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    @MouseWB literally told you so
  2. Jeremy's parents were busy business people which caused them to travel constantly, hence why he was born in Cleveland. Jeremy was practically raised by his family's house staff. The poor boys parents were hardly ever there, but atleast they were rich. Jeremy was homeschooled by a private tutor. The only contact he ever had with people his age were the "friends" whom his parents hired to spend time with him. Jeremy was actually an experiment, he just didn't know. His parent's didn't get far in life without analyzing and learning from failures, but truth be told they were perfectionists. Jeremy's parents were raising him in completely simulated environment in an attempt to get a better idea of how children should be raised, they monitored through screens and messages from their house staff, while they were bad people, they weren't monsters. they couldn't bear to witness his upbringing first hand. So jeremy was raised in isolation until he turned 17. On his 17th birthday, he received a letter from his parents just like every other birthday. "Hey Jeremy wish we were there were busy, love you" blah blah blah. They were always the same. Jimmy had seen almost the exact letter 12 times, ever since he could read. However, this one brought an immense amount of rage on the boy. Infront of his caretakers, Jeremy ripped the letter to shreds and let out a blood curdling wail. At once he grabbed a nearby chair and whipped it at the woman who had been there for him the past 17 years. It left a bloody mess, he had caved in the upper portion of her skull with the impact. Jeremy fell to the ground realizing what he had done while his parents watched through a screen. His parents deemed him a failed subject, but they couldn't bear to kill their own child. They had their house staff leave the building and left Jeremy alone for 2 months while they tried to arrange his removal. Those two months drove Jeremy to insanity. Everyday he passed the body of the woman whom he had killed and watched and smelled her slowly decaying. For some reason, Jeremy didn't even attempt to move her. He just left her there and stood over her body daily. Jeremy also adopted another friend during this time whom he blamed the murder on. His brain had created an alter ego to cope with the murder. His name was Clarence, a middle aged murderer who shared a brain with Jeremy. Jeremy also began to see Clarence outside of himself, there would be days were he couldn't remember how to eat or prepare basic foods. Eventually his parents had him removed from the house by a group of corrupt UN members. Jeremy awoke in an unknown land known as Chernarus in the middle of a crisis.
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      aw man.

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    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    This is going through be sweet! nice work
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    If you take a look at the logs, bullets are just an advanced form of text Rp

    1. Voodoo


      Very true.

      Firefights are also an outcome of RP that went down a hostile path and the defenders decided to avoid RP by not surrendering

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    Group settlements

    @Roland I think the idea is great, but I think the first level needs some love. I understand why they do not receive any walls and I agree with that, but they would stand no chance in this settlement against an organized ambush. Here is my suggestion Level 1(a): 25 objects. No walls or housing. Decorations, wrecks and ambient objects are allowed as well as sandbags or those wooden pieces of cover you found in military zones Level 1(b): 50 objects No walls or housing. Decorations, wrecks and ambient objects are allowed And for the remaining levels even if you went with B you could keep the object number the same or bump it up by 25. The evolution of added walls or building would still make a big enough impact to justify a week or more of waiting. Level 2: 50 objects. Walls allowed Level 3: 75 objects. One house allowed Level 4: 100 objects. Multiple houses allowed Another suggestion: No settlements may be within 750 meters of a military zone. Why? Think about it. The field between VMC and Kabanino would be perfect for a settlement with an active roster, a 2 minute jog from VMC and Kab just 300 meters between the two of them. This group would have access to an endless amount of gear without having to even leave their home. They are still within a 1 minute running window from the military base and would more than likely just end up adopting that area as an extension of their settlement just not on paper. Give others a chance to grab these people when they have to leave the safety of their own home for gear. 750m is roughly a 5 minute jog, enough to consider it out of their immediate reach. Perhaps even consider making the limit 100 to bump that number to a 7 minute jog and a 3.5 minute sprint. Placing a settlement anywhere within 750 meters of a military zone would spell limitless amounts of loot, so no one would ever do any different.
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Nik good stuff in zeleno today lol, I actually still dont know who the guy is that took your pants. @Phoenyxx good stuff with @dawsonpark and the other guys. I hope we didnt step on any ooc toes
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    Nikki Sixx (96.3)

    *Rico would set down his bottle of tequila and pick up a nearby radio* "Hey Motherfucker its Rico, this is the frequency I gave you so you better be listening. Im fucking talking to chu Nikki. Three days esse, then ill tell chu where to bring it mang." *Rico pauses for a sec after clearly losing his train of thought* "Chyeah motherfucker, three days little worker bee. Three days"
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    The Black Roses // Media Thread

    Lol don’t play with grenades, solid life advice.
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    S2 10 second robbery left with nothing extreme racism no Rp - 2019-07-19, 08:06

    I also fucking died from zombies while i was trying to get away from the fight (Valuing my life because I had no guns)
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    S2 10 second robbery left with nothing extreme racism no Rp - 2019-07-19, 08:06

