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  1. BeanZ WAR

  2. Big thanks to @Lemons, @Faith and @Karma for the great time today! love you guys!
  3. @Lyca @Faith @Lemons @DarkStyle @Iso @VodkaWolf @RogueSolace. Maybe I forgot a few. But I loved all of your RP today. Thx guys!
  4. Safe zone discussion

    thanks man
  5. Safe zone discussion

    Now i see that the zone is "active" where are the rules for it?
  6. Safe zone discussion

    I think you should keep things the way they are. Hostility is a part of this game. Ofcourse you could go somewhere else for hostileRP, but for me, the thought of never being completely safe is good and realistic. Severograd is a good example of this. Now I have not been here a lot since it is just too crouded for me, but I think that Severograd and all the other hotspots before like: Kabanino, Chernogorsk etc. are a good place to RP and meet people. Applying rules tho these safezone will be a pain in the ass. Like where are the borders? When are the rules applying? How does my character know it is safe, and when not? will people be waiting to be hostile when rules don't apply anymore? All in all, i think that a safezone will cause confusion. I'd say, just stick to how hotspots are now and how they were before. This is my opinion on this subject. Remember: it's just an opinion.
  7. The Last Light

    yeah bois, let's go!
  8. The Last Light

    You guys managed to do it again, I am so happy to take part in this awesome group. Big shoutout to all the people who worked on this!
  9. Gamescom 2017

    I am going there as well. unfortunately I cannot play the beta since I am under 18.... i might hang around the bohemia boot. I am probably going to ask some questions myself.
  10. Gamescom 2017

    So, i was browsing trough all the forum topics. And i was wondering if there are any people from this awesome community that going to gamescom 2017.
  11. [GAME] Continue the Story

    he did not care and started
  12. [GAME] Continue the Story

    he then realized that
  13. DayZRP Community Memes

    I am not asuming any genders here. You can replace the word "men" with "wahmen" in your mind.
  14. Hello Cieciero. This topic has also interested me. Altough I think that i have a reason why there are so many foreigners in South Zagoria. Mainly because my caracter is a foreigner himself. Personally i have a very bad eastern accent, and i don't know a lot about the eastern culture itself. I think a lot of people are comfortable to RP their own culture and nationality because it is a lot easier to RP with your own nationality. At least that is my POV on this situation. I hope I cleared things up a bit. Feel free to reply if you want . Greetings Cheeks.
  15. DayZ Inception

    hey dude, I think i was the other private who you were talking to. I had the same thoughts as you did hahaha.