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  1. Not sure how many of you know how radios actualy work.. but you can onoy have one active radio on a frequency If there would be two players with "taped PPT" neither would be able to transmit. If there is just one they would still block all comunication between others
  2. Arent those dates suposed to be more of "we are suposed to take care/start providing this service by this time" rather then "this has to end on this date" as op make it seem like?
  3. What about if you plan to assault an event do not do it before it starts? Let it run for a while, assaultwhen its over or about to be over, that way everyone would get theyr kind of fun. Or even better tell those that make the event that you wish to attack them and come with something interesting together so that the event could possibly get even better for everyone?
  4. You probably dont remember me, I do rember you (both ic and ooc) and your ideas Its been an honor *bows head*
  5. At one point I did. He told I didnt need it @Chief Unless that was meant as a mentor in which case I ll take it as a compliment @Buddy no sir ooc, makes me feel too damm old @Santa sorry bud, but I dont remember playing any pope, besides I would find that white gown too unpractical for surviving apocalypse. Everyone else (would mention but using phone and its damm unhandy) thanks for the welcom backs
  6. i poped into way too many people to count, however never been a character that did big stuff and/or was well remembered before the wipe most people refered to me as "firefighter" since i roled in firefighter uniform and exterminating zombies in smaller vilages after the wipe i was just one of the guys in nato @Puncture if you remember either of these than its entirely possible that we met
  7. Hey people. Whoever knows/remembers me, thanks I guess. Everyone else.. well hey. Got way too much tine on my hands so thought I might have a look at how is the stuff going around here
  8. Just as told in last thread we had about this I am also willing to help with translwtions/teach should anyone have desire to.
  9. @Oliv Thought I might address your points as I am also interested in this idea 1. Fair enought you dont like different set of rules for different people, however common practice is that people want to get more protection from rules not less 2. Possibility to misID someone is always present as is happening frequently, yet noone is beeing punished before it dies happen right? Besides it can be addressed by wearing distinctive clothing and/or unusual clothing, and it does get carried IG real fast that you arent suposed to wear somethingbecouse x and x are wearing it and are beeing hunted 3. A death would still be rped out, which is still way more than what 90% of people do at current time (when have you seen someone perma for getting shot from afar? Or at least rp an injury? How common is at least that?) 4. That would be both metagaming and ruleplay, as in character you are not suposed to know about rules happening, and what you indirectly sugest is that we would have to do hostile act towards everyone at every meeting. 5. If players of this group would act any differently from theyr normal selves, than it would be cause they for once stopped metagaming theyr characters knowing about rules. You characters are not suposed to know they cant die at any moment as far as I know 6. Once again, everything this group is doing is putting themselves at disadvantage. Garry even mentined that the group would not utilize any kill rights gained via means other than lethal force against the group, (which I believe to be a mistake but aint my decision) however as Ender got as well, we would still have to follow normal procedure in difference to others againsts this group
  10. @Ender If it was the way that first death is permadeath it would end way too quickly considering this group would most probably be hunted. As garry mentioned if the kill is made from afar than members should be allowed to keep theyr char as "a nameless groupmember" has been killed in theyr stead. However if they get killed during face to face exchange than it would be a good RP to perma since that is kinda point of thisgroup as I understand it. I believe that if someone joins this group than they would be in it for RP so they would do whats right I am inclined to agree on all other poits of your view tho
  11. *Mathew surprised as a radio forgotten somewhere inside a pile of his old stuff gets to life* *his voice trembles a bit as he soeas bit gets firm after just few words* "Spartan 1-6 here, We served our time, we sacrificed what we had, we got abandoned, yet we still served. There is noone left but broken hunted men now, we have moved on with what little dignity we had. Let whats left of our memory and our legacy here rest" *he reaches for a small box thats in the pile and pulls out a set of dogtags which can be heard clinging, he looks at them squeezing them. Than returns them to the box lets go of PPT and takes out the bateries*
  12. A group like that might actualy spice stuff up, which would be a good thing. Andi believe that so long member of the group would wear something distinguishable from others and whole group would be kosable there should be low risk of misID. Players would still need to confirm who they shooting at, for example by finding someone from the group in a city and shadow them out of it to shoot them there. As far as I know, rules are in place to protect players, it should be within theyr rights to refuse this protection so long they dont endanger others by doing so. As for NVFL this is suposed to be, whoever counts this as nvfl is using the rule shield, your character doesnt know about the need for initiation and if you play like you are safe cause you havent been initiated on.. well this safety is coming from metagaming, therefore people who would refuse this rule protection and act like it, would simply NOT be metagaming with theyr playstyle. As for baiting part, in my knowledge baiting is an individual/group forcing others to take a hostile action to eliminate threath/remove an obstacle/stop disruptive behaviour the individual/group presents. In this instance how is giving them an abbility to kill forcing them to do it, or to do any of above mentioned? If anything it would allow other players to act more lifelike Generic bad guys that this group is offering to be are needed, as always, but they should have a background as to why, but I believe this would be explained in the lore. @GaryCash you may want to tag them with @ admin
  13. So the safezone is some weird phenomenon that murders all infected IC wise. Guess that could do. (Now someone create a group to study the safezone and tell us IC why is that happening! [Zombie overlord that mutated in kamesk mil and is calling zombies to it and that place is just entry point into the undeground complex!??])
  14. Just during UN evacuation event a lot of us were taken hostage and later tied up while our takers were rping with us. During that I crashed. And you know what happens when you crash tied. Later same thing happened to UN guy mere moments before beeing cut loose. As we all know crashes are rather common thing. Therefore could we as comunity agree not to keep people tied long term? (For example more than 5 minutes) As I understand need to tie people up for security reasons or after taking bigger number of people hostage. But why not to let them out of the ties once its sorted out and have them sit down or keep theyr hands up or even better "*ties the mans legs and hands together*" which esentialy prevents them from doing anything (or use your line.. whatever suits you)
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