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  1. Dorality

    I'm no longer underage

    yeah they never let me back in, they wanted a picture of me holding my ID next to my face smh
  2. Dorality

    I'm no longer underage

    email sent
  3. Dorality

    I'm no longer underage

    So I got blacklisted a while back for being 15 when you have to be 16 to play, I wish it didn't occur being that I had been on the server and been a contributing member for months, but I kinda see where you guys were coming from. Anyways, yesterday was my birthday and I remembered that I can be on here again now (hopefully). Is there any way I can get the blacklist removed? If so, Id really appreciate it as I absolutely adore the community.
  4. Dorality

    need help asap

    caught a guy with our car at our tents stealing, shot him, he combat logged after he went unconcious. can someone check logs to see who it was? our car has been gone for a while and we finally caught him in the act
  5. Dorality

    Leaving my group

    alright man, thanks
  6. Dorality

    Leaving my group

    I would like to delete it, made a new character with a completely different personality and the old group wasn't working out in the first place
  7. Dorality

    Leaving my group

    I don't have this option, I have edit or transfer membership
  8. Dorality

    Leaving my group

    My group got archived and I was wondering how I would go about leaving or deleting it.
  9. Dorality

    Logo Required...?

    Oh my God, forgot man. Sorry. Won't happen again!
  10. Dorality

    Logo Required...?

    yes please
  11. Dorality

    Logo Required...?

    I want to start a group called The Vigilantes and I have 3 or 4 members who said they'd join, but the only problem is that I am required to make a logo. I know for certain I would do a horrible job and I know no one that would do it. Suggestions?
  12. Dorality

    How long does it take for your whitelist app to be reviewed?

    ah okay, appreciate it. I hope I get accepted too man I've been trying for a few days to get that test right lol
  13. Dorality

    How long does it take for your whitelist app to be reviewed?

    Been about 24 hours without it being accepted or denied, just wondering
  14. Dorality

    • Dorality
    • Dan

    song name?

    1. Dan



    2. Dorality