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  1. When Koi was born he was abandoned outside a big house in the outskirts of Tokyo . The people of that house found him outside of their doorstep and adopted him . Koi's life was a normal one but the stigma of him being abandoned by his real parents always haunted him . When Koi became 20 he was working in the biggest hospital in Tokyo as a trauma surgeon . It was a hard job but Koi loved it because he liked the idea of helping people and saving human lifes . As the days were passing Koi met a very interesting man in the hospital he was working . He offered Koi a large amount of money if Koi moved to a country named Chernarus to assist a research team about something that he told Koi it was classified . The amount of money was really was really big so Koi accepted instatly and within a week he moved to Chernarus . Koi stayed in Chernarus for a long time and unfortunately for him he was there when the infection started . Somehow he managed to survive and has been surviving ever since .