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  1. I have yet to see Chernarussian lopotev supporters. Maybe it's because we took people's weapons of war away from them. When the country needed to be stabilized. Most people don't like that because it's grandpappy's M4/SVD/AK/50cal "bear hunting rifle" and it had a lot of sentimental value. But I also think that the CLF are doing an outstanding job with propaganda. It's not something the RAC has even tried to do to my knowledge. Does it bother me, not really. It's a roleplay game. People are here to have fun, not make sense. And I'm hearing a lot of people are having fun. I'm interested to know how the lore will progress. Hopefully S2 Q4 won't be the pre-lorewipe anarchist wastelands already. But I think the LM' have an ace up their sleeve. So we'll see about that. Tl;dr things don't have to make sense for people to have fun.
  2. Group looks lit! This can't go wrong with @DrMax being the group leader. Hope to see you soon! Good luck!
  3. I honestly don't care if we get raided. That just means we have more confiscating to do. So more RP for us anyway. It's too bad people only do it when nobody is around. But it's obvious that they don't do it when people are around. It's unrealistic that someone can do this to a military F.O.B. but this whole game is unrealistic. It's unfair to ban raiding at certain times due to people who live in other timezones. They won't even get a chance to raid if it's forbidden for them in their "peak" hours. Even though it would be nice if people could properly RP. You just can't enforce it in any way.
  4. LOL "Fix game please" or else... The game's still as shit as it always was. If they knew what to do to fix it, they'd have done it. Maybe you should try and figure out where they should start looking for a fix. Oh wait, it's complicated and it takes time. Sit back, relax. Play your broken game and let the big boys handle it.
  5. Maybe it's just me, but I can't see shit at night. Especially when it's daytime irl.
  6. Had an interesting interaction with you lot today. I'm looking forward to RP more with this group as the lore progresses. Keep doing what you're doing monkey bois.
  7. @Malet hit the nail on it's head. There's no reason to play on S2 if you want interaction with the lorefactions. So much time has been spent on making them, and getting them to fit in the lore, building their prefabs and so on. Go to S2 and you find "Dave" who's plane crashed and he is the only survivor. Or Pete, who washed ashore on the Island of Chernorussia. And is now surviving in his ghillie suit to find the cure for the disease. But is also a US navy seal special forces united nations nato soldier.
  8. Been in the queue for over an hour. started at 11. Now at 8. Got to 4. There's so many people able to skip the queue. The regular people can't even get in. I can't afford buying diamond. Seems like regular people don't get to play in peek hours.

    1. Strawberry


      Imagine if you worked those hours, you could have afforded diamond. Damn

    2. cheeks


      If only I could have. Sadly I do not decide when I can get to work.

    3. Strawberry


      Now thats a you problem 

    4. DrMax


      It's okay cheeks. I enjoy listening to you get mad when I push in front.. 🙂 

    5. Solo


      Broke boi 😉 

  9. We all know where this came from lmao. Good one, have my beans. Seems like there's not only can opener bandits but also can opener (supersoldier)heroes.
  10. Given the poll. You can see 86% voted for chernarus. That's a big, big majority. So the LM team should focus on Chernarus. It's simply the better and more preferred map. Thus it should get the focus of the LM and event team.
  11. Holy moly, that's some detailed shit. Good work greener!
  12. This roster looks lit. I'm looking forward to the RP!
  13. Kolya was born in Stavropol, in the Russian federation. It was a medium sized city. When he was younger he went to go camping with his father and brother. Sometimes his mom and sister would come along. It was a nice family. When Kolya was a kid his family moved to Chernarus. Father worked as a logger. And his mother was a housewife. In the 2009 civil war Kolya’s brother was struck by a stray bullet. Which put him in a wheelchair. The family went through a tough time. But they managed to become stronger. After three full years of recovery, his brother was back on his feet. And he could walk again. Kolya’s sister became a nurse and enlisted in the army. She was part of a medical company within the RAC. Kolya was always looking up to his sister. so when Kolya was 22 he enlisted for the RAC too. He was trained in Russia and in Chernarus. After his training was done Kolya was put into the 34th infantry brigade. After a while the brigade got moved to the town of Vybor to garrison the region of South Zagoria.
  14. When the lorewipe teaser hits just right
  15. I'd love to see this mod implemented. Though @Woodzie is right about the monetization.
  16. Chernarus S2 and 100 slots? pog

  17. Exciting stuff to see. It's like chernarus+ but better.
  18. I don't see why not. +1
  19. Was this being streamed by someone as a spectator? I can't seem to find anything other than people's pov's.
  20. @Truemonkh. Server time is on the top right of your screen. Under your profile.
  21. Troland back at it again. Good to see that this might be added.
  22. Team Name: The oceanmans Player 1: @Harvey Player 2: @cheeks Backup gamer (If 1 of the above doesn't make it): none.
  23. I was new with the lorewipe. At first I was asking myself why everyone was acting different. I was new to RP. My first character Baz Saunders was a police academy student. It started with the gorka PD with @VodkaWolf. I still remember being in Vybor. And a fight broke out. Eventually someone pulled out a shotgun and shot a guy in the face. I stunned him with my baton and arrested him like the whitename I was. Eventually we met the UN. We were on good terms and eventually I joined. When in the UN, there was so much happening around us. You had to stand guard duty. There was people stealing. There were murderers around, but nobody knew who they were. We were attacked but also made our allies. In the UN I fell in love with RP. I met so many great people. @Lemons, @Mademoiselle, @Razareth, @derNils, @Spartan, @Harvey, @Dino and @DrMax. Just to name a few. I still remember the evac. Some of these people I've now met in real life. After the UN dissolved the remnants stayed behind. The last light was formed. After that I wanted to try a Chernarussian Character. I got in touch with @Grimnir, @Solo, @Doc Holiday, @groovy willsky and @Combine. First there was "The northern front", some time later "The Kozlovs" were formed. I will never forget Kozlovka Rodina. I was a part in several Chernarussian groups. Either as a civi or as military personnel. From Zdesji, to dalsi stranka to the 31st NBC. I've seen all sorts of RP. And I've tried it all. For me it was my first real interaction with RP and it changed me. I met so many awesome people and I want to thank the community as a whole. I'm going to keep playing as a local. Slava Chernarus!
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