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  1. cheeks


    I'm firmly against big storages and base buidling. If you want a base. Make a group and create a prefab.
  2. I agree on you with that. I'd have it removed.
  3. Servers are probably stable because it was removed. Not so sure about adding this back...
  4. Fatality! dude got yeeted.
  5. When I started in this community I felt uncomfortable playing as a local. I thought that if I made a mistake, that people would judge me on that. Well, some people may do that. But the majority of people actually tried to help and encourage me. Of all my characters that I had, only one was from the country where I am from, the Netherlands. That was my first character. After that I had multiple different Chernarussian characters with different backgrounds. I started getting into roleplaying as locals way more. Before my Livonian character I also tried a Russian character. Which was a lot of fun. For me it's fun to experience something new. I even asked for a Livonian/Polish speaking guide. That people eventually made, which I am grateful for since I don't speak any Polish. And it that was really helpful and joyful. Just to know a little bit of the language and the accent. Even though mine is not the best, I still try and do my best. I encourage people who might feel a bit bored. Or people who want something new to go out of your comfort zone and try something new. It's very fun! Chwala Livonia!
  6. Can't see shit at night at all. Especially when I am playing during IRL daytime. -1
  7. We got approved. Here we go boys and girls!
  8. Dayzrp was never a safe space and let's keep it that way. What happens in game stays there and is not taken ooc. Anyway, the sickness is annoying but easy to get rid off. As far as I have had it. If you're quick, one tetra or one charcoal tablet can take care of it. I wouldn't mind it getting removed. But that's not due to COVID 19.
  9. Been waiting on this for a long time. Happy to see it. Will use this for sure in further RP. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Livonia will thrive again! Chwala Livonia
  11. people can build plenty of other things with the building tools that you have fun gathering. I wonder though, what's so fun about building quadruple airlocks and honeycombed walls? It must be something I don't understand. I mean, you can still have an airlock to do the decontamination RP in. It just doesn't fit having an airlock that has four doors. Maybe in Rust or non roleplay servers. But not for Dayzrp. Also why heavily fortify bases anyway? I can get it if a group wants to have a place that's walled off, sure. A group has it's place for their own, to control who comes in. And who goes out. But why add multiple layers? One layer can keep just as many people out as two layers. On another note. Sure looking for tools to raid with might be fun to RP. But with honeycombed Rust walls and quadruple airlocks. What's the point of collecting them? If it's going to take multiple hours getting inside somewhere anyway? Hell, a group can even make their own prefab. Isn't that more fun and way cooler? They can use a lot more than just wooden and metal walls and gates. A group can make something that really fits their own style. Something that fits with the group. All in all, I don't think that limiting airlocks and multiple layered walls will prevent creativity, fun and roleplay. I think it prevents hoarding, and improves RP. Seeing that you actually have to figure something out, roleplay wise, when people are in front of a base. Because they might actually be a threat. Instead of shouting behind the safety of the quadruple airlocks and watertight walls. Knowing that you are 100% safe behind you own walls.
  12. That would discourage hoarding. +1 from me.
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