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  1. Born and raised in western Canada Ben Oak in backpacking through Europe for the first time when it all begins. As the borders close he is stuck in Southeastern chernarus as the city's beginning to fall. Attacked by a group of armed men, and several infected Ben heads for the trees with the plan to, 1. stay alive and 2. Find a way out of chernarus, across the Atlantic and back home. Ben is proficient is bush survival skills and some civilian weaponry from his time camping in Canada, however, the unfamiliar territory of chernarus can prove to be an issue.
  2. *presses and holds down ppt while overlooking Dolina* To whom it way concern... There is a bus at an intersection between Dolina and Polana that as far as I can tell is near working order. I have neither the time, knowledge or life in me to fix nor the need for it. If you are interested I have cleared the infected and moved on... to anyone that can fix it... Congratulation you have a new best friend and a very useful tool... *pause* *sigh* Ben Windsor off. *releases ppt and walks off into the woods*
  3. Oh yea by no way will I try to get out of it if I do just just my character would try to avoid it so I wanted to get a basic idea of what's going on. You make a good point. Better for him to learn in game
  4. Ok thanks I just wanna make sure I'm not gonna get roped into somthing
  5. Sorry mean like the fighting between them it sounds like somthing happened a few days ago and I'm just curious if I should avoid that area rn
  6. Yo so it looks like there's shit going down with the factions someone in them wanna explain it to me since I'm new and not really envolved? edit: i mean someoen wanna explain the conflict to me and wether or not I should avoid that area?
  7. yea they said reinstall intelligence and foresight and it should fix its self. EDIT: My Dad stopped by to let my Dog out! Im saved! poor doggo tho.. didnt even know he was there
  8. well i have lost track of time... 15% battery and i made a bed out of boxes so its going well yes. now the air is on fire. in the garage its about 20 degrees now so its ok
  9. Close to -19 I found a way to get into my garage though so it should warm up in here it's about 15 degrees in here right now
  10. Left my key inside.. 3 hours till my family is home..
  11. So I was wondering if I would be able to kill people holding someone else up even if they arnt in my group. It kinda seems like somthing my character would to do to try and protect someone else. Would this count as Kos from me? Do I have to initiate first? Could I technically see a hold up and snipe the bandit for the hostage?
  12. I'm a little guilty of what your saying. I'm new here and my character was backpacking when it all happened and was a paramedic and peace keeper so I kinda went with the military thing.. idk if it's a bad thing for me tho as my goal was to create a helpful charature so the peace keeping and medical training should work well. While the military background might be stale.. they would likely survive better anyways. Also as gear goes we always could have just found it. Don't assume someone's military cause they are wearing camouflage it's just a smart thing to stay hidden.. I totally agree with your point but it's a little more grey than black and white imo.
  13. Hello I'm Ben Windsor and I'm new around here. Recently I made my way down from Russia where I got trapped during the outbreak. I'm originally from Canada and was traveling when all this shit started... I am a paramedic and ex peace keeper and am trying to regathering supplies after losing it getting into Chernarus. I got sepetated from my friends early on and have been making my way south ever since. I am hoping to find a safe spot to stay or meet some people to travel with though I generally go lone wolf. If you need help I'll try my best, if you want to hurt me then I'm your worst nightmare. OOC: I am new to dayzrp and thought I'd say hi. My username on here is different that my character (Ben Windsor) for now but I plan on getting that changed if I like it. Hope to see some of you out there! Cheers!
  14. *Ben picks up radio and holds the talk button* "i don't know who's listening to this or how many of you can even understand me but I feel the need to talk " *pauses taking hand of radio* "Today is my first Day in Chernarus, I finally made it down from Russia, it's been a long trip and I have seen many good people die. The government killing civilians in the streets. Infecting feasting on us. Starving children and the many suicides. Even as a paramedic it's hard to bear and I miss my home in Canada." *pause* "hopefully things get better from here I figure with my medical training and weapons knowledge I should fair well here, though I lost all my gear getting through the mountains. I spent today gathering supplies and looking for a weapon... don't know who I'm going to find out here and I don't feel like dying yet. Hopefully I can get some gear in the north then move south and find a settlement. Seeing people would be nice... it's been.. months." *waits for a reply* "anyways I figure I have to save my limited battery life I just hope there's someone hearing this.. all the death and distruction I don't even know if there's anything left of my home country.. I'm feeling... lonely, this is Ben Windsor signing off" *ends transmission and sits down on a bed*
  15. Thanks, got whitelisted yesterday unfortunately I'm out skiing for a weekend so I can't play right away but I'll check out the mentor programme and be careful with the rules when I join! Thanks for the explanation everyone!