    Server and location: S2 North of Stary Tents Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19-07-19 around 8:00 Your in game name: Roy Kalo Names of allies involved: @MouseWB @Method @Rainey @Kiki @Daniels Name of suspect/s: unknown racists north of Stary Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): wasnt recording because i just set up this pc yesterday but my friends have video Detailed description of the events: After an altercation where we killed one man and took another hostage we had let the hostage go and we ran to VMC to check out some shots we heard. We circled back to Stary eventually, to just dick around and check out more gunshots until our timers ran off so we could log. I figured it had been 30 minutes so i was walking up the hill north of Stary to log when 2 men wearing ballistic masks ran up to me and shouted "Heres The Coon!" it took me a second but eventually i realized they were talking about my black character model (because I had died earlier today and lost my normal model) so I let them know in ooc to avoid more confusion. we talked for a moment but then they kept going on about how they were hunting black people. " Youre a filthy black person in my town you black person and we caught you, black person" I knew they were going to hold me up so i started double micing it to my buddies until they dropped the initiation and i put my hands up. within a matter of 2 minutes they made me strip every piece of my clothing all at once. They also questioned me about my friends. "You said you had friends black person, where are they, are they black people too you coon?" I responded in true smart alec fashion "No sir we are all pure bred members of the aryan race" I asked if i was allowed to atleast keep my shoes and pants but he said that I had to strip it all in 10 seconds or he would shoot. So they then told me to run back down the hill. Once i was in the Bus I contacted my friends after getting some clothes and told them what happened. I also asked one of them what their name was at one point and one of them responded "Shut your mouth black person my name is black person hunter" So thats cool. Have fun with this one Yall Also, Every instance of black person in there is the N word with a hard R, If its ok to say in game why is it blocked in the report section?
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    Im alive encase anyone was curious

  • Leonardo was the eldest child of a suburban family in North West Ohio. Life was pretty good for Leo, he got good grades and had a dream of being an army man from age 7. In highschool, Leo was approached by an army recruiter his sophomore year. He had since dismissed his dreams of being an army man and had moved towards his completely realistic goal of playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was fairly athletic and built, which is what caught the eye of the recruiter. Leonardo and the recruiter talked and Leo's motivation to be an army man was sparked again, but this time with a twist. The book American Sniper had recently been released and had become fairly popular by the time Leo was 16 and a sophomore. Leo wrote a book report about it the week before he was approached by the recruiter. Leo had a long conversation with the man about wanting to be a marine sniper. Like any good recruiter would, the man told Leo that it was a completely realistic goal and that Leo could be popping skulls through a long range scope by the time he was 19. So of course Leo spent the rest of highschool career aiming to become a marine sniper. When Leo finished college at the age of 18 he had already signed up for the marines and was ready to be shipped off to boot down in South Carolina. He went through the motions in boot camp and discovered that just being a sniper wasn't something they let you do because you wanted to. You had to first be an expert riflemen with perfect vision. He also had to become a LCPL and join the infantry. So over the course of a year in the infantry, seeing no deployment. Leo worked his way up to the rank E-3 and snaked his way into the two week scout sniper training program. He finished that in the middle of his class and was moved into an infantry battalion as a scout sniper. Again, he sat around doing jack shit for a month before his battalion was assigned to assist with the situation in Chernarus. They threw Leo and a couple hundred marines in a boat and set off to the previously soviet portion of the world. Leo's battalion was stationed in Chernarus, Leo's job was to run around the city of Chernogorsk and its outskirts to keep track of infected individuals' movements and rowdy civilians. One day, Leo was on a patrol with another scout sniper and a spotter when the people of Chernogorsk decided they had enough of the United States "protection". The citizens rioted and all hell broke loose. Calls were coming out from patrols all over the radio about normal people who weren't infected charging soldiers. The city was losing its mind and animal instincts took over. Leo's battalion was informed to withdraw to the east along with the rest of the soldiers in the city because the rioting was too much to handle, but Leo and his patrolmates were on the Westernmost edge of the town sitting atop an apartment building. When they were given the order to withdraw from the town, Leo and his companions tried to exit the building, but rioters had stranded them to the roof. There was no other way off the roof than the ladder which several civilians were crowded under, they shouted obscenities towards the roof in their local language and wielded knives. The sergeant who was the other sniper was calling the shots that day and decided that it would be best to just close the roof hatch and wait the civilians out. The easiest thing to do would have been to open fire down the hatch and call it a day, but no one wanted to be a media target in the middle of this mess. So the four sat on the roof for 8 hours before the civilians gave in and left. Night had already fallen and the marines who were in town were long gone by now. The sergeant's radio had gone dead so they were completely alone. They made their way out of the apartment building after subduing more civilians who caught them on the way out. The city was burning. Torched cars and fruit stands littered the streets and the infected began to make their presence known in the absence of the military to combat them. The sergeant thought that the best plan of action would be to move north out of city and assess their next move from the trees where it was 'safer'. The way out was littered with dangers. By the time the treeline was reached, both spotters had been killed by civilians roaming for blood or infected doing the same. Leo doubted the sergeants ability to lead after that, so he promised himself that he would get away from the man at the first chance. That was exactly what he did. The sergeant whom had insisted that the spotter's deaths were necessary for the important people to escape had walked off nearby to take a shit. Leo hadn't said a word since they got down of the roof. Leo left in such a silent rush that he failed to grab his bag or even his weapon. He deserted the sergeant with only his uniform and sidearm. Leo was left to his own devices. Leo was somewhat of a coward so he did what cowards do and instead of attempting to find his battalion, he kept running North until he found an empty cabin in the woods. He lived there for nearly a year by trapping local wildlife and staying quiet. eventually his guilt started to eat him alive so he left the cabin in an attempt to find his battalion but discovered only death everywhere he went. People he spoke to said that all the marines went North to Tisy but were long dead by now. Alone and afraid, Leo does his best to remain calm, but struggles to take on the world by himself.
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    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Dont know what it is, but the light is cool. 8.5/10 @Cipher
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    Are you allowed to create a character, with a disability trait?

    thanks for thinking of me
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