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  1. Gamescom 2017

    I am going there as well. unfortunately I cannot play the beta since I am under 18.... i might hang around the bohemia boot. I am probably going to ask some questions myself.
  2. Gamescom 2017

    So, i was browsing trough all the forum topics. And i was wondering if there are any people from this awesome community that going to gamescom 2017.
  3. [GAME] Continue the Story

    he did not care and started
  4. [GAME] Continue the Story

    he then realized that
  5. DayZRP Community Memes

    I am not asuming any genders here. You can replace the word "men" with "wahmen" in your mind.
  6. Hello Cieciero. This topic has also interested me. Altough I think that i have a reason why there are so many foreigners in South Zagoria. Mainly because my caracter is a foreigner himself. Personally i have a very bad eastern accent, and i don't know a lot about the eastern culture itself. I think a lot of people are comfortable to RP their own culture and nationality because it is a lot easier to RP with your own nationality. At least that is my POV on this situation. I hope I cleared things up a bit. Feel free to reply if you want . Greetings Cheeks.
  7. DayZ Inception

    hey dude, I think i was the other private who you were talking to. I had the same thoughts as you did hahaha.
  8. Baz Saunders

    I am Baz Saunders, son of Jed and Emily Saunders. Baz was a somewhat reserved kid. He was born and raised in the Netherlands. Life there was amazing. His mom was always at home. His dad was an officer in the army. In school he was among the somewhat smarter kids. From a very young age, Baz already wanted to be a police officer. sometimes he went fishing with his dad, or they'd go to a camping in a forest where his dad taught him how to survive in the wild. After he finished his school he went to a police school. He loved it, this is what he had dreamt for his entire life. After a few years he graduated and started working for the Dutch police force. He had seen so many things, good but unfortunatley also bad things. But that is part of the job. He was glad that he could help the citizens and always talked to them when he had the chance, while on duty. His dad told him about the situation in a place called Chernarus. There was a civil war going on there almost a decade ago. Things happened there that should not have happened. His dad was sent on a mission on one of the NATO ships. Baz and his mother only received a couple calls when he was on his way there. In the last call his dad told him that he may not see him ever again. Baz watched the news every day. The infection was spreading in the world and every day got more chaotic. Every day he had his hands full of protecting the people from the infected. All the european army's were trying to fend off the infected, but it were too many. He had to take care for himself and his mother, who got sick. He got his mother on a plane to the USA because they were told that there was a treatment there.The plane crashed in the sea and the reason is still unknown. Baz did not want to leave his citizens but he had to, He had to survive. He grouped up with a bunch of other police officers and soldiers, took everything they could use, weapons, food, water, ammunition and left. Left to survive this world of madness and insanity. It only took a few months before the whole of Europe was overrun. On his travels he had lost his friends, some died, some got lost. Now he is Alone in a place he does not know, trying to survive this world of madness on his own.