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  1. Safe zone discussion

    So the safezone is some weird phenomenon that murders all infected IC wise. Guess that could do. (Now someone create a group to study the safezone and tell us IC why is that happening! [Zombie overlord that mutated in kamesk mil and is calling zombies to it and that place is just entry point into the undeground complex!😂😂])
  2. Just during UN evacuation event a lot of us were taken hostage and later tied up while our takers were rping with us. During that I crashed. And you know what happens when you crash tied. Later same thing happened to UN guy mere moments before beeing cut loose. As we all know crashes are rather common thing. Therefore could we as comunity agree not to keep people tied long term? (For example more than 5 minutes) As I understand need to tie people up for security reasons or after taking bigger number of people hostage. But why not to let them out of the ties once its sorted out and have them sit down or keep theyr hands up or even better "*ties the mans legs and hands together*" which esentialy prevents them from doing anything (or use your line.. whatever suits you)
  3. Real life picture Thread

    Weekly airsoft in full gear
  4. Ask the admins

    Asking: @Rolle Q1: have you decided whether emoted dmg to character will count and if yes how to report it (aka tell an admin or gm about it?) A1: No, it won't. You will have to actually hit people instead of emoting. /Rolle
  5. Could Switzerland make thought the outbreak

    Or madagascar In some conditions even freaking canada.. As for the virus no country would probably have any kind of imunity Some individuals maeby but not whole population of a country
  6. I was in the hometown of my character this week.

    Chernaus actualy isa real place, its in czech.
  7. Character damage system

    @Rolle Didnt think of using both systems, but now that you mentioned it, sounds like a good idea to me. A lot of that complexity could be reduced by adding a certain line a healing person would have to write. ("*treating Mathew Toth*"?) With correct name of the character beeing healed. Also healing wounds like that should be only be possible to do by legit medical personel, I guess this could be marked on character page if theyr backstory fits it or (later in apocalipse beeing trained by someone) and left to players to police. Also what do you write these scripts in, possibly I could offer assistance if its not beeing worked on right now but lets say in few days and you would like to speed the procces.
  8. Character damage system

    A lot of the time glitch deaths dont have dont have any hit logs before death log, therefore it should be rather easy to distinguish if there are any hitlogs before it, ask the person who did the hit and you have prety reliable way of knowing if it was a glitch it not. That way you can negate the need to record all the time. As I dont believe that thats a good way to go. As for the death counter and permadeath I ll kinda agree with both sides. I do want it, however make it higher number (for example 10) but also give it a longer "recharge" timer (4 days? A week?) That way if you are actualy taking care of your character you will not be forced to die. However linger lasting neglect of care for character or they "breathing initiations" (thanks for that one)... they should die. Also believe that non player deaths should count (wolves and zombies and any other future predators only, possibly even disieses) as if we chose to ignore those we are basicaly saying that only pvp counts here. Undead and wildlife,are supposed to be treathening damm it. Glitches shouldnt count. As for wound system I like it. I think we can not take into account rped hits but if it ll be an action like breaking an arm it could just be added manualy. Msg from both players and updating status.. few minutes of work all together. Also if something is treated by medical staff.. same thing, msg to staff from both. And limb/body part healing accelerated (maeby add a coeficient for that) As for ideas on what to do if something reaches zero what about making that part unusable. If its head or chest lets say its heavy concusion, broken ribs... Also if it reaches 0 stop its regeneration until its treated by med staff If lets say 4 body parts reach zero character would die (adding to death counter not permaing) and still need medical help to start regenarating at non accelerated pace. After damage would be done make an hour or half an hour delay before regen starts As for regen rate, we can go two ways here Offline regen: Aka healing over time even when you are not playing. This would have to be at slower rate (lets say 3 days for a body part to fully heal from 1%) without medical atention. This would however bring problems with people simply not playing theyr wounded characters for a while and playing alts until its healed Online healing: This one would be faster as it rewuires actual playtime to heal so lets say 8 hours of ingame time to go from 1% to 100 without med help Couldnt find any problems with it except that one actualy has to do something for char to heal. Also for those that gonna go saying "oh thats way too long" remember you arent going to be on 1 percent all the time, you ll have smaller injuries that ll heal as the time goes so it would actualy take work to get you all the way to 1 percent. Getting that low should be common and more of almost purely by RP interactions which would get handled as I wrote before or by getting shot at. I am unsure about yours but my charracter cant get hit by rifle and just decide it never hit him. P.S. for those who think that they should be the only ones who decide whether they get to die, or get wounded. Probably its your fault that you got shot at (not only yours but you surely had your part) or beaten up or killed 1633574274 times in last week. So unless you are playing wolwerine, I ll go as far as to say that if you dont accept injuries and or deaths its BADRP! @Rolle here are some ideas you asked for so feel free to have a look and use all/any/none of them
  9. While playing I have met a good few natives who used czech phrases while playing. Problem with that is that very often they arent used correctly. If you do like to use them, ask someone who can speak czech. For example way too many of you use "dobrý den" which is good when you meet someone who is not your friend or relative (aka dont have closer relations). However you do not say that when mentioned person is leaving. In that case you use for example "na shledanou" While there are some phrases that can be used both when meeting and leaving they arent that common so you may want to use diferent phrases for meeting and diferent for parting ways
  10. OP wishes in reports

