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  1. I personally Perma my characters just from a normal execution, I think of it as a bit of a motivation to give good RP and not be a GearRper or just an overly aggressive person (although it makes sense in certain situations). I would however prefer it be something along the lines of "You betrayed my trust and left me for dead" I don't know really, Rico doesn't have too many bounties on his head.
  2. Telling people to move off the road and be quite so they don't wake up Jesus as MS-13 was pretty fun. "Hey Mang, you better hush up before you wake Jesus, he needs his beauty rest dood"
  3. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Yeah, my whole RP is pretty much running around in a gang of Somali Pirat.. I mean Fishermen. Never had any sort of problem as an unofficial group Pirates? what are those? They clearly don't exist
  4. I'm back baby

    i plan to kick your ass in another fistfight
  5. Im back

    Rico Martinez is back mang. Get ready for the awakening doods
  6. [Game] Shit that White Names say

    Is that syndicate?
  7. Harder to Obtain Execution Rights and PermaDeath

    I think you're just a bit confused my friend, this thread is us attempting to tighten the rules, either by making the punishment for your actions worse by: introducing non consensual permadeath, making the execution rights harder to obtain, or both. This thread is people debating whether or not changing the rules and making them more stringent and unforgiving would benefit roleplay on the server enough to be worth it. From reading your entire post it seems you would be on the yes the rules need to change kind of thing because as they currently stand you can not Perma Kill someones character without their typed OOC consent in game or else it would be considered powergaming. Great post, I think you're just a bit confused 10.2 You may not force any permanent status on other characters without explicit permission (for example "//permission to scar?"). This includes forcing them to eat human meat, scarring them in a visible place, removing body parts or otherwise permanently harming them. 10.3 Permanent killing a character (aka "permadeath") is a decision that is taken only by the character owner. Permadeath is final, once a character is declared as killed by the owner it may not be used ever again. 8.2 A character that is taken hostage may only be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the character was responsible for, or participated in the incident.
  8. Rescue, Rico has a soft spot for redheads lmao
  9. Harder to Obtain Execution Rights and PermaDeath

    And my interpretation of the triangle was given to my by some dumbasses in new gorka
  10. Harder to Obtain Execution Rights and PermaDeath

    @Spartan Gratz on support, ANYWAYS i see that there was something that I and the people in my teamspeak overlooked and that is power gaming, but there is always the execution rights part of this. I think they should still be harder to obtain or more clearly defined in the rules because at first glance it seems like you can execute someone for stepping on your toes and saying fuck you in a hostile manner then do the same to his buddy who laughed at it. Like @Dustup said I am new to this and I do my best to help other people that are new because I remember having a hard time adjusting at first but eventually I had a few guiding hands to help me out, infact ive gotten two people to try for whitelist and pass and Ive been helping them adjust as well, but the rules need some redefining but thats just my opinion
  11. Harder to Obtain Execution Rights and PermaDeath

    one of the main points of this would be rule changes so it was never just "some random guy" and to be blatantly honest I dont care all that much about my gear and I even gave a shoutout to a former group that had caught me 3 times and tortured me twice when I was fully geared and I couldnt care less about the gear. Bye far the most memorable moment from this server was when they cut of my characters ear, I walked out of there a happy man with an empty backpack, no gun, a knife, and some clothes. The point of this rule change would be to improve roleplay on the server by eliminating the bad experiences I had spoken about. It would make being a hostile group a lot more fun in my opinion as well, because you would have that constant fear of what would happen if someone caught you alone and you had done them a LOT of wrong. It would make things a bit more realistic in my opinion because lets be honest, when you have a character long enough you tend to take pride in it, which would make losing it that much scarier. Ive been alive on Rico Martinez for a while and have talked myself out of quite a few bad situations because I myself play by this rule where if I get executed I perm the character, It just makes roleplaying that much more interesting.
  12. [Game] Shit that White Names say

    *gets shot in the chest during torture RP* "That didnt fucking hurt pussy"- Lutz 2K17
  13. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    3/10 Who are you? lmao
  14. [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    9/10, digging the purple slushie
  15. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    7/10, now somone rate my Edge