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  1. Dimitri Tsepov was born in Pontus, Turkey. Dimitri Tsepov was born and raised in the region of the southern coast of the Black Sea, Pontus, near-by Trabezon in a really small village. The roots of his family originate from the Christian Pontic Greeks that remained throughout the area (including Trabezon and Kars in northeastern Turkey/the Russian Caucasus). He was brought up for the early stages of his life by a very caring family that only wanted to bring the best to their son, educating him well by actually homeschooling him for most of his life due to them not really being able to be in a position where they can properly pay for his education, but rather wanting him to teach other things which they considered mostly important in life. He was always a really silent person and tried to stay away from trouble, as much as he was able to. His parents were for the most part positive on the whole idea of raising a free-minded person. His father was an every-day type of person, working as a manager at a local grocery store. His mother however was a troubled personality. She grew up as an orphan and the only thing that kept her mind clear through her struggles with her life was art, something she made sure to transfer to Dimitri as a kid. However, both his parents were also majorly involved in the communist party of turkey, known as TKP, actively protesting against the universally known and pressuring government of Turkey, as well as the Cabinet of Turkey. A few years into his childhood, at the age of 9, both his parents were forced to move out of Turkey due to their involvement with TKP and the constant pressure and treatment from the government. Moving to Russia was the stepping stone for the downfall of Dimitri's family. Both his parents were found unemployed (even though his mother sort of already was) in a country that their kind was not that welcome, even a century and more after the Pontic massacre. That meant that they had no power and they were bound to be bullied wherever they went, as well as be discriminated against for their origin. Dimitri quickly picked up the language whilst spending the majority of his life within Russia. However, he spent most of his time in the ghetto, barely scraping by in school - not being able to express his artistic side, not given the means to actually show what he was really worth. Of course, Dimitri was also really active during his teens with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and participated in a lot of activities as well as mass protests. Dimitri always had his own fight with his ideals and his beliefs to try and figure out what it was that he really wanted, what he really thought was better for himself along with everyone else. He always believed that everyone should be free, everyone should do what they want to do. However at the same time, he knew deep inside that, nothing was going to happen until people worked together. He would always try to gather people in his neighborhood to hang out with and look after their own street, trying to help the elders of their little community and so on.
  2. Let's do this brothers, onwards.
  3. Why would cults not be a thing because the lore is still 'young'? It is still real life where cults have existed for a long, long time.
  4. 103971049_541692480046726_68608852231294

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      PornHub comments section is the most wholesome comments section of the Internet IMHO. 

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      Yeah, tons of people have that brief post nut clarity in the comment section. It's a good place to hang out 😄 


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      Whats good cutie

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  6. Exactly what this man said @G_DateLR, the group was used that many times simply because it's successful, people enjoyed RPing within it and in the last iteration it was the most successful one, of course it won't be a copypasta of the old Anarchy, it'll be a different iteration with different goals and maybe a different belief system. I'm sorry but this is false, Anarchy gave the opportunity to groups to band together and fight against it, which in return provided tons of amazing roleplay for all - the RP from the redwood radio, the Odezva RP with the wanted people, the licenses and shit like that, that gave people a reason to go around the map, talk to people, hide from people, band together, RP fear. If you refuse to see that just out of pure spite that you didn't win the war and people left because they couldn't win or something like that I dunno what to tell you because even if it's not Anarchy, I'm sure @Ryan Shepherd can agree with me on this one - it'll be a different "Anarchy" this time around, there's always a villain in every story. Anyhow, this topic isn't about discussing if Anarchy's going to come back or not and I dunno why it was turned into that.
  7. Anarchy will come back soon. Everyone within the group had fun with the general concept of RP that came with being within Anarchy and most people we encountered liked the RP also, at least I got the feeling from the countless posts and DMs I got about bringing Anarchy back. Won't be the exact same copy pasta and god knows if it'll be as successful or as fun or whatever but I guess we'll see.
  8. Good job to everyone. Proud of everyone in the development team, especially @Watchman . and @Roland Also proud of the LM team, good job to @Brayces & co.
  9. 465108-oppenheimer-and-bomb.jpg

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      Dr. Manhatten himself, I have become death, Robert Oppenheimer himself!

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      @Stagsview make it happen

  10. "Why do we die at an early age?
    He was so young but still a victim of the 12 gauge
    My memories of a corpse, mind full of sick thoughts
    And I ain't goin back to court, so fuck what you thought!
    I'm drinkin' Hennessey, runnin' from my enemies
    Will I live to be 23? There's so much pain"

  11. Yes. I also think that eventually if we add traders, that will add a reason for people to grind even when people aren't around to RP trade stuff. And whether it's decided that you can't rob people just cause they might possibly have money or not, it will be a bonus if you find money on the person you are initiating on or a base you might raid.

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      why so sad when you so cute?

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      gimme a kiss @JimRP

  13. fucking tired of having to find a new apartment every year 🤦‍♂️

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