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  1. Well as a donated member I think a simple please can you do this. Rather Spend and hour in a forums with people that need to look at the way they Conduct them self on the internet. I will change my name now I know this is The problem. Thank you to anyone that helped.
  2. Well MattZilla has worked for the past few months with no problems. I don't see why suddenly it's a problem. A privet email asking to change it is a much more polite why of asking me to change it. A ban is really kind of unfair. Admit doesn't like my last name. hum Thanks kind of hard when you're given it with no choice. Yes I understand the rules. But so what if my role playing name is the same as my real name. For all tense and purposes I don't existed outside of this game to you. So why does it matter that my name is the same. I found it easier to keep it the same. My name is a little odd yes so I use it in game.
  3. Firstly that's high offensive. Zilla is my real last name. How dare you say what kind of name is "Zilla" What's your last name so we can all poke fun at it. Yes Papa MATTZILLA is my in game name and the name I was kicked with. I would like to get this sort as I really enjoy this game. So much so I donated
  4. I am white listed and the game worked 100% before. I've not played for a few week due to work load. But nothing has changed in my profile so I understand the problem. What do I need to do?
  5. I've seem to have been banned for no reason. The serve tells me that my name is wrong but its hasn't changed since sign up. As i have just donated and skin wont work I am a little annoyed about all this. I would like to know why Matt