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  1. Yes, it was my ex-fiancée's account. We played together a short while a couple of years ago. We have since parted ways. I did not think that the IP would transfer from Rågsved (previous residence) all the way to Högdalen (current).
  2. Hello! I have done a mistake and before I go into further detail, I'd like to apologize for my absent mindedness! I created the account "RetroSpectre" because I totally forgot that I had another account (DynamoKid), because I hardly ever use my hotmail. When Majkel contacted me I stated that I had no intentions to use RetroSpectre. He then told me to post a ban appeal, and decide which account I'd like to use so I do: I have no intentions to use RetroSpectre, I am very sorry for all this hassle I've created and truly wish I had thought things through. Is there anything else you require of me, please tell me! ------ What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have Dynamokid unbanned What could you have done better?: Not been so absent minded and thought things through before creating an account. ------ Cheers and sorry yet again!
  3. That was amazing! Do you think there will be a collection of songs released on a compact cassette?
  4. A little over a year old picture of me. I removed my vest and undid my tie a little because I was getting rather warm and drunk. Also, my eyes are not very well represented in this picture, I promise my eyes are not demonic red-ish.
  5. Haha well, I did help some poor sod crawling outside the cave to the far east(?) As well as I gave some Dragon-guy a soda and a can of food. I have the certificate in my wallet! Which is in my jacket, which is underneath my chest rig. Thank you Tante for the education and Dr Dax for the test subject.
  6. Thank you Free Medics for the awesome and the slightly strange roleplaying experience I had today with you guys. I hope to see you guys in the future and bring you medical supplies. Take care Benjamin W.
  7. Hello everyone and thank you very much for all your nice words. From what I gather this community is filled with great people! (Back to moving stuff to new base of operations, aka. moving to another house)
  8. Hello everyone, I'm just dropping in to say hello and to tell you guys a little something about myself. First: Hello everyone! This seems to be an awesome community, a community that I have not been able to find in regular DayZ. I was at first a little sceptical towards the whole DayZRP thing, as I did rp a whole lot in "vanilla" with a couple of friends. But due to the frenzy of hackers/KoS'ers I did quit regular DayZ. I found a video out of sheer luck when youtube recommended me a DayZRP video from PsiSyndicate. I watched it and boy was I blessed. Secondly: My name is Luka (Yes like the song), I am 24 years old and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I've been roleplaying since I was around 10 years old, it is something I still do on a regular basis. You could say that it is one of my greatest passions along with playing and listening to cajun music (The Cajun accordion is in my opinion one of the greatest instruments in the world. I do play some myself, but I'm far from accomplished.) As well as roleplaying I do a fair bit of larping, I currently am portraying a fascist Toreador from Spain by the name of Jacinto Reyes in the Vampire the Masquerade larp-campaign I'm with. Enough of that. I would say that I am a rather nice fellow, with a relatively big heart and I have no problems with other people, so no matter how mean my character would be, I underneath, am very nice. If there is anything you'd like to ask or tell me OOC, do so and do not hesitate to tell me (through the apropriate channels ofcourse, for example through a priavet message here) if you find my actions genuinly offensive. Thank you and if you have any other questions about me or anything related or unrelated, just go ahead and ask me!