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  1. JimRP

    Amnesty Who?

    Because I do not want some people in my community (so does Rolle) like I clearly stated in the post you just quoted? What are we debating here? Setting a higher amount for a 100% sure accepted amnesty? No, it is not happening.
  2. JimRP

    Amnesty Who?

    Dunno why this threas is still a thing, if I do not want someone in my community they are never getting back in. Same for Roland, we both have to agree.
  3. JimRP

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    Calling in @JHontz1917 for her/his PoV. 06:31:12 : Player #122 Mia Weaver disconnected
  4. JimRP

    Amnesty Appeal.

    Accepted, be more careful in the future and don't rack up points again.
  5. JimRP

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    Choof choof we're back.
  6. JimRP

    S1 - KOS, No time to comply @Zub Castle - 16March2019 - 23:20

    @Symplekti admits to giving OP no time to comply and will be punished for Invalid Kill.
  7. JimRP

    S1: Invalid Kill - Kabanino - 2019-03-18 : 21:12

    Since you talked it out, the report will be dropped.
  8. JimRP


    "Let me bleed, watch me die
    I got golden teeth, she got bright green eyes
    She's my fantasy, she only comes at night
    She don't know 'bout me, what goes on inside
    I'll let you feel my pain if you would get me high"

  9. JimRP

    Amnesty Who?

    If me and Roland both don't agree on an amnesty then the person is not let back in, it's that simple. If someone offers x100 the amnesty fee and I'm still saying no on their amnesty, I'll still be saying no, no matter how many times they offer to pay their amnesty over.
  10. JimRP

    S1: Invalid Kill - Kabanino - 2019-03-18 : 21:12

    We need the full video @Nargulok. You recorded your desktop and could've hidden something.
  11. JimRP



  12. JimRP


    "I got a feeling that im not gonna be here for next year
    So lets laugh a little before im gone
    I've been dreaming of this shit for awhile now
    She dont love me but shes singing my song
    Oh no
    I dont feel much pain
    Got a knife in my back and a bullet in my brain

  13. Bolat was born a couple of years before the second (civil) Chechen war, on a bright Sunday morning (on the 15th of March of 1997). His birth was like any other and due to him being the fourth sibling in his family, his birth was almost treated like a regular occasion and no special treatment was given to him. His mother, Anya was busy working all day in a factory nearby and his father Dzhamalay was busy working for the army as a Commander. For the first couple of years, his father had more time to raise him and be there for him on a day to day to basis but in 1999 the unforeseen happened and the second Chechen war occurred. Obviously that meant, that it was that year the last that Bolat ever saw his father, a lot of men were imprisoned by Russians for being so called supporters of the Caucasian front and a lot of people were shot dead without question. From there on he was raised by his mother and his grandparents who fortunately enough were unable to serve in the army due to their age but also due to his mother working near-by at a hospital in Grozny, obviously until the end of the war this state was to be known as a state owned by Chechnya, a nation with a long history and with a lot of pride on it's back. Bolat was raised somewhat normally despite the atrocities that the Russian government authorized the Chechen Republic to commit. At the age of 11, a year before the Chechen war was to end, his family decided it was best for them to move near-by due to the fact of it being obvious who was going to win the war and due to his father being accused of working with the Caucasian front, their only way out was moving to Zabolotye, a quiet town where they lived for many years to come. There, Bolat was able to have a normal life and more importantly he was able to study the art of medicine, studying to become a general practitioner. However, his studies were cut short by the apocalypse. Even with his little knowledge, Bolat was appointed to a refugee zone like most people in Chernarus were at the time.
  14. JimRP


    "You know it's fucked when the pain feel nice
    Cheap liquor on ice, nice
    I'm tryna get you out my head tonight (tonight)
    I'm tryna get you out my fucking life (fucking life, right)"

    1. Watchman



  15. JimRP

    Halo on pc

    I wanted to buy a xbox when I was little just to play Halo, pretty excited for this.
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