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  1. Greetings everyone!

    And i thought my name would be special. Haha. Nice to have you here man, have fun @culem davus!
  2. Spartans media thread

    Damn that singing was bad, but good!
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    LMG mounted and loaded! -Our lord and saviour Tachanka


    1. Spartan


      Ready to fuck shit up

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    You don't look very comfortable..


    1. cheeks


      Hahahaa, just found out a bed is way more comfortable then some barbed wire.

  3. very exited to play my new character with @Harvey

  4. Nikolai Svoboda

    Nikolai was born in Novigrad. He was the son of Emil and Lenna. His dad has been strict since he was very little. Nikolai did very good in primary school. But only had a few friends. As he went to middle school he came to the conclusion that things were getting a whole lot harder. When he was 8 the family moved from Novigrad to Chernogorsk because of his fathers work. Two years later in 2009 the civil war broke out that's when Nikolai fled to novigrad with his mom. His dad which was in the army had to stay and fight. After the civil war his dad moved back in with the family in Novigrad. From the age of 13 he started working in the groceries store on the corner of the street. He didn't really enjoy the work itself but he had a very nice group of colleagues which he'd used to hang around with a lot. Not a lot changed in Nikolai's life until in 2014 his mom died in a carcrash. Nikolai was devestated of this and his grades decreased a lot. He'd drink to relieve the pain, often alone but sometimes with his friends. There was one girl however who really cared about him. Her name was Petra. They knew each other for a very long time but they never thought they'd be falling in love. The death of his mother also caused his dad to release his anger on Nikolai on a verbal level. He'd make him feel neglected and worthless. Because of this he started to sleep at Petra's place one day in the week, then two then three times. Eventually he was at her place more often then he was at home. He started enjoying life a lot more when he was with Petra. His dad did not really care about what he did and Nikolai would very rarely visit his dad on the weekends. Until in the summer of 2017 a big ammount of people got sick. An epedemic occured in South Zagoria. A lot of citizens from Novigrad moved to Miroslavl. Petra and her parents moved westwards. While Nikolai's dad forced him to go to Miroslavl. Nikolai would often be crying when he was alone. He had made a couple friends in Miroslavl. They were all telling each others how they ended up there, who they lost and how. They were all getting sick of being stuck in this god forsaken place untill one of his friends came up with a plan. They would sneak out of the camp to go and live on their own. But they needed supplies. The following months they would scavenge food, water and a lot of other things that were needed. They needed one more thing. something to defend themselves with. Nikolai knew his dad brought at least two guns. That's when he decided to steal his dad's pistol and took a box of extra ammunition. They left the same day. Heading eastwards towards the city of Chernogorsk where one of his friends used to live and where they could live from now on. On the way to the east they got ambushed by a bunch of robbers. Nikolai was the only one not to get captured. He saw his friends being taken and getting beaten up. That's when he reached out for his pistol and grabbed it. It was in between his back and his belt. He never used the pistol. All he knew was that he would have to point it in a direction and pull the trigger. he carefully rested his pistol in both his hands and fired at the robbers until they stopped moving. He reloaded the magazine with ammo into the pistol and carefully decided to move up. only to find four dead robbers and his friends with their throats slit open. This made him so sick that he threw up. He cried for about 10 minutes sitting infront of a group of dead people. Only to be interrupted by an approaching horde of sick people. They must have been attracted by the gunfire. He quickly grabbed the most important things he could find, and without thinking started running and running and runnin.
  5. Feel like making an alt character to mix things up a bit.

    1. Razareth



    2. Ehh


      Cheeks wanna be my fellow Chernarussian?



    3. cheeks


      @Harvey  Yes man! seems awesome! We'll discuss this later on TS okay?

  6. Got back after a small break of dayz. Got to see some great roleplay. Love you guys all @Harvey, @Mademoiselle, @Malet, @Razareth, @Spartan.
  7. Newcomer.... Thing

    welcome to the community. I hope you'll enjoy your time here! Have fun and hopefully, see you in game.
  8. Today's been a shit day. Feel like playing officer drunk :D

    1. DrMax


      Lock away the kids...

    2. Spartan


      Hide your wifes

  9. Hello!

    Welcome, to the community. I hope you enjoy your time here, and have lots of fun. See you IG!
  10. Frogs Fotoshops [and other Media]

    This is so perfect. This really made my day hahaha.
  11. Big thanks to everyone in at the pub. For me too it was quite an experience RP'ing drunk. I had great joy doing it. You know if you were there or not. I cannot name you all, but thx for the great roleplay!
  12. Thanks to everyone who i RP'ed with today. Had great fun today. @Drbeans, it was short but great roleplay. @Faith, @Dino, @Malet, @DrMax and @Mace. Thank you!
  13. Leave - Kinks

    take care, hope to see you back some time.