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  1. Heyyyyyyyyyy sosig 321

    1. JimRP
    2. Dew


      bro shutup

  2. JimRP


    Just disable certain item categories from being put in there.
  3. so i cant apply? @neom make me proud
  4. Yeah but a trader is still always there with static prices and they weren't that unbiased.
  5. Yes. The lifeless NPC is always there.
  6. Yeah but they were not used that much, where-as a NPC trader that will always be there without any feelings or bias will be much better.
  7. Throughout my entire time on DayZRP I barely ever saw anyone do some legitimate trader RP or establish a trader outpost.
  8. You're adding traders, oh my god. Thank fuck. In general I feel like adding more content through mods would be great, I feel like with DayZRP adding mods has always been a tricky subject but opening up to the addition of more, would be great. I also think that considering the possibility of unbanning some people if not a mass unban would greatly help. Times have went by and people have changed, most of the people that got banned were loyal players that would come back in a heartbeat. Also I don't agree with banning "offensive content", you yourself have said that you don't like the safe space type of RP Roland so I don't think it's gonna work out great in the end, people will have a hard time containing themselves like always and end up complaining about it.
  9. To my understanding, ideological differences are not allowed anymore. And for what? This will just give the opposite style of RP where people will just rub shit that would otherwise make some people initiate on them, they will now just rub it in people's faces and expect to get away with it. I agree with let's say homophobia, but other different type of extreme RP gave people a reason to fear others. This type of RP set DayZRP as more unique than other servers.
  10. neom gang signs Maybe, but we won't know until we try. Traders are one of those things where yeah, surely some shit will come with it but it's worth it for the exchange. I agree, it's very easy to put a rule to initiate within 600m in a radius outside the trader, that way the person has many options to go off to without being robbed.
  11. That's why we just use the trader mod which is an AI with no feelings or bias. Then it's fully up to the players. Obviously there can be rules that make sure that none of this is abused too, only thing that can be abused is people camping outside traders but that's it.
  12. That was in 2014, it's 2020 and this is a completely and a wildly more different community.
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