP of certain sheds, it's either all the sheds or none. So either a rule for sheds depending on how they're placed, or recording people for griefing and reporting.
  5. "People say I’m crazy, I’m just telling you my life
    Don’t make me go and grab the mop and clean up tonight
    Mummy used to cry, now we doing fine
    I make sure I got my leathers, like I ride a bike
    The phones don’t stop, my jewelry cost a lot
    Fuck boys wanna try, I’ll have your face on a top
    If feds try pulling me, I ain’t gonna stop
    My traps open all day, it’s coming like a shop"

    1. Kordruga


      frfr 🥵

  6. "If I I want to I will cut you, I will make you feel my pain
    If I need to I will bleed you, I will make you go insane
    When the time comes I will sacrifice my love in the moonlight"

  7. JimRP

    The Saints

    Let's go baby, can't wait for this.
  8. No, it's just a popularity contest.
  9. Ah yes, it depends, it opens registrations on the 1st and 15th of each month I think.
  10. Very impressive, you should join CGPeers and grab some resources/tuts and stuff if you wanna learn more about weapons etc. Overall though, very nice.
  11. Nice work, you model these from scratch or do you use daz etc?
  12. "Took it all the way
    It goes away
    Then it comes back again
    Damn, I guess you lost another friend
    And i'm sad and she sad too
    If I die then I had to
    My life is turned upside-down, like why?"

    1. TurkRP


      loveyou habibi

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