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  1. OP wishes in reports

    I got persuaded that it would have more downsides than upsides. Requesting /closed
  2. OP wishes in reports

    well this would make the number of reports that do not get to verdict smaller. i know both of those things. and thats exactly what i am attempting -and apparently failing- to change. and i can see now that i should not have mentioned the aggravated as it would and should be declined in most cases if you would have read OP properly you would have know that thats not at all what i am attempting to do. i have NEVER mentioned i want OP tobe able to choice which rulebreaks shouldbe punished, merely asked that it would be taken into consideration if OP wishes for punishment to be reduced.(part that speaks about agrevated punishments, i was sure would and should not pass, i should have not mentioned that part at all while stalking the forums for several months i am here i have seen several attempts at that. even tho i agree they are rather rare. Most recent one excluding mine would be Marshals attempt at very same thing during big report between his group and i believe jofreys (unsure as to who was it exactly anymore) dropping the report certainly is a viable option however very few things are black and white and i believe that having only options of no punishment or full punishment are simply not enough
  3. OP wishes in reports

    As I meantioned in OP, I do not want for report OP to be able to choice the punishment, or to choice what rulebreaks acused should be ounished for. What I sugested is that should OP ask for reduced punishment, agravated punishment or no punishment at all (aka just to find out if a rulebreak has actualy happened or not and for both parties to learn from it) that it to be taken into account by staff. If staff would believe that rulebreak should be punished in full they can still do so. The punishment would still be in staffs hands. As for bias part I do not believe so. People are much more likely to ask for full punishment for well known comunity members for that or another beef they have with them. If we are talking about asking for reduced punishment I believe it would not leave to any bias, as if you are friends with soneone you wouldnt report them at all probably.
  4. OP wishes in reports

    @Chewy No I would give that kid a cookie, however it beeing just a kid I would make him clean up part of the mess he did and finish the rest myself as cleaning up all the walls would probably be too much What you have in place now is do all the walls, or have kid do nothing andgive him a cookie. Why would I not want a full punishment? Perhaps I believe rulebreaks should be punished, however I believe that it was a mistake that acused regrets. Perhaps can identify with mistake acused did. Perhaps I simply believe that standard punishent would be too much for amount of damage the rulebreak has done. As I told I believe there should be something between full punishment and no punishment and that OPs intend should also count for something as they are the damaged party. Will add a poll when I get to a computer
  5. OP wishes in reports

    Recently in a report after speaking to the acused I both of us believed that the rulebreak has happened, I however believed it was understandable. I (beeing OP) asked for reduced punishment. This is the answer I received from staff. My question is why is that? What drawback is there to consider wishesof OP in rulebreak commited against them. Reports are suposed to educate as much as punish. If OP wants report to be purely for educative purposes, believes the punishment has already been dealt IG, wishes for puishment to be either reduced or agravated based on circumstances it should be taken into account while leaving the decision about actual punishment to stuff As hard as I try I fail to see any drawbacks of this. @ Administrator
  6. More of the Same?

    I ll have to disagree with OP as well. There is a good diference between what was and what is. There are 4 big factions at the moment (if UN doesnt pull out entirely) each with theyr own agendas. Some of those agendas align with other factions, some dont and so there is always tension even between oficialy allied factions. This lead to creating safe zones, war zones and various events for civilians. You playing civ and want to create something like that too? Get some dirt on one of the factions and give it to another
  7. Any Civilian Roleplayers? O.o

    All characters pre wipe were civs, for once I desided to try a mil character. Taking the backseat tho and letting people who know what they are doing do the talking until I get a hang of it myself.
  8. Real life picture Thread

    It aint a home untill you plant the tree right? Well these are a bunch of raspberry bushes... close enough
  9. Mathew Toth

    Born in Slovakia and showed technological talents since early ages along with the need for excitement. When he was 15 his family moved to Arizona, USA and stayed there. Soon after moving he found out that noone can actually pronounce his name and he changed it soon after becoming "Mathew". Tóth graduated high school at 18 and became a naturalized US citizen. He attended vocational school and completed the program. He felt like life was getting boring and soon found a way to solve this little problem of his by joining the United States Army. He enlisted at 20 as an 18X Special Forces candidate. Upon joining, he completed basic and went immediately to Airborne School where he qualified for the Airborne tab. After Airborne, he attended the Special Forces Assessment and Selection course (SFAS). He was chosen to continue after completeing Selection and went on to the Q Course. Entering the Q Course as an Engineering Sergeant (18C), he passed through in the middle of the pack. During the SFQC, he stood out for his language capabilities and was sent to ODA 5412, Alpha Company, 4th Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group. In 2017, ODA 5412 was deployed to Chernarus. The ODA coordinated with its CDF counterparts to engage in a COIN and CT operation in Takistan. While preparing for the operation, a biological outbreak began and his team was stuck in South Zagoria. ODA 5412 and the CDF team they were coordinating with made their way from the military base near Pavlovo to assist in any way they could. When driving through Zelenogorsk, the teams encountered massive hordes of infected that separated them. ODA 5412 fled to the hills west of Zelenogorsk after facing devastating casualties to the hordes.
  10. Character names and Alias

    While I think name change could wait until some admin is around, giving it a long cooldown like mentioned two weeks or a month is a prety viable solution. Changing just last name would be technicaly difficult assuming its as whole just a single entry in database.
  11. Character names and Alias

    Reasoning Rolle gave is good for name changes so it could remain locked, marriages or other name changing events arent that common so in such a case it could be changed via admin. However that reasoning doesnt make too much sense for aliases. As others mentioned it doesnt influence ability to join server and situations that could change/add a nick are common enough.
  12. Where is the new lore

    Somewhere i read that at least part of the lore has already been released. So i am either wrong or blind AF asi cant find it. If it is out could someone point to it?
  13. Overlooked Characters

    If you get told to shut up or die.. well thats bad rp. If your hostage takers are talking to you it isnt time to tell your livestory either. Thats what others have told already. You can however leave hints about it. For example as something thats going on reminds you of something or that someone looks like someone you know... make it short tho (a single sentence) and there is a chance your hostage takers notice that and ask you further. Since you want to do a bad guy, one advice. Do try to keep an ear out for these hints. Its true that as bad guy with a gun to anothers head you lead the rp, hostages however can influence it too!
  14. Character Wound System

    I like this system a lot, but just as i have stated in previous discusion i believe there should be a way to rid yourself of grievous wound count as well. I wouldnt like see some character dying of one recent would and 4 wounds that would be half a year old and properly treated (just an example). However even without that i believe this kind of system would be great to be implemented and since its automated it doesnt give extra work and when it gets tied into character page players dont have to guess what type of injury they got, they can just check
  15. New Permadeath rule

    I agree with the need of permadeath and believe this a step in right direction. However a small sugestion to what OP proposed (i havent gone thru entire thread and wont have time to do so) Make it from "3 deaths and done" to perhaps "3 deaths in last xx weeks/months" As we all know wounds do regenerate over time to certain extend and those who do value theyr characters would have a bit less strain on them as it would make long age characters more possible. Since if a character gets important it draws atention to them. If they get focused, yes that char should be killed as was mentioned. If they miracolously survive two assassination atempts and than decide to go into hiding for extended period of time to heal than they should be awarded for doing so. It would also prevent possible "oh you got killed twice last year and now i got you again" type of scenarios