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  1. Thanks all; whitelisted, but now I just need to find some time off work, started my 4 day, 12 hour stretch and and hoping to login after tomorrow(yay for my crappy Fri-Mon rotating schedule work week, haha)
  2. Thanks, James! Hello to you as well. *EDIT* I seen that the minimum donation was 5, so figured I'd throw that in after getting a few responses from regular community members! Good wishes to all, and hope to see you ingame soon!
  3. I've been quite a beneficial donator to previous games/servers that I've been drawn to, but... I can't see myself donating before even getting a chance to try out the server! D: I will just wait it out for now, thanks for the response! And I see that it might take some time, I'm currently 393/835, hah. I will wait my turn and be patient though In due time... in due time.
  4. Thanks. I appreciate it! Love your town name, love me some WD! haha
  5. Aye, already seen that, was just wondering if it was also sent through e-mail or not(as I have to work the next 3 days; my schedule sucks, every other weekend off haha), thanks for the response I had a pretty good app, IMO, so I think I'm hoping I'll make the cut! haha
  6. Hey all! New to this community, I've played SA:MP for many years, on various servers, but mostly Valhalla before they went to crap; Just wondering how will I know if/when I am whitelisted; through email or?