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    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

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    Invalid demands. S1 Vyshnoye 12 35 AM

    Rico Hernandez POV Before hand - I knew that the ultimatum had been given that threatened to take Tattiana's life unless we turned in Joey. I was online and in game when the meeting discussing those terms was set and they told me after the meeting. The day we turned him in- I was up near Altar grabbing a pair of pants from a barrel (Bc Im a gear rping whore) to go with my new check shirt when I was told to help out with escorting Joey into town. I ran down from my barrel towards Stary (sporting some fancy BDM camo pants) and met the party of people plotting to turn Joey over in a field just south of Stary. I took his AK mags because he didn't want to take in a gun because IC he knew what was up and he thought that the gun would make it worse for him, i think @shipwreck117 took the AK itself. After he gave us the gun to hold until he came back out of Vysh, we walked him down into town. The mood was very somber and we were greeted by Louie who then went and grabbed Hando (I think, I was not paying much attention to who we were talking to). A minute or two passed and Louie ran off and returned with a baseball bat. He smacked Joey in the head and I think I remember it knocking him out. After tying him up they took him to a log cabin on the North-East side of Stary and at this point I was told to stay back and wait in town. I ended up just leaving because I couldn't be bothered to sit and wait anymore. On my way out i heard a few shots and figured they killed him, but after a few more minutes passed @Ryan Carter unmuted in our OOC TS channel and told us he had died from a punch to the head. This is all I know
  8. Reckless

    The Pack [IC / IG Recruitment]

    @PCJames This group is not planning on forcing our beliefs on others and the two quotes here make that clear. We are presenting ourselves on people and they can take it or leave it, but if another group decides to leave it then we are not going to sit idly if they get hostile towards us.
  9. Reckless

    Appeal Metagaming- 3 days and 10 points

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was banned for metagaming, but the information I was stating was non-essential and was to be taken OOC. He already had information regarding my location as you can see in the video below, and the guy had me get on the ground then my knees before asking me to put my hands up. The 2 minute mark is when the information being given was no longer in character. Allow me to explain my thoughts- At the time of the events in the video the new colored character rule (orange red green) was recently implemented as a trial rule and was thus still new in my thoughts. I forgot that I had set my character to orange thus making me open to hostilities, so when this guy (whom I had never met before) tried to hold me up I figured that it was a new whitelist breaking rule 6.1 All hostile situations must be have a valid reasoning and be justified with role play that happened in character, in game or in radio chat forum. I knew that I wanted to have some kind of video evidence for a report because I thought that he was simply breaking rule 6.1. The problem being is that I was not recording at the time because I had just gotten in game and saw no need for it at the time, but I knew my friend @TehZombyBeard is always recording and was in TS with me. In that moment i made a decision to double mic everything I said just so I would have some kind of video evidence because reports like those go no where off of one persons word against anothers. You can even hear me say " I just dont know why youre doing this to me" https://youtu.be/4rpcKuTHbGM What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be able to play tonight but at the very least I want points removed What could you have done better?: Honestly, I know this appeal is a longshot. I should have remembered that I set my character to hostile before getting in game and memorized the new trial rule. The blunder was all me and I should have just muted in the long run.
  10. Reckless

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    @ChrisTronn you don’t know what happened after this occurrence. Our plan was to send the scariest message possible to let everyone know not to cross us. While it is true that at the time no knew who we really were (because @Chromocial thought he was rdmed at the time and didn’t fess up to holding me up 20 minutes prior) Lopatino is a busy town. We all know that I could have just changed clothes and walked through without saying anything than shot him from the hill, but instead me and my friends drove a car slowly through the middle of town so everyone could see our distinct outfits- including my double black bandanas that I had hoped he would remember- to send a message. in game everyone we have come across as a group we tell them that we were the ones who caused the trouble in Lopatino the other day and then I tell them how I was the shooter. You can try to argue that but I personally believe that this was a great way to get our new group out in the air to be talked about and I hope that the staff will think the same.
  11. Reckless

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    @Brady @Harvey @Stagsview I am going out of town this weekend away from Wifi and my computer, I'm packed and leaving in maybe an hour or two. Any questions I can answer before then? Also, I know I said a rough piece of what happened earlier in my POV but i will elaborate what @Chromocial said in Pustoshka because at the time of me posting my POV I figured this was just confusion over him being shot because he didnt think i shot him. Elaborated POV of Pushtoshka: I Ran into town after logging in just west of the town in the field south of the graveyard. My goal was to run through town and loot up for some new clothes that better fit the garb of our new group before meeting my friend with the car in Pogorevka right after. I had already looted a few houses by the time I entered the double red on the East side of town. When I walked out of the double red he was walking past I think, but I had no gun out at this time so I just said hi and tried to initiate a conversation. He had his AK out and immediately he began acting hostile with his words. He was demanding to know where I was going and where I was coming from and was generally being very rude but of course I had my gun on my back, so I answered all his questions (just not truthfully). After the first round of interrogations with this guy I took my FAL off my back but did not raise it, I kept it pointed at the ground just for my safety because I felt that this guy was going to try something. So I began to talk to him and basically give him the hint that he does not want to mess with me or he will regret it, but at the same time I tried to remain friendly. After that, he had calmed down and I could tell I was making him nervous, so I put my gun on my back to try to get him to calm down because I just wanted to RP and talk to the guy. not 10 seconds after my gun went on my back he raised his and told me to get on the ground. So I put my hands up and began to put my nose to the dirt. Not even before I could finish the animation to get on the floor he began barking at me to get on my knees (with his gun still raised). At this point IC Rico was pissed off and just wanted to talk his way out of it to seek revenge, so of course I said that I would forget it happened but a perceptive person would have noticed that in my voice. He let me go after I got to my knees and said sorry because he had jumped the gun. \ I would like to counter report 6.3.1 As an attacker you may NOT:- Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play. While he did not do it for gear, you can tell by the video the conversation itself was less than 4 minutes and the hostilities were under two.
  12. Reckless

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    @Harvey It was in Pustoshka maybe 10-20 minutes prior. Im assuming that he ran straight to Lop from Pustoshka
  13. Reckless

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    It was within my kill right period but If you want to talk more come to TS, there's no need to bog down this report
  14. Reckless

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    Ic Rico was just spewing BS to get out of a sticky spot. If you check my character page it makes perfect sense, hes a bad mofo yo
  15. Reckless

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    @Stagsview If I did break a rule it might have been Combat Logging. I had an IRL issue and had to leave my computer, like I said I did go room to room to try to find this guy but he was no where to be found and at this current time he is still not in TS. I had to run to the store and get stuff for dinner. It might not have been within 30 minutes but I was not sure so I tried to ask him. We were also on the other side of the map on NEAF