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  1. Growing up in England, Steve had a rough upbringing. He was born into a low-income family living in the depths of poverty. As a child he always saw shady deals and fights in the streets and he hated it. His father abandoned his mother when he found out about the pregnancy, so Steve had no Male father figure. Until he met an old Police Officer names Jeeves. Jeeves showed a young Steve that he didn't have to follow the path of his friends, into drugs, violence and crime. So as the years passed Steve joined the police force at a young age whilst also trying to protect his mother and brothers. Steve's first few years in the Police were a shaky few. He was shot at by gangsters and held at knife point by a drugged up homeless man. But he stayed resolute. Until he was victim to a terrorist attack. Steve was right in the centre of a devastating bombing that killed 32 people and injured hundreds. He was one of those hundreds. This experience left Steve emotionally scarred. The faces of all the innocent he "failed to protect" still haunt him to this very day. Since Steve joined the Police his brothers had slowly faded out of his life due to their criminal connections, but with Steve now officially ending his service to the Police he intends to rekindle their relationship. Steve can be rash and quick to anger but the need to protect those close to him is his brightest trait.
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