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  1. If someone gets excessive with it I suggest you just type in OOC // I don't feel comfortable with you saying that, could you please stop? But in general I suggest you try to understand that IC is IC and OOC is OOC, people don't want to abuse you OOCly at any point while you play, it's just characters in a fictional environment.
  2. JimRP

    Hope Burns Bright!

    *Dimitri Tarasov reaches for his radio, yawning.* "If 9 of us managed to shoot down about 24 or more people, imagine what's going to happen when we come on down with 25 people." *Dimitri laughs as he throws his radio towards Jonathan.*
  3. OP was killed because he was in a trio of people that was on the island in a meeting discussing plans against our group, he was taken hostage and then we were discussing demands to release the trio, our friend was shot at by the group ON the island, we told them to not shoot or else the hostage would die. As you can tell, our group member was shot at, so we executed the hostage. EDIT: We're currently in a firefight but I msg'd OP, we'll talk right after the FF. EDIT 2: Talked it all out with the OP, everything's alright!
  4. Happy birthday to the man, the myth, the legend @NozzyRP.
  5. Anarchy usually announces it's location(s) and we haven't really moved since we put up our checkpoint. The rest of the groups usually run into our checkpoint but to my understanding most of the groups are usually constantly on the move.
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      check pm please?

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    PR Manager When 

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    Welcome back to our world

  10. JimRP

    A weak signal breaks through the static....

    *Dimitri speaks into the radio again.* "This man thinks the radio is some sort of dating platform, he only responds to young women, oh well, what to expect of a kiddy fiddler. Keep ignoring our words, you won't be able to ignore us when we're in your face old man." *Dimitri drops his radio.*
  11. JimRP

    A weak signal breaks through the static....

    *Dimitri nudges Fae, picking up her radio as he laughs, pressing his PTT.* "Bro, what are you talking about? You keep broadcasting, talking this, talking that, our boys will be down there to burn down everything today and make you pay until you have no clothes to wear on your body. You pick fight with the wrong people old man, hahaha." *Dimitri would chuckle, standing up as he'd begin to once again talk into his radio.* "Listen here old man, you might have snuck one person past someone and gotten a few guns or some ammo, but that does not matter, we do not rely on quantity, we rely on quality - five of us taking twenty something of you for example. Keep sending your "holy" troops to fight, even if it's not you sending them, this goes to everyone listening, we'll kill them all one by one, you foolish, foolish bastards. Until you realize that you have to follow our word and do our bidding, you will pay for each foul word and each foul action, so watch your words. You might be hiding behind your radio but we got eyes and ears everywhere and people who'd give you to us instantly to be on our good side, so I suggest you look around your room again and think." *Dimitri chucks the radio back to Fae and slumps back down.*
  12. "Ain't been no sellout, been no fake, I ain't been hard to reach
    I just do the same shit that n*ggas do for me
    Yeah, yeah, ten nine, holler ten when we slide
    Eight seven, 'nother n*gga on channel eleven"

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      i fux wit dis

  13. JimRP

    [Urgent Broadcast] To Anarchy and Lorcan!

    *Dimitri yawns as he listens to this.* "Hey, you Runner fella, you still owe us a thousand rounds for the illegal guns we found. Every single time we run into you, you do what you do best, running. You're not defending anyone, if Anarchy wants to rob people - we'll rob people, we don't need your permission or anyone else's, you keep sending 'em poor people to their death down to us though, we got too much ammo to spare. So yeah, stick it to hiding at the border around your little campfire. Now when it comes to this "Lorcan" dude, he's not affiliated to us and we do not condone his activities, if we find him he will be properly dealt with like any other threats to society." *Dimitri lets go of his PTT.*
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