    I got persuaded that it would have more downsides than upsides. Requesting /closed
  11. OP wishes in reports

    well this would make the number of reports that do not get to verdict smaller. i know both of those things. and thats exactly what i am attempting -and apparently failing- to change. and i can see now that i should not have mentioned the aggravated as it would and should be declined in most cases if you would have read OP properly you would have know that thats not at all what i am attempting to do. i have NEVER mentioned i want OP tobe able to choice which rulebreaks shouldbe punished, merely asked that it would be taken into consideration if OP wishes for punishment to be reduced.(part that speaks about agrevated punishments, i was sure would and should not pass, i should have not mentioned that part at all while stalking the forums for several months i am here i have seen several attempts at that. even tho i agree they are rather rare. Most recent one excluding mine would be Marshals attempt at very same thing during big report between his group and i believe jofreys (unsure as to who was it exactly anymore) dropping the report certainly is a viable option however very few things are black and white and i believe that having only options of no punishment or full punishment are simply not enough
  12. OP wishes in reports

    As I meantioned in OP, I do not want for report OP to be able to choice the punishment, or to choice what rulebreaks acused should be ounished for. What I sugested is that should OP ask for reduced punishment, agravated punishment or no punishment at all (aka just to find out if a rulebreak has actualy happened or not and for both parties to learn from it) that it to be taken into account by staff. If staff would believe that rulebreak should be punished in full they can still do so. The punishment would still be in staffs hands. As for bias part I do not believe so. People are much more likely to ask for full punishment for well known comunity members for that or another beef they have with them. If we are talking about asking for reduced punishment I believe it would not leave to any bias, as if you are friends with soneone you wouldnt report them at all probably.
  13. OP wishes in reports

    @Chewy No I would give that kid a cookie, however it beeing just a kid I would make him clean up part of the mess he did and finish the rest myself as cleaning up all the walls would probably be too much What you have in place now is do all the walls, or have kid do nothing andgive him a cookie. Why would I not want a full punishment? Perhaps I believe rulebreaks should be punished, however I believe that it was a mistake that acused regrets. Perhaps can identify with mistake acused did. Perhaps I simply believe that standard punishent would be too much for amount of damage the rulebreak has done. As I told I believe there should be something between full punishment and no punishment and that OPs intend should also count for something as they are the damaged party. Will add a poll when I get to a computer
  14. OP wishes in reports

    Recently in a report after speaking to the acused I both of us believed that the rulebreak has happened, I however believed it was understandable. I (beeing OP) asked for reduced punishment. This is the answer I received from staff. My question is why is that? What drawback is there to consider wishesof OP in rulebreak commited against them. Reports are suposed to educate as much as punish. If OP wants report to be purely for educative purposes, believes the punishment has already been dealt IG, wishes for puishment to be either reduced or agravated based on circumstances it should be taken into account while leaving the decision about actual punishment to stuff As hard as I try I fail to see any drawbacks of this. @ Administrator
  15. S2, Cherno fire station, KOS (firefight), 18:00

    Very well am will be dropping the charges against the acused and request the report closed.