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  1. Character name: Hendrik Dales Job: Security guard Age: 21 Hobby's: Airsoft, Gaming, reading, suvival training. Country of origin: The Netherlands Background: Hendrik was a security guard working for different events, where he had to make sure everybody that came through his gate, wasn't carrying anything that was illigal. He liked to play airsoft from time to time, as he had his own replica he had a small idea of how the M4/AR models would work. Hendrik was on holiday in Cherno when things went downhill, when things started going downhill, he tried to get to his plane. As soon as Hendrik arrived he noticed that his plane had already left a few days before, because the pilots didnt like how thing were looking. When Hendrik found out that his only safe way out of Cherno was gone, Hendrik decided that his best chance of survival was to hide in the woods with his basic knowledge of surviving in the woods. State of mind: Hendrik is kind of calm, yet he is always wary of the infected people. He will try to stay out of the way of the infected, this because he doesnt know what happend, what caused it, and how it spreads. Hendrik is not sure if the infected are still people or not, and so he is very resistent to kill the infected, but if the infected start to atack Hendrik, he will defend himself
  2. I would most likely go for a M60-E4, just because I like to have a lot of firing power at hand
  3. Well, most of the time I am the nice guy. Trying to help the people, but I understand that that isn't all there is to it. But I was just curios to see if gear makes a lot of difference
  4. Well, that means I will have to downgrade my gear. Because most of the time I walk around with the biggest backpack, cargo pants, a shirt/vest/jacket with a lot of space. That will be something new for me than, because it will be difficult for me to not pick up everything wich will have value for me
  5. Alright, before i start, the times I have been robbed were good RP and the people were nice (seeing as I am being robbed) Now I have a question for you guys. What is the best playstyle to get robbed the least. I normally play as a trader who has a small amount of knowledge of guns (wich means he will deck 1 gun completely out) and Always have a big backpack for the goods he needs to trade. I have seen stories of people not getting robbed at all, and now the question that comes to my mind is: does the gear you have on you make a differece for the chance of getting robbed? Feel free to answer and/or give advice. P.S. : I am not sure about it, but can you shoot at people whe have iniciated on you (this isnt very clear to me yet, and I dont want to RDM sombody) (btw sorry for the bad english, it isn't my native language )
  6. *Jarno picks his radio up agian and presses the PTT* "than atleast tell me who stole from me" *ends transmission and puts the radio angrly back in his backpack*
  7. *Jarno hears the responce of the man, and picks up his radio* "Hello unknow man, I would like to know why you did it exactly, not just a quick responce, because you ruinend my stock, you ruinend my chances to help other, just because you needed them? I dont think 1 man needed that amount of things that were there. So I would like to meat you in person, see who you really are. But dont worry, I am not out to kill or hurt you, I just want to meet the man who has robbed me clean." *Jarno waits a few seconds, and campfire and boiling water can be heard in the background* "I would just want to talk to you in a normal conversation with some food and water. that is all I want" *Jarno puts the radio back on the ground as he ends the transmission*
  8. Jarno picks up his radio, as he is in disbelief of what has happend to him. * To whoever thought it is good to steal something, I want my bloody tents with everything in it. Just as I thought I had found a secluded place to set up my home camp, and should be able to get out for a few days to go on scavaging a few towns nearby. And as soon as I return, My tents are gone. * Stops for a few minutes, to get calm agian. * I want to know who stole EVERYTHING from me, doesnt matter why you stole it, I just want to know why you stole from me and who the fuck you are. Because now I want to just know who you are, but if you dont come show youreself, I will find you, and I will have my things back.* in the background a campfire and the sounds of the Woods can be heard. aswell as a tent breaking down. *SHIT, well there went my last tent, I hope you are happy with what you have done, robbing a man from everythin he had.* Jarno stops the transmission and places the radio on the flloor as he tries to fix the broken tent.
  9. *Jarno hears the transmission and picks up his radio* "Hello dragoslav, I'll try to get there as fast as possible, but something has happend and needs to be taken care of first. I'll try to get there ASAP" *Jarno ends transmission as he starts jogging*
  10. *Jarno picks his radio up as he hears the message* "Only thing that happend to me was that I almost shat myself, I know, I am Lucky that they didnt kill me, but something like that will do something to a man. So all I need to do is calm down and move on" *ends transmission and puts down the radio next to him*
  11. *Jarno, still not fully recoverd from the incident, takes his radio and starts to talk* ''alright, this is what everybody needs to know of what happend to me'' *small pause, in wich Jarno breaths heavely* ''I was at a big airfield, in one of the militry buildings. I somehow lost my bloody gun in the building, and as i was looking for it I didnt pay much atention to my surroundings, and that was my biggest mistake." *takes a deep breath before going further* ''2 man enterd the building and said the i had to put my hands up, as for anybody, i complied, they started talking of how it was there land i was on and that i was trespassing. 1 of the 2 man was more agressive than the other. I dont know how but I only manged to have to do this, and that is to warn everybody I come across about them. They called themselfs the black sky, so if anyone sees them, be warned, they are very dangerous and armed'' ''If you have any more information that you have to tell to others, please do, because it cant be possible that I am the only person to have come acros tthem.'' *some infected can be heard inhe background* "Shit, I have to go now, but i will keep my radio on'' *Jarno ends transmission*
  12. *Jarno sits down in an empty house and gets his radio out* ''to anyone hearing this, if anybody is listinging anyway, I am looking for a trader group wich i can join. I used to own a shop before everything went to shit, so i have some experience in bartering.'' *slight pause and sigh* ''it's sickening that I have to say this, but I am looking for a trader group that deal with normal things, not the fucked up shit some of you are used to. So no human traffaking or anything related to that.'' *small pause and some rustling through backpack* ''If it is needed I can bring my own supply of good to start, but I wanted to join a group, because there is a safety in numbers'' ''If anybody has something to say to me please respond to me.'' *Jarno ends transmission and calmly awaits responce*
  13. *turns on radio* I made my way to Kabanino, I will wait for about 1 till 2 hours, after that I will find a secure place and sleep a bit. *ends transmision*
  14. *clicks on radio and tunes to 99.1* Well, I was told that I had to contact you through this freqentie, so here I am. If I am correct youre group is the zbor movement, and while I was at the airfield, I came across one of youre members. *small pause* We traveld together for a little bit and talked a little about ourselfs. Al he would say about his name was that he was mr. Brown. When we traveld together I asked him if he was part of a group, he replied with that he was. *small pause, in the background you hear a campfire* After he told me some things about youre group, I became intersted in joining it, because I have the same mindset as youre group. He told me to contact you through this radio, and that you would help me further. *sighs* It has been to long since I had something to do, something to live for, and now that this oppertunity came by, I had to take it. So, I will wait for an answer, no matter how long it will take. *end of message*
  15. Hello everybody, I just finished making my application, and I am very eager to see if I am accepted or not. I love a good roleplay server, and what i have seen so far from this community, I think I will get 1 awesome time here. Btw, any chance you guys can tell me what times are the best to play (I'm from Holland) on wich server? Because i would like to get an maximal experiance from the rp